Gerry McGeough had a visit yesterday from an AOH delegation from the USA. Gerry was very pleased with the visit and how well informed the delegation was regarding his plight. Gerry said “the delegation expressed their genuine commitment to continue to campaign for his release.” Gerry thanks the delegation, for taking time away from their hectic schedule to visit with him, and he extends his heartfelt thanks to all members in the AOH who have been so supportive of him and their kindness toward his family.

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The PSNI police have failed in a legal bid to force the handover of unseen TV news footage from a rally by the 32 County Sovereignty Committee. [Read More



And why can’t the judge in the BC trial and our Attorney General do the same thing and tell the PSNI ‘NO’ with regard to their subpoenas demanding Boston College turn over the oral history tapes of the IRA to them

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Gerry AdamsEmail:

Gerry McGeough has instructed that a measured response from him to Gerry Adams recent email be withheld from publication pending the outcome of a meeting between campaign supporters and Senior Sinn Fein officials in Dublin on Monday, February 6, 2012.

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