44th anniversary of 11-year-old Francis Rowntree murdered by the British Army.

Francis Rowntree 11-years-old

11-year-old Francis Rowntree suffered extensive skull fractures and lacerations of the brain. After he was shot at point blank range by the British Army with a rubber bullet and died in hospital on April 22nd 1972.

Today marks his 44th anniversary.

The already lethal bullet had been doctored to make it even more deadly, with a battery inserted inside to cause maximum damge to innocent victims.

This was a common tactic used by the cowardly British Army across occupied Ireland.

Rest in Peace little man. – feeling heartbroken.

With many thanks to: Pat Gillan, Chaírde ar an Arm Náisiúnta Fuascailte na hÉireann.


27th August 1992 Hugh McKibben – Shot Lamh Dearg GAA Club, Hannahstown, Belfast.

Murdered after completing a game of Gaelic football.

Hugh was a keen footballer who played regularly, as such he was shot by his own….IPLO traitors….he was young and naive I feel and taken in by the IPLO. A son and da beloved to many and still grieved by mam and sister.

Only twenty one years old when he died. A young life needlessly cut short. His infectious laugh and youthful enthusiasm will be sadly missed, may he rest in peace. This traitorous act destroyed many in this young man’s life.

I do not honour the IPLO but I do this memorial out of respect for an old friend I lost touch with. I hope somehow he gets the message…..friends should be friends FOREVER and there should be no DEADLY DIVISIONS anymore.

Rest on heavens softest pillow Óglach Hugh McKibben of the tragic IPLO.

With many thanks to: Chaírde ar an Arm Náisiúnta Fuascailte na hÉireann.