Unionist leaders have difficulty with a shared society never mind entering into a debate about a United Ireland !!


Sinn Féin leader in the North of Ireland and leader of the DUP Arlene Foster

David Campbell: If Ulster Unionists stand in all seats, it will be a declaration of war on fellow unionists and a boost for Sinn Fein

I wonder who’s having a total meltdown over the upcoming elections?


Five UDA men to stand trial for bar room attack on former leading loyalist

FIVE men have been ordered to stand trial accused of a bar room attack on a former leading loyalist.

Darren Moore sustained multiple head fractures, facial lacerations and a puncture wound to his stomach in an assault carried out while he was under threat from loyalists

Aaron Cahoon (28), David Rush (35), David Gibson (45), below, Robert Campbell (33), and Joshua Wylie (20), were part of a group of UDA thugs who beat Darren Moore (pictured above), with a hammer and bats at a pub in Doagh, Co Antrim in March 2017.

David Gibson (45), of Milewater Drive, Newtownabbey.

They appeared togeather at Belfast Magistrates’ Court yesterday jointly charged with intentionally causing him grievous bodily harm, possessing offensive weapons with intent to commit an indictable offence, and affray.

Moore, in his forties and formerly from the Mount Vernon area of Belfast, was said to have been attacked inside McConnell’s Bar (pictured below). He sustained multiple head fractures, facial lacerations and a puncture wound to his stomach in an assault carried out while he was under threat from loyalists, detectives disclosed previously.

McConnell’s Bar in Doagh, were the attack was carried out.

Up to 10 men were said to have launched the attack before escaping in a number of cars. Cahoon, of Cherrymount; Rush, from Ballyvesey Green; Gibson, of Milewater Drive – all in Newtownabbey; Campbell, from Clareville Avenue in Ballyclare; and Wylie, of Galgorm Road in Ballymeana, all deny the charges.

During the preliminary enquiry hearing all five men nodded to confirm they understood the allegations against them. None of them called witnesses or gave evidence at this stage in the proceedings. Backing prosecution submissions that each of the accused has a case to answer, District Judge Fiona Bagnall returned them all for Crown Court trial. She then released them on continuing bail until their arraignment on a date to be fixed. None of of the men were charged with belonging to an illegal organisition namely the UDA.

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Rosemary Nelson Murdered By Loyalists In Collusion With The British State

15 March 1999: Human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson is assassinated by the British state in collusion with a loyalist death squad.


Christina ‘Dina’ Hunter was born in 1901. At the time the Hunter family were living in a one room tenement at number 7 McGuinness Court.

Her father was a coach painter, while her mother, Sarah was a house kepper. They already had a two-year-old son John. They would later move to number 25 Townsend Street, another one room tenement, and the family would expand to include Sarah, Liziebeth and Jane Frances.

Christy and Dina Crothers nee Hunter


Kathleen Lynn.
The Funeral of Thomas Ashe.
Sean Hunter (Johnny).

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1916 Easter Rising Historical Society.
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Remember Máire Drumm – Murdered by loyalist thugs on 28th October 1976.



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Máire Drumm Officer in Command (OC) of Cummann na mBan murdered by loyalists 28th November 1976 – RIP

On the 28th November 1976, Máire Drumm Vice President of Sinn Féin and a commanding officer in Cumann na mBan, was assassinated by loyalists while recovering in Belfast’s Mater Hospital in North Belfast.

Máire Drumm - Vice President Sinn Féin - Officer in Command Cumann na mBan.




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