Not the Church, Not the State – People must Repeal the Eighth

Áine Carson

ABORTIONS are like divorces. Nobody sets out to get one. Circumstances arise and unfortunately leaves the person with no alternative but to seek one. They both cause mental and physical pain, the financial aspect is sometimes crippling but the end result in most cases brings a great deal of relief when it’s all over.

Just like the Divorce Referendum in 1995, everyone had a view on whether or not Ireland should allow this in its constitution. Key players in any ethical decision are always the Church, the State and the people.

This is the North – The Eighth Amendment doesn’t affect us

I’m not so sure about that.

S Chambers solicitors.jpgWhy are you showing us a photograph of the Andersonstown Road in Belfast?

Connolly House is where most people from West Belfast go for help with all types of problems. Sinn Féin activists have successfully aided locals with benefit claims, complaints…

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UK False Flag #Salisbury

Bias, Bona Fides, & the Boston Tapes: An Interview with Anthony McIntyre

Boston College Subpoena News

Bias, Bona Fides, & the Boston Tapes: An Interview with Anthony McIntyre
Alfie Gallagher
Left From The West 
29 May 2014

This is the transcript of an interview I conducted with Anthony McIntyre via email. McIntyre is a former IRA volunteer and ex-prisoner. He spent 18 years in Long Kesh, including 4 years on the blanket and no-wash/no-work protests against criminal status for republican prisoners. These protests eventually led to the 1981 Hunger Strike.

Following his release from prison in the early 1990s, McIntyre completed a PhD at Queens University and went on to become a journalist and academic. He was employed by Boston College as a researcher for its Belfast Project, an oral history archive of the Troubles. For this project, he was involved in the interviewing of 26 republican activists who gave accounts of their political activism and/or paramilitary activities during the conflict.

Since the arrest of…

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