Call upon all activists – Urgent Help Needed – West Belfast !!!

Saoradh Béal Feirste call upon all activists to immediately make their way to the national office on the Falls road which is currently being targeted in a raid by the British crown force militia.

With many thanks to: Saoradh Béal Feirste.

More Harressment & Intimidation by the RUC/PSNI on members of Republican Sinn Féin (RSF).

A selection of pictures of Harressment and Intimidation that members of Republican Sinn Féin are subjected to in the Occupied 6 Counties in the North (on a daily basis) PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK TO WATCH THE VIDEO, THANKYOU:

From almost daily stop and searches of persons and vehicles to more intimidating measures of forceably entering family homes to scare and put fear into innocent kids and families during house raids which are another tactic used by the british ruc psni to try and break families!!

All these things do is make republicans stronger and more determined to rid these armed british thugs from our country and give Ireland back to the Irish again!!


With many thanks to: Christopher Hamill, Republican Sinn Féin.

An explanation of the RUC/PSNI (black bastards), explained by a black man.

This is who the irish people referred to as black bastards and as the english media tried to make it out that it was a racial term.

It actually had nothing to do with race but the colour of the uniform this was the norths police force called the RUC meant Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Most people mention the republics as irelands police An Garda Siochana (irish police force) or gardi for short has no jurisdiction in the north. The RUC was established in 1922 and reformed in 2001 it ceased to exist.

while a massive majority protestant police force who brutalised and oppressed the catholic population the beating of pregnant women collusion with loyalist killers and the murders of innocent people with either the use of plastic bullets or live rounds.

In 1983 the RUC was considered the most dangerous police force in the world to be part of. The actual colour of the uniform was like a dark green but under certain lights looked black so the irish called them black bastards or chanted ss ruc ive seen both done both they were not nice at all carrying SLRS the killing of the RUC during the conflict was entirely justified i BELIEVE.

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With many thanks to: Aaron Andrew – Irish All Over The World.

Car park murder victim becomes another victim to the ongoing loyalist feud was a member of SEA UDA

The man shot dead in front of his son in a supermarket car park in County Down on Sunday has been named locally as Colin Horner (pictured below).

South East Antrim UDA feud victim Colin Horner.

Colin Horner paid the same price for badmouthing his one-time UDA god-fathers as his own former South East Antrim UDA boss Geordie Gilmore.

Geordie Gilmore

He was living just across Belfast Lough in Bangor, where he was gunned down in a retail mall car park in front of young kids in broad daylight yesterday afternoon.

The car park where the assassination took place.

James Colin Honer, 35, was holding his three-year-old boy in his arms as the gunman opened fire, he was unmasked.

Sainsbury’s employee Robson McCracken told the Belfast Telegraph: “A car drew up and shot a man in the car park, just outside the store. There was panic in the store, with trolleys abandoned everywhere. “First aiders from Sainsbury’s kept the victim alive until the ambulance team arrived,” he said.

Sources say some of those very close to pointing the finger at and identifying those who carried out the murder of Gilmore. Meantime, the catalogue of loyalist gangs internal feud escalate. Just last August former UDA heavy John ‘Bonzer’ Borland was the victim of a point-blank assassination.

Boreland and fellow convicted criminal Andre “The Bookie’s Brigadier’ Shoukri were both kicked out of the mainstream UDA and were taken under the wing of the SEA Brigade, who had already split from the loyalist terror gang’s so-called ‘inner council’!

But the fact remains that the file of ‘get-away-with-it’ loyalist feud continues to grow, and the RUC/PSNI have still not charged anyone on the ‘loyalist feud’ with any paramilitary offences including membership of an illegal organistion? When this is quite the opposite on the republican side (political policing) comes to mind.

Meanwhile, the murders continue to grow, dating back to the UVF killing of Bobby Moffett on Belfast’s Shankill Road in May, 2010, and before that the shooting dead of UDA godfather Jim ‘Doris Day’ Gray in East Belfast in October 2005, among other blatant killings that are still on the books and still not solved.


RUC/PSNI officer said he was not aware of murders in blighted gang area

Sergeant failed to log gun find saying he had not linked discovery to paramilitaries.

Police officer was unaware of murders in area where 40 people were murdered.

An RUC/PSNI officer told ombudsman investigators he was not aware of murders in an area of Co Tyrone where more than 40 people were murdered over four years in the 1990s. An investigation found that the RUC/PSNI officer wrongly recorded the discovery of a gun, ammunition and manuals near Dungannon last year as ‘property found’ rather than an ‘arms find’. The items were uncovered by workmen at a house at Tamnamore in June and brought to a police station. When asked by The Irish News about the find, the RUC/PSNI initially said it had “No knowledge” before later confirming that a weapon had been found. A complaint was made by Relatives for Justice and Anthony Fox, whose parents Charlie and Tess were murdered by the UVF near Moy in 1992. The ombudsmen concluded that by logging the arms discovery as ‘property found’ it was not properly flagged up to senior officers and the police press office. The duty sergeant involved stated that he “was not aware of any murders back in the 1990s in the area and he had no thoughts of starting an investigation into this gun being linked to paramilitaries”.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the original story.

An RUC/PSNI officer told the Police Ombudsman he did not think of starting an investigation into possible paramilitary links to a gun find as he was not aware of any murders in an area which saw dozens of Trouble’s murders. 
The duty sergeant was speaking to investigators examining the police response to the discovery of a gun, various calibre’s of ammunition and manuals at a house at Tamnamore near Dungannon last June. The owner of the house is understood to have had no knowledge of the weapon, which was found by workmen and brought to Dungannon RUC/PSNI station. When asked about the discovery by The Irish News last year, the RUC/PSNI initially said it had “no knowledge” before later confirming that a weapon had been found. The duty sergeant, referred to as ‘Officer 1’, told the ombusman’s office that the “manuals were in very bad condition” and were later “disposed of”. The investigation concluded that by logging the weapon as ‘property found’ instead of an arms find, it meant it was not properly flagged up to senior officers and when police press officers searched for details, it did not show up. 

Charlie and Tess Fox were shot dead in 1992. A weapon was discovered within a few miles of several attacks by the sectarian gang known as the ‘Glenanne Gang’, which included members of the UVF, UDR and RUC and was responsible for dozens of murders in the 1970s. The gun, handed into police by workmen, was logged by police as ‘property found’ and not as a weapons find.

The weapon was discovered within a few miles of several attacks by the sectarian gang known as the ‘Glenanne Gang’, which included members of the UVF, UDR and RUC and was responsible for dozens of sectarian murders carried out in Mid-Ulster in the 1970s. A car used in the sectarian murder of a Catholic man in 1974 is believed to have been burnt out close to where it was found. Between 1990 and 1994 more than 40 people were killed in Trouble’s-related incidents in the East Tyrone area.

“We find it incredulous that any serving police officer would not be aware of sectarian murders in mid-Ulster in the 1990s” – Anthony Fox.

A joint complaint was made to the ombusman about the initial denial of the discovery by Relatives for Justice and Anthony Fox, whose parents Charlie and Tess were gunned down by the UVF at their home near the Moy in September 1992. The report revealed that investigators “challenged Officer 1 that they way in which the incident was recorded on police information systems would have merely suggested that this was a case of ‘property found’ rather  than an ‘arms find’.” “He stated that he was not aware of murders back in the 1990s in the area and he had no thoughts of starting an investigation into this gun being linked to paramilitaries, as he was not aware of any links or suggestions of this,” it said. “He was adamant that he did not try to hide weapons with possible links to paramilitaries.” Another officer, referred to as ‘Officer 2’, later confirmed he was “quite happy” with how the first officer had logged the incident.

However, the ombusman said the complaint had been substantiated and “appropriate disciplinary sanctions were recommended” and have been “acted upon”. It added that the PSNI’s Legacy Investigation Branch is now dealing with the gun, with ballistics testing understood to have been completed. Last month Mid-Ulster SDLP councillor Denise Mullen, whose father Denis Mullen was murdered by the ‘Glenanne Gang’ in September 1975, criticised the time taken to complete forensic tests. Charlie and Tess Fox’s son Anthony Fox last night slammed the police investigation, a quarter of a century after the murder of his parents. “We find it incredulous that any serving police officer would not be aware of sectarian murders in mid-Ulster area in the 1990s. Mike Richie, pictured at the top of the page , from Relatives for Justice also said the officer’s claim “lacks credibility”. Police said last night: “The recommendations made in the Police Ombudsman’s report have been actioned by PSNI.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News for the original story.

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Police probe online paramilitary images

POLICE are investigating after an image was posted online showing a masked man apparently firing shots in tribute to a Socialist Republican in west Belfast.

“The final salute to comrade Harry O’Hara” – IRSP.

Photographs posted on Facebook by the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) – the politicial wing of the Irish National Liberation Party (INLA) – show masked men posing on a street with a picture of Harry O’Hara. Mr O’Hara, from Norglen Drive in the Turf Lodge area, died on February 28th and was buried in the City Cemetery earlier this month following Requiem Mass at Holy Trinity Church. Among death notices expressing sympathy at Mr O’Hara’s passing was one from “Connor Hughes, Cogús Republican Prisoners” in Maghaberry Jail.

West Belfast – INLA

The IRSP’s Belfast branch posted photos on Facebook of a “final salute to comrade Harry O’Hara”. It said “Harry was a loyal republican socialist and he will always be remembered with honour and pride by the Republican Socialist Movement” (RSM). The images show masked men dressed in paramilitay-style uniform posing beside candles and a photo of Mr O’Hara (copy of picture above). In one, a member of the group raises a gun above his head in a firing motion.

The images have been condemned by SDLP councillor Tim Attwood, who represents the area on Belfast City Council. “These are scenes which belong in the past. There is no excuse for masked gunmen on the streets of our city, no matter what the context,” he said. “This was a reckless act and should be roundly condemned.” A RUC/PSNI spokeswoman said: “Police are aware of footage on social media showing shots apparently being fired by a masked man in west Belfast. An investigation is under way.”

With many thanks to: John Monaghan, The Irish News, for the origional story.