This is my mother, Maura Meehan, 30 years old, unarmed and executed by the Royal Green Jackets, 23rd October, 1971.

Maura Meehan, executed by the Royal Green Jackets (British Army) 23rd October, 1971.

This is my mother, Maura Meehan, 30 years old, unarmed and executed by Royal Green Jackets (British Army) for daring to protest the introduction of internment without trial on the 23rd of October, 1971, during the occupation of crown forces in Belfast, North of Ireland. Her nineteen year old sister, Dorothy Maguire was murdered alongside her, the investigation claimed both bodies had gunshot residue on them, this is a fact due to the fact they were shot point blank in the back of the head and shouldn’t imply they were enemy combatants, yet to this day the investigation has been shelved in the need to not undermine national security and avoid embarrassment and justice for our families, the victors write history from their perspective deny human rights to the innocent, our struggle for truth will never end , one day we can say now you can both rest in peace. Amen.

With many thanks to: Gerard Meehan.


(Clockwise from top left) Óglach Dorothy Maguire, Óglach Maura Meehan, Óglach Anne Parker, Óglach Anne Marie Petticrew, Óglach Bridie Dolan, Óglach Laura Crawford, Óglach Rosemary Bleakley, Óglach Vivien Fitzsimmons, Óglach Pauline Kane and Óglach Julie Dougan.

         Cummann na mban

Murdered for standing up for her people and country. She was shot at close range by British soldiers, along with her 19 year old sister Dorothy Maguire

women were unarmed.

The truth is known.

Another crime of the Crown.

Another shame of England.

Another 2 reasons to demand accountability.

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Submission to the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižniks, concerning the shooting dead of sisters Dorothy Maguire & Maura Meehan by British Soldiers, October 23rd 1971, West Belfast.

A follow-up to a previous story concerning the murder of Maura Meehan and her sister who were murdered by the British Army: 

With many thanks to: Geard Meehan, Meehan and Maguire family’s,