Reebok forced to “quickly” remove disgraceful t-shit featuring a map of Ireland with the North cut-out.

Sports fans fighting mad as shirt sells Ireland short….

Irish Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

GLOBAL sports brand Reebok was last night forced  “quickly” to remove from sale a t-shirt featuring a map of Ireland with the North cut out.

As social media lit up with users expressing their anger at the garment, pictured above, – made to promote an Irish Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC) in Dublin this weekend – Reebok revealed there had been a “design error”.
The t-shirt was being sold online ahead of a UFC fighting event at Dublin’s 3 Arena on Saturday night, where the USA’s Dustin Poirier will face Donegal’s Joe Duffy.
Fans took to Twitter to express their anger and confusion at the t-shirt which simply featured the words ‘Ireland UFC’ and a map of Ireland, with the north cut out.
UFC, which features opponents taking part in mixed martial arts fights, has a strong following in Ireland, with popularity to growing.
Reebok came under fire yesterday from fans as images of the t-shirt appeared on social media sites.

Ireland - 4 Provinces - 32 Counties - One Nation

One Twitter user wrote: “Everybody can have their own beliefs regarding Ireland as a Nation. But a company like Reebok should never release a shirt like that.” Another commented: “The new     #UFCDublin   t-shirt. Errrr”. A spokesman for Reebok yesterday said: “The shirt was a design error in the global product development team. We are moving as quickly as possible to remove it entirely”.
With many thanks to: Maire Louise McConville, The Irish News.

Loyalists troll Twelfth TV documentary teen

A TEENAGER has been bombarded with threatening and abusive messages from loyalist internet trolls after appearing in a BBC documentary about the Twelfth. Tania Lavery was forced to delegate her Twitter account after receiving a barrage of of offensive messages including death threats and rape threats.


The 19-year-old took part in the BBC Three show Petrol Bombs and Peace: Welcome 🙂 mentto Belfast which focused on Twelfth of July tensions in the north of the city. One alarming image posted following the broadcast on Monday evening attempted to identify her Ardoyne home. Ms Lavery’s experience comes amid increasing concern over Twitter trolls – people who send abusive messages using the social network – threatening rape and violence against women. Labour MP Stella Crash is among a host of high-profile recent targets. Earlier this week it also emerged that 14-year-old Leicestershire scoolgirl Hanna Smith had taken her own life as a result of relentless cyber bullying on the Ask.FM social-networking site. Ms Lavery, a former pupil of Holy Cross Primary School, said she is afraid to be in her own home and has had difficulty sleeping since receiving the death threats.

“A man wrote that he hopes I get raped at the bus stop and talked about how I’m a tramp, that I’m a bigoted scumbag,” she said. “My phone literally wouldn’t stop because I had over a hundred friend requests on Facebook. “They found my Twitter and they found my YouTube because I sing and they are making fun of it. “I deleted my Twitter because people were just making up lies.” The documentary followed BBC reporter Alys Harte as she spoke to Orange bandsmen and young Catholics in Ardoyne ahead of this year’s Twelfth. Ms Slavery and her friend Rosin Holmes (18), are from a Catholic background, gave their views and told of their experiences. Both have since received abuse online. Ms Slavery said she was determined to cope with the threats. “They think that all this stuff is going to change who I am but it’s not,” she said. “Yes, I am afraid to be in my house and I’m afraid to go outside on my own but it’s not going to change me.” Ms Slavery said some Orange men involved in the programs had sent her supportive messages online. “The guy that messaged me said we should all go for a drink sometime, even though we were both on the show and we clearly had different opinions,” she said.

With many thanks to : Brendan HughesThe Irish News.


The social and political chaos surrounding the Twelfth has become a comedy goldmine for internet satiristsBrendan Hughes looks at the lighthearted online reaction to the North’s volatile parading season.

THE news this week has been dominated by the Twelfth and its violent aftermath. But amid the alarming scenes of disorder on the streets and heated political debate at Stormont, many people have managed to see the funny side.

Loyalists Against Demacracy (LAD)

Events surrounding the Twelfth have provided an irresistible abundance of material crying out to be mocked and parodied. And most of this northern satire has devoloped online, through social networking websites. From flag protester Willie Frazer‘s latest arrest to the towering loyalist bonfires, Facebook and Twitter users have eagerly made light of the north’s annual parading season problems. One picture of a Twelfth rioter being flushed from atop a police Land Rover by water cannon has become a mini internet sensation, wwith numerous different parodies. ‘Loyalists Against Democracy’ (LAD), which was set up late last year during the Union Flag protests in Belfast, pictured above, is one of the north’s most popular satirical Facebook pages with more than 3,000 followers. Its team of voluntary contributors have entertained a poster for a fake electronic cigerette called the ‘e-fleg’, which enables loyalists to “display their Britishness” with “a harmless vapour”.

They also created pictures of Egyptian pyrmid-sizes bonfires and Willie Frazer superimposed into a poster from the TV show Breaking Bad. “People have accused us of inventing Willie Frazer because they think he’s an actor that we hire. He’s a great comic creation,” said a Belfast-based contributor to the Facebook page, who did not wish to be named. “The Twelfth has provided too much am

munition almost. There’s too much to keep up with.” Derry-based satirical Facebook page ‘Pure Derry’, which has more than 14,000 followers, created an image for the Twelfth showing William of Orange driviking a forklift in front of a bonefire. “The whole concept of shifting tyres and pallets I just find incredibly amusing,” the page’s creator and main contributor said. “The reaction has been great. It’s so specialised that it’s a very quirky sense of humour.” Comedian and prominent Twitter user Jake O’Kane gained hundreds of new Twitter followers during the Twelfth due to his tweets. “The problem with being a political satirist in the North of Ireland is that you just have to open the paper and repeat what is said. It’s farcical,” he said. O’Kane said social media has allowed many more people to get involved in political satire. “With social media now everybody can be a political satirist, or try to be,” he said. “It has been opened up a lot more so it seems that it has exploded but it has always been there in the background. “The nice thing about it is that there would be people who wouldn’t have the b***s to go up on stage but they now have a voice.” But the Belfast-based comedian warned that some social networking attempts at satire can become childish and abusive. “If you look at a lot of of social media unfortunately it’s the lowest common denominator. It’s like any new technology, it’s as much abused as used,” he said.

With many thanks to : Brendan Hughes. The Irish News.

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PAT Finucane‘s son has clashed with conservative political commentator Richard Waghorne who claimed online that the murdered solicitor was “the IRA‘s lawyer“. Mr Waghorne is a former political commentator for the Irish Daily Mail.


On his official Twitter feed yesterday the political blogger made comments about the hunan-rights lawyer shot dead by loyalists in 1989. Mr Waghorne first tweeted that it was “Astonishing that the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs is wasting time tomorrow on the death of IRA lawyer Pat Finucane“. Later he said the Belfast solicitor’s reputation “as a ‘human rights lawyer’ is more than slightly questionable”. His outburst provoked Mr Finucane’s Dublin-based solicitor son Michael to challenge the political commentator he once represented in legal proceedings in the Republic. Michael Finucane is in Washington giving evidence to the foreign affairs committee in relation to state collusion involved in his father’s murder. In a series of tweets he replied : “You’re quite happy to sully my dad’s name but I acted for you when you needed a lawyer. Was I right or wrong to help you?” Mr Waghorne tweeted : “Your father’s record of defending IRA terrorists is well documented.” Mr Finucane tweeted : “I beleive you’ll find lawyer defends client, not the cause or beliefs. Thats all my dad did. And all I did for you, right?” Mr Waghorne tweeted : “You were free to refuse the brief. Your father was free to to refuse his. He choose to defend IRA terrorists.” Mr Finucane tweeted : “Well, I didn’t refuse you because of what you believe or say and my dad was just as professional. That’s the differnce.” The Washington committee will today be updated on developments in the Finucane investigation since the release of the report by barrister Sir Desmond de Silva and will hear testimony from retired US brigadier general James P Cullen.

With many thanks to : Allison Morris, Irish News.



No Fracking Ireland

Thanks to TerryandSarah Pomeroy for posting this pic and notice of an upcoming screening of a locally made film on Fracking in Fermanagh. Judging by their own ‘down on the farm’, page they’re not in two minds on this one.

The Ardowen Theatre in Enniskillen is well worth a visit for anyone who has not been there and at £2 entry for the screening this June 4th. sure you’d nearly pay that just to see this architectural set piece.