‘13% of people in North of Ireland want united Ireland in short to medium term’, survey suggests – BBC News

Don’t believe BBC propaganda open your eyes to the truth….

Who did they include in the interveiw?

Was it carried out in a Nationalist/Republican area or a Protestant/Loyalist area etc, etc etc…..





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SOUTH – YES = 83% – NO = 17%

NORTH – YES = 41% – NO = 59%
http:// https://m.facebook.com/dakota29#!/1MillionVoicesForIrishUnity/photos/a.150107775137705.34252.149937488488067/557010384447440/?type=3&source=48

http:// https://m.facebook.com/dakota29#!/1MillionVoicesForIrishUnity/photos/a.150107775137705.34252.149937488488067/557010384447440/?type=3&source=48


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Picket in support of the 5th Annual International POW Day, which was held in the Bullring on the 24th of October. This statement was read out at the picket;

End the Maghberry torture

Comrades, we are gathered here today to pay homage to our brave volunteers and to highlight the plight that they are currently facing as they languish in captivity. It is important to send not only our Solidarity, but also to show our defiance of British rule and continue to progress towards the United Ireland we need.

Comrades of RSF picketing at the Bullring in Wexford, on the 5th Annual International POW Day.


Comrades of RSF James Connolly Cumann in Australia on International POW Day.
International Prisoner of War Day of Action
Comrades in Gaza showing there Solidarity
Comrades in Solidarity also in London, England.

With many thanks to: Republican Sinn Féin Wexford:
http:// https://m.facebook.com/RepublicanSinnFeinWexford/photos/a.521072591308883.1073741825.412177065531770/903915233024615/?type=3#!/RepublicanSinnFeinWexford/

Below is a copy of the letter that was sent to all MSP’s by the James Connolly Society, Scotland.


Seán Heuston Dublin 1916 Society

A chara,

On behalf of the 1916 Societies I request your support for our campaign to hold an All Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity. The people of Scotland will exercise their right to national self-determination in a constitutional referendum in September 2014 and we believe the people of Ireland have the same right to determine their constitutional future without outside interference or impediment.

Irrespective of their personal and political positions on independence Scottish parliamentarians have acknowledged the right of the people of Scotland to decide. We ask you to support the campaign to for the Irish peoples rights in this regard to be respected.

The 1916 Societies are Ireland’s fastest growing political movement. We have established Societies throughout Ireland, Australia, United States as well as Scotland. The 1916 Societies are an independent Irish Political Movement that looks upon the ideals and principals set out in the 1916 Proclamation as our significant point of reference.

The proposed Six County border poll under Britain’s Northern Ireland Act 1998 permits the Secretary of State (an English politician devoid of a single vote in Ireland) to determine:

when and if a poll may be called,

the wording of the poll and,

who qualifies to vote.

Even if passed the British parliament retains the final say on whether or not the result will be endorsed by the UK government.

We believe the core concept of Irish republicanism is that Irish constitutional authority derives from the Irish people and does not defer to laws or decrees emanating from London.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising it is clear that Britain continues to refuse to recognise Ireland as one democratic unit and presumes that Westminster will define the parameters of Irish democracy.

Republicanism is a unifying concept based on interdependence as opposed to tribal commonality. The exceptional Republican leadership of 1916 knew that interdependence could only be nurtured within a national context and not a partitionist one. They were very specific about that in the Proclamation calling for a ‘National Government representative of the whole people of Ireland’ and declaring that the Republic must be,

‘…oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.’

A Six County poll legitimises the very mechanisms invented by Britain to harness these differences to British interests by endorsing the Unionist veto and accepting the artificial statelet that incubates and nurtures the sectarian dynamic in Irish politics.

The 1916 Proclamation for too long has been relegated to the status of a notional aspiration. The 1916 Societies wish to be part of a broad movement which reinstates the Proclamation of the Republic to its rightful place and its original intent as a template for action. In that spirit we respectfully request your endorsement of an All Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity. One Ireland – One Vote.

Is mise le meas,

Jim Slaven



Cumann Sean MacEachaidh

Having abandoned the pledge to secure a 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic in pursuit of imperialist acceptance and parochial prestige you condemned the generations next to sectarian division.

By propagating the myth the Good Friday Agreement had the ability to deliver a United Ireland and refusing to concede that you had accepted the Union with Britain as the legitimate constitutional position you condemned the generations next to sectarian division.

Attempting to conceal your acceptance of the Union with Britain and thus your evolution in to a Unionist party you have engaged in a process of sectarian jesting with equally vile and contemptible Politicians from other Unionist parties. You have used symbolism to portray a Republican image and and secure Loyalist Reaction. You have done so to maintain an appropriate level of inter-communal mistrust and violence which is required to maintain the sectarian pact between the British War machine it’s Loyalist proxies and Constitutional Nationalism. In doing so you condemned the generations next to sectarian division.

On Monday morning Little children will make their way to school, their uniforms and little shoes but one week old and for some the ribbons in their hair still a novelty. They will be completely oblivious to the Red Hand Defenders threat that hangs over their heads.

We won’t because in all you have done you have done nothing but condemn the generations next to sectarian division.

Updated news from the Ballymurphy Massacre Committee


Campaign For A United Ireland‘s status update.

Campaign For A United Ireland

The Ballymurphy Massacre Committee is in receipt of a letter from the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) announcing that it has suspended its “reviews” of cases involving the British Army due to the damning report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). This acknowledgement by the State publicly and officially validates what the Ballymurphy families have been saying to each British Secretary of State as far back as Shaun Woodward–that the HET is not independent. Due to the great work by Dr. Patricia Lundy they are now having to listen and concede.

It is inexcusable in an environment that is claimed to be a democracy, that from August 1971 til the present day, there has never been an investigation into the murder of 11 innocent civilians from our neighborhood. Successive governments have ignored this atrocity and attempted to divert the cause of justice by offering only a desktop review of the 11 cases through the HET. With the HMIC condemning the HET policies and practices which their report refers to as “illegal,” the State has no excuse not to conduct a proper investigation.

As the HET letter to the Ballymurphy families indicates, there is now no mechanism through which the British State is dealing with Army murders in Ballymurphy. In the 40 year absence of any proper investigation, the Ballymurphy families have designed a formula to address this.

The Independent Panel proposal presented to both governments by the Ballymurphy Massacre Committee is based on the Hillsborough Independent Panel which was fully supported by the British government.

We now call for both the Irish and the British governments to respond immediately to the Ballymurphy Independent Panel proposal.

Ballymurphy Massacre Committee

(John Teggart 07512166867)


DISSIDENT republicans are being blamed for a paint-bomb attack on the home of Deputy First Minister   Martin McGuinness. BBlack paint was dubed on the Sink Fein politation’s home in Derry‘s Bog side area at around the same time as he was warned of a dissident death threat.


The paint-bombing came after Mr McGuinnesscondemned dissident  republicans in relation to the police interception of a van carrying primed mortars in Derry. Police also made him aware of the death threat shortly before his deprture to the Americas with First Ministor Peter Robinson. It is understood police were not notified of the paint-bomb attack. Following the threat Mr McGuinness’s criticised those responsable and said he would not be silenced. He said at the time he was sure that his political analysis was shared by republicans who were interested in building an agreed Ireland. He declined to comment yesterday.

With many thanks to : Seamus McKinney ( Derry Correspondent ), Irish News.

RIRA plan for more violence

RIRA plan for more violence

A masked man reads a Real IRA statement during yesterday's 32 CSM commemoration at the City Cemetery. 1004JM71A masked man reads a Real IRA statement during yesterday’s 32 CSM commemoration at the City Cemetery. 1004JM7

A masked member of the Real IRA has vowed that the organisation will continue its campaign of violent attacks in the city.

The masked man appeared at an Easter Rising commemoration in the City Cemetery yesterday organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and read a statement from “the leadership of Óglaigh na h’Éireann”.

The man, dressed in a dark raincoat and black balaclava, appeared from the crowd towards the end of the commemoration to the applause of the several hundred people in attendance.

“The IRA will continue to attack Crown force personnel and their installations as well as British interests and infrastructure,” he said.

The masked man also said the Real IRA would work with other dissident republican groups.

“Republican unity remains a key objective and we will work closely with other organisations.

“Continued divisions within republicanism only serve the interests of our enemies,” he said.

The masked man also claimed there is only one IRA.

“The challenge for republicans remains the removal of the British presence and violation of our sovereignty. The Irish Republican Army will continue to challenge this violation.

“There is only Irish Republican Army and it is present in this cemetery today,” he said.

His speech was greeted with loud applause and cheering from the crowd.

Prominent Derry republican Gary Donnelly also spoke at the commemoration on behalf of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM) and said that there is no constitutional path to a united Ireland.

Republicans stand here today continuing to defy those who demand submission,” he said.

Mr Donnelly also said; “The 32CSm challenge those who defend these servants of the crown to explain what argument exists that defends the rights of the PSNI to harass children and suppress the republican message.”

In an apparent reference to Sinn Féin, the leading republican also said; “Republicans cannot and will not engage with the institutions of partition and those who do have no right to claim the label of republican. The unavoidable conclusion reached when looking at former comrades at Stormont is that there is simply no constitution path to a United Ireland,” he said.

In a departure from previous years, the ‘colour party’ was not masked and wore white shirts and black ties as opposed to paramilitary uniform.


WITH MANY THANKS TO :  Derry Journal