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Stuart Brangwyn 42 from Coleraine (arrested)

Watch out for this paedo in Armagh, in hostel and drinks in balladeer. Also goes to bally Lane church mowhan.

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James Bulger killer Jon Venables’ secret identity ‘cost taxpayers £65,000’

The father of murdered toddler James Bulger wanted Jon Venables’ identity made public (Picture: PA)

It has cost taxpayers more than £65,000 to keep child killer Jon Venables’ latest identity a secret, according to reports.

Lawyers for the man who murdered toddler James Bulger were paid £8,100 in legal aid this year, while government lawyers were reportedly paid close to £57,300.

The costs came as Venables, now 36, was fighting a legal challenge from James Bulger’s father, Ralph, which aimed to overturn his lifelong anonymity.

Ralph, 52, told The Sun he wanted the ban lifted to ‘protect the public’. James, two, was killed by Venables and Robert Thompson, both then aged 10, after they snatched him from a shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside.

They were both later granted lifelong anonymity and, following release, have lived under new identities.

Jon Venables’ murdered toddler James at the age of 10 (Picture: PA)
James Bulger was murdered at the age of two in Bottle, Merseyside (Picture: PA)
Ralph Bulger launched a legal fight to have Venables’ new identity made public (Picture: ITV)

In March, judge Sir Andrew McFarlane upheld the injunction, telling Mr Bulger the anonymity order was intended to protect Venables from ‘being put to death’.

The judge said: ‘(Venables) is “uniquely notorious” and there is a strong possibility, if not a probability, that if his identity were known he would be pursued resulting in grave and possibly fatal consequences.

‘This is, therefore, a wholly exceptional case and the evidence in 2019 is more than sufficient to sustain the conclusion that there continues to be a real risk of very substantial harm to (Venables).’

Anyone who breaches the wide-ranging injunction faces prosecution for contempt of court. Speaking outside court after the ruling, solicitor advocate Robin Makin, for the Bulger family, said: ‘The authorities seem to be hell-bent on protecting JV regardless of the risk to others and this has been a primary driving force behind Ralph and Jimmy’s application.’

Venables has been living anonymously under a new identity since his release from prison for killing James but has since been twice convicted of having child abuse images in 2010 and again in 2018.

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Sex Offenders will be treated beside primary school

Outpatients’ move: Sherwood House overlooks Scoil Fhursa at Nile Lodge.

Galway City Tribune – The HSE has confirmed it will hold appointments for outpatients with psychiatric issues – including sex offenders and violent criminals – in new offices overlooking a city primary school.

Around 80 staff from the HSE’s former Mental Health Services building at University Hospital Galway – which is set to be demolished – have been moved to Sherwood House behind Scoil Fhursa at Nile Lodge.

A spokesperson for the Psychiatric Nurses’ Association (PNA) locally – who is familiar with the details of the move – described the new premises as “inappropriate” and said it would “ring alarm bells for the parents of pupils” in the school.

Despite staff being assured that outpatients would not be given appointments at Sherwood House, the HSE told the Galway City Tribune this week: “Yes we do expect to hold outpatients’ appointments in Sherwood House.”

“Our understanding from the get-go was that outpatients would not be seen there. Members [of the PNA] have considerable concerns about how it will all pan out,” the PNA spokesperson said.
This is a preview only. To read the rest of this article, see this week’s Galway City Tribune.

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The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed: Hollywood, the Vatican and the 1% “Elites”

Pedophilia exposed

Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies alike fail to treat the sexual exploitation of minors as a global, systemic problem.

As the number of child abuse scandals involving the rich and powerful continue to grow, it is becoming impossible to cover up that these instances of child sexual abuse and exploitation are globally organized and often run by the very same people who greatly influence society and politics.

The entertainment industry, powerful political centers, and even organized religion have been shown to be major centers where this horrific abuse has been enabled and widely accepted among the “elites” and other powerful individuals that dominate these institutions.

What follows are several examples of the widespread depravity practiced by some of the world’s most powerful people.

Hollywood & the Entertainment Industry

Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic (of ‘Spirit Cooking’ fame) attend a benefit at “Devil’s Heaven” where guests partook in pretend cannibalism

(R) Lady Gaga poses with a “friend” at the same event. Why was an unsupervised young child attending this gruesome event?

Earlier this year, world-famous actor Elijah Wood, who began his Hollywood career as a child star, made waves when he called out the “vipers” in the movie industry who “preyed upon” young children in an interview with the Sunday Times.

Wood’s claims echoed those raised by numerous other former child stars, including Corey Feldman who famously told ABC news that “the number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.”

Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia: ‘I Was Literally Surrounded by Them When I Was 14’

Another former child actor, Allison Arngrim, who starred on the iconic TV series “Little House on the Prairie,” also seconded these claims, saying that “there are parents who will practically prostitute their kids in the hope they can make money and get ahead.

Not long ago, famous actress Roseanne Barr made some shocking statements, stating that Hollywood and the entertainment industry are dominated by MK Ultra. — Read more here.

It is a horrible trap that the kids are in.” Other parents of child actors remain silent out of fear even after finding out that their child was sexually abused.

Fox News reported that a member of a well-known band, who chose to remain anonymous, found out his child was being victimized by another successful figure in the entertainment industry, who was 30 years her senior.

The abuse was covered up with the parent’s complicity to prevent ruining the reputation of the perpetrator and his colleagues.

There is no question that something dark is going on within the US’ entertainment industry.

One of obvious example is how the music industry has been openly marketing sexualized songs, videos, and lyrics to children while also using pop stars, like Miley Cyrus, to sexualize children and even babies.

Our Children Are Being Satanically Sexualized by the Pedophile ‘Elites’

In the music video for her song “BB Talk” Cyrus, who also began her career as a child star, sings “f**k me” while wearing a one side.

Miley Cyrus’ music video for her song “BB Talk” uses images that sexualize infants (YouTube)

She later provocatively poses in a crib, with a baby bottle, and while wearing a diaper and baby bonnet.

Was this Cyrus’ personal decision to include this in her video or a choice made on behalf of a sick industry seeking to normalize their behavior by popularizing such images?

Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and other pop stars have their videos and songs often marketed directly to children, despite their sexual overtones.

Considering that numerous psychologists have found that “music videos socialize young people by communicating ideas about expected behavior, relationships, and male and female roles,” this suggests that this mass marketing of sex to children as well as the marketing of music videos that combine childhood imagery with lust is indicative of the pedophilia obsession in the entertainment industry and is meant to normalize such depravity.

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IRA rape victim calls for an inquiry into claim Shame Féin tried to cover up abuse

The victims of a Belfast IRA man who raped them as children have urged a full investigation into claims that members of Sinn Fein and the IRA tried to prevent the crimes being reported to gardai.

Survivor: Paudie McGahon has called on other IRA rape victims to come forward. Photo: Owen Breslin

Paudie McGahon (44) said he has decided to waive his anonymity to speak out. This month, alleged IRA man Seamus Marley was jailed for seven years for raping two teenage boys at a “republican safe house” two decades ago.

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‘I wanted world to know that Mairia Cahill wasn’t the only one to suffer’

Mr McGahon was one of the boys and told of how an IRA kangaroo court was convened in 2002 after the men first brought their abuse allegations to the attention of Louth Sinn Fein councillor Pearce McGeough.

Co Louth, Sinn Féin councillor Pearce McGeough has denied involvement in the Kangaroo court.

The second victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, has authorised Mr McGahon to speak publicly.

Marley (45) is a member of a prominent Belfast republican family.

A jury in Dublin’s Central Criminal Court found him guilty on eight counts of sexually assaulting and raping Mr McGahon and the second man when they were boys.

The men claim that the kangaroo court was organised by Mr McGeough, a close family friend of Mr McGahon’s father, and chaired by a prominent Belfast republican Padraig Wilson.

At a subsequent “hearing” the men allege that Wilson informed them that their allegations had been proven correct and offered them three alternative punishments for Marley: have him shot by the IRA; they could beat him up or, he could be exiled.

Mr McGahon said they opted for the least violent option.

“We didn’t know any better at the time, we had been reared in the republican culture and there was a climate of intimidation so going to the police was just not on because you knew what could happen to you,” Mr McGahon said last night.

“It was only years later we began to realise what was really going on. Sinn Fein and the IRA were keeping us quiet.”

However last week the victims discovered that Marley was never exiled by the IRA and for two years after the “investigation”, Marley had been working with children in Dublin.

“When we discovered that Marley had not even been exiled at the time and that he was left working with children after all that, we were sick and it just convinced us even further that we are determined this conspiracy to silence us and pervert the course of justice is fully investigated,” Mr McGahon said.

When the two men made an official complaint to gardai in 2014 detectives launched two separate investigations, one focusing on the rape allegations, which were given priority, and the other on an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

It is understood the second investigation file is still open.

During Marley’s trial, Mr McGeough was referred to on a number of occasions by witnesses as the person who brought the terrorist to Mr McGahon’s home in the early 1990’s.

In his victim impact statement, which he read out to the court after Marley’s conviction, the second man described how he had called Mr McGeough to ask for help, but that after the call he knew he was on his own.

Mr McGeough has denied that he was involved in the kangaroo court and has said that he had advised Mr McGahon and the second victim to go to the gardai.

Padraig Wilson has also denied the allegations

Previously he said he had never met Mr McGahon and described the allegations against him as “completely baseless and untrue”.

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Follow these links to find out more: https://amp.independent.ie/irish-news/sinn-fein-td-ira-did-hold-kangaroo-courts-30673567.html?usqp=mq331AQA

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