Ballymurphy familes forced to stand alone against Bloody Sunday soldier’s supporters in Belfast

Several hundred turned out to protest outside Belfast City Hall

Image: Justin Kernoghan

But two counter Republican protests were called off:

Meanwhile, the IRSP has called off a planned protest today, saying it had become aware that the City Hall event was being organised by people from the loyalist community.

Hardline republican party Saoradh said it had also dropped plans to hold a counter protest “following consultation with families affected by collusion and state murder, in addition to an internal membership discussion”.

Ballymurphy families countered a Belfast protest against the the prosecution of an Army veteran for double murder



Solider F is accused of two murders and four attempted murders on Bloody Sunday, 1972.

Hundreds gathered outside Belfast City Hall to call on the UK government to “enact protective legislation” to “safeguard” former British forces and police accused of crimes over the 30-year conflict.

But the families of those killed in disputed circumstances during the conflict have long campaigned for and support prosecutions.

Ballymurphy families hold counter protest for their loved ones Image: Justin Kernoghan

Ballymurphy Massacre group spokesman John Teggart said: “No one is above the law and justice must be served.

Ballymurphy inquest told Army officer suggested planting ammo on victims

“The fact that these crimes happened nearly 50 years ago is irrelevant. It might have been a long time ago, but the illegal acts of these soldiers is affecting the families to this day.”

Thousands of bikers recently took to the streets of London in a similar protest against the legal action against ‘Soldier F’ Photo taken: London Bridge
Former serviceman Dennis Hutchings, pictured above, who is due to be tried for attempted murder in connection with a fatal shooting in which he shot a vunruable man in the back in 1974, addressed the Belfast rally on the phone.

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He told supporters: “We need this to continue and it will continue.

“Eventually our politicians are going to have to listen because if they won’t we will bring this country to a standstill.” (Image: Justin Kernoghan)


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