Soldiers Kidnap 11 year old Child From His Classroom

A report by the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, revealed that on Monday Israeli soldiers kidnapped an 11 year old Palestinian child while he sat behind his desk at an elementary school in Ras al-Amoud neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem.

File - Palestine-Info
File – Palestine-Info

The army claimed that the child had “thrown stones at Israeli military jeeps in the area”.

Haaretz said that the soldiers invaded the school, broke into the classroom and kidnapped the boy. Soldiers also detained the vice principal of the school.

Haaretz said that the child “confessed” after being beaten by the soldiers, and also told the interrogators that the vice principal of the school helped him hide. 

The paper added that the vice principal, Salah Moheisin, was taken prisoner in front of a classroom filled with students, and was placed in a military jeep parked outside the school before he was taken to a police station for interrogation.

According to Haaretz, a student, who was kidnapped by the army a few days before the incident in question took place, told the interrogators that Moheisin helped him and other stone-throwing students hide in his office.

The Israeli police released Moheisin later the same day, and no charges were brought against him — mainly due to the fact that the students who made the confession were under duress during interrogation.

The vice principal told Haaretz that he did not know what the police wanted from him, and that he initially though that “the soldiers invaded the school with the aim of terrifying the students in order to deter them from making trouble”.

He added this is the fourth attack of its kind this year, adding that the soldiers often break into the school, search the classrooms, and even search the bathrooms.

The vice principal further stated that he and other staff members repeatedly tried to prevent the soldiers from breaking into the school, but the soldiers keep returning to invade the educational facility.

The vice principal asked the soldiers, during the latest school invasion, if they knew the description of the child they were looking for but they said that they had no idea about that, and that the only thing they knew was that he was wearing a white shirt. The soldiers rounded up all the students searching for the child. 

Haaretz said that it managed to document several similar incidents when soldiers harassed Palestinian children heading to school or returning home, and that a father told its reporter that his son came back from school terrified, and when he asked him about the reason for his anxiety, the child said that he, and some of his friends, were taken by the army, placed in military or police vehicles, before they were released later on.

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Israeli gunfire injures two Palestinians in Gaza


Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:25PM GMT


 Two Palestinian teenagers have been injured by Israeli gunfire in the besieged Gaza Strip.


POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy

Samouni Project Convoy To Gaza ( ONGOING )

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01 June at 15:00 – 01 July at 18:00

From Londonto Gaza


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A convoy of vehicles to carry school equipment and aid to Gaza for the Samouni Community Classroom. If you can help in any way with fund raising & promoting this event in your community…Items/Materials/Support sought immediately;1) A UK based coordinator to facilitate this project, this is a volunteer job.

2) A mechanic or someone very good with vehicles that can travel to Retford, Nottinghamshire, in order to make sure the vehicle is sound and as purchased.3) We need the vehicle MOT’d and taxed by hopefully the same person above.4) Costs covered to put vinyl graphics on the bus, such as the Samouni Project logo as well as the logos of our sponsors.5) Costs for food, fuel, tax, MOT, and insurance for the drive to Gaza.6) Sponsors; we seek sponsors from unions, organizations, Mosques, community and Palestine Solidarity groups. We propose a minimum donation of £100 to become a sponsor, but anything will help so we encourage everyone no matter what you can contribute.

7) We will need at least two or three drivers who will have to sleep in or just outside the bus in order to ensure security.

8) More Vehicles: if we can get a couple more vehicles, possibly even a bus that can carry the whole family in Gaza, which would be great. There are good deals on vehicles and maybe people will have a vehicle or two that they would like to donate to the family, a work van would be ideal, but any working vehicle will be extremely valuable to the family.

9) Computers: Ideally we will bring 12 desktop computers, mouse, keyboard, computer speakers and if possible, 12 laptop computers so each household will also have something in their home.

10) Office Chairs – 12 is perfect.

11) Webcams with Microphone Headsets for Skype calling.

12) Laser Jet Printer/Copy/Fax/Scanner with refill ink cartridges.

13) Laminating Machine with lamination sheets.

14) Digital Cameras, the more the better, all the kids love cameras.

15) LCD Projector and screen.

16) Small generator, big enough to power a small home.

17) A nice Globe for teaching.

18) Large World Map for wall.

19) Quality books with emphasis on education, history, science, etc. English is great, but if people have Arabic language books as well, that will be fantastic.

20) We hope to bring 50 English teaching books which we already have a teacher to teach with, here is the link to the book we need;

21) We are looking for a carpenter to build Custom Bookcase and deliver to London very soon.

22) If a carpenter can work right away, we can give dimensions and precut some material for long desktops to be used for the computers and classroom.

23) Lighting, good quality lighting, LED’s lighting would be ideal so the electricity consumption is low. But we want something other than fluorescent lights, something warm and nice to read and learn with.

24) Musical instruments, if you have an instrument that you can give for these children to experiment with and play; this will be a beautiful contribution. Does somebody have a Piano?

25) Office supplies, paper, paper clips, notebooks, pens, pencils (coloured as well), markers, pencil sharpener, etc.

26) Arts & Crafts of all sorts.

27) Puppets and educational toys.

28) A telescope, this has been asked for, would be great.

29) Tiles to lay on the floor, this is roughly a 10×15 metre space.

Items that would be good to bring now as well;

1) Blankets.

2) Clothes.

3) Kids football shoes.

4) Anything of value that might be useful.

If you have or are willing to purchase any of these items then please do so and email me at (please put ‘Samouni Project’ in the subject field). If you can provide a service, volunteer to drive to Gaza or be a coordinator then again, please email me.

The following are not likely to be arranged immediately, but maybe, you never know. But even if we cannot get these things now, I would like people to know of our longer-term goals and start looking around for ways to make this happen as well.

Supporting Independence for the family; long-term items sought;

1) We would bring a machine that can process Tomatoes into sauce. The Samouni family are farmers and if they had an industrial machine of this type they would be able to really get back on their feet and be independent soon. I will get more details of the exact type of machine that would be ideal tomorrow, if you think you can help with this then message me please.

2) A loom, an industrial loom that would allow the family to make Kuffiyeh’s, if we do this I am sure the family will have a real income with exported Kuffiyeh’s, made in Gaza, with the Samouni Family brand on it.

3) Building materials to make a small factory/warehouse.

And last, something that would just be wonderful for the entire family, especially the boys;

1) 1) The materials to build a 5 on 5 football pitch, the cement for the foundation, the padding and artificial grass, the walls, goals, bleachers, lighting for night time play.

I am already planning to make a video with the kids inviting FC Barcelona to come out this summer and do a football camp. I am making it clear to the kids that there are no guarantees, but if we try, we have a good chance of getting a result.

I would like to say to everyone reading this just one thing. If we really care, we will make this next phase happen and we will do so within a couple of weeks. We can do anything we set our minds to and what is asked for to make this project happen is completely doable. We all have something to offer, the question is what do you have to offer?

To my Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters, the Samouni’s are your direct family; please make this project happen now. As a community, you alone could make this happen within a week.

Love and respect to everyone who is helping with this, you are blessing yourself big time by contributing, believe me I know this all too well.


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Mavi Marmara
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  Tuesday-Sunday, 31 May-5 June, 2011

>>>>>> Feature: The Mavi Marmara massacre, one year on
 As peaceful demonstrators continue to die at Israel’s border, a look
 back at a notorious massacre of international human rights activists.
 A year ago last week [May 31], the Israeli military intercepted the
 International Freedom Flotilla in international waters as it headed for

 On board the various boats making up the convoy were pro-Palestine
 activists from all around the world, including Ireland. They were
 attempting to break the illegal siege of Gaza and were carrying
 shipments of humanitarian aid which they intended to deliver to the
 besieged strip.

 What followed was a massacre. Nine activists on board the Mavi Marmara
 were murdered by Israeli troops, while many more were seriously injured.
 Those who survived were kidnapped and forcibly brought to Israel against
 their will where they were interrogated, beaten and tortured in many
 instances. Their passports were seized and other properties stolen. This
 was an act of naked unprovoked aggression, international piracy and
 state terrorism.

 So, a full year on from the massacre aboard the Mavi Marmara, many
 questions remain to be answered.

 What efforts are being made by the ‘international community’ to bring to
 justice those who ordered and carried out this slaughter and other
 Israeli war crimes?

 What efforts are they making to bring an end to the inhumane and illegal
 siege of Gaza?

 What efforts are they making to force Israeli compliance with
 international law, whether in relation to illegal settlements, its
 apartheid wall or political repression?

 What efforts are they making in relation to the kidnapping, internment
 without trial and abuse and torture of prisoners, including hundreds of

 Twelve months on and the answer to all the above is a shameful ‘none’.

 The reality is, despite Israel’s claims to have eased the siege last
 year and despite the opening by Egypt of the Rafah crossing last week,
 Israel continues to illegally blockade Gaza. While the opening of the
 Rafah crossing is welcome, it relates solely to the movement of people
 and does not address the core issue of free movement of goods to and
 from Gaza or the movement of people between Gaza and the West Bank,
 which Israel continues to ban.

 A UN report published in March this year said that Israel’s restrictions
 continue to prevent any improvement in people’s lives and violate
 international law [Click here to read the report in full].

 According to the report, “As an occupying power, as well as in every
 instance in which it exercises control over Gaza and its population,
 Israel is bound by international humanitarian and human rights law

 “This legal framework prohibits Israel from imposing restrictions that
 are detrimental to the rights and needs of the population and which are
 not strictly required by legitimate security needs. Such restrictions
 may amount to collective punishment, which is prohibited under any

 The report adds: “Israel must fully lift the blockade. This includes a
 removal of restrictions on the import of construction materials and the
 exports of goods, as well as a lifting of the general ban on the
 movement of people between Gaza and the West Bank via Israel.

 “Additionally, Israel must remove to the fullest extent possible the
 current restrictions on the access of people to areas in the vicinity of
 the perimeter fence and to sea waters along Gaza’s coast. When resorting
 to the use of force, it must ensure that civilians and civilian objects
 are not targeted, and that all necessary measures are adopted to prevent
 or minimize the negative effect of attacks on the civilian population
 and its property.”

 As you read this, the former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic
 is in custody awaiting extradition to face charges of war crimes
 committed during the Balkans wars. The International Criminal Court has
 said that the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has a case to answer for war
 crimes committed by his troops bombing civilian areas. The US and
 British military are currently involved in a bombing campaigning of
 Libya supposedly to protect Libyan civilians and bring Gaddafi to
 justice for his alleged crimes.

 But no such effort has been made to bring Israel’s leaders to justice
 for their crimes. In fact, much effort has been made to bolster the
 zionist regime and protect their war criminal leaders. The British
 government introduced measures to prevent the arrest of Israeli leaders
 when in Britain, while Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu only
 recently addressed the US Congress, where he was treated to a hero’s
 reception despite the atrocities he is responsible for.

 Despite condemning the attack on the flotilla last year, the European
 Union has steadfastly refused to break off diplomatic and economic links
 with Israel, with moves currently underway to start upgrading those
 links even further. The Dublin government, despite saying there would be
 “serious consequences” for Israel if they harmed any Irish citizens,
 have also refused to take any meaningful action against them. Both the
 previous and current administrations in Leinster House refuse to
 countenance shutting down the Israeli embassy and severing all
 diplomatic and economic links with the zionist state.

 It is this shameful lack of action in defence of the rights of the
 Palestinian people by governments and other institutions whose duty it
 allegedly is to uphold human rights and international law that forced
 activists to organise last year’s flotillas and other such actions.
 Indeed, a second flotilla will now set sail for Gaza in late June. This
 will comprise of more than 1,000 activists, including an Irish ship with
 many Irish activists onboard.

 Outlining the reasons for the second flotilla, Irish Ship to Gaza
 coordinator Fintan Lane said: “Israel has no right to treat the people
 of Gaza as inmates in what has become the world’s largest prison. This
 amounts to collective punishment, and as such is a violation of
 international humanitarian law. Irish Ship to Gaza is part of a
 broad-based, grassroots international movement of concerned citizens who
 are committed to peacefully uphold the fundamental rights of the
 Palestinian people in the face of continuing inaction by our

 Already, Israel has issued threats to use military force once again to
 prevent the flotilla getting through to Gaza. With this threat of
 piracy, kidnapping and other violations of international law, as well as
 the events of last year in mind, you would think that the ‘international
 community’ and governments around the world would be intervening to hold
 the Israelis to account and ensure safe passage for this humanitarian

 Their response, however, has been truly shameful. Rather than ensuring
 Israel complies with international law and insisting that they will be
 held to account for their crimes if they attack the flotilla, various
 governments and institutions such as the UN have ceded to pressure from
 Israel and are instead trying to prevent the flotilla from being able to
 depart for Gaza at all.

 It is the warped logic of ignoring the crimes of the perpetrator and
 shifting the blame onto the victim of those crimes. Indeed, if the UN
 took meaningful action and ensured the ending of the siege there would
 be no need for this or any other flotilla.

 The bottom line is that the Palestinian people continue to live under a
 brutal military occupation. Peaceful protests continue to be attacked by
 Israel. Palestinian civilians continue to be murdered by Israeli troops.
 Palestinian land continues to be stolen as illegal settlements and the
 illegal apartheid wall continues to be built.

 While Palestine remains occupied, it is our duty as Irish socialists and
 republicans to give whatever practical support and solidarity to the
 Palestinian people.

 Over the coming weeks let us all redouble our efforts and help to end
 the siege of Gaza, to bring an end to the apartheid Israeli regime and
 to secure freedom at last for the Palestinian people.

 For more information on the upcoming flotilla, go to

 For more information on the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
 (IPSC), go to


Commemorating three years of struggle In Ni’lin. جمعة هدم الجدار-نعلين

English below:

تتشرف اللجنة الشعبية لمقاومة الجدار والاستيطان -موقع نعلين بدعوتكم للمشاركة في
المسيرة المركزية السلمية الحاشدة يوم الجمعة الموافق 27.05.2011 تحت عنوان مسيرة الحرية وهدم الجدار,ودلك بمناسبة دخول بلدة نعلين عامها الرابع في المقاومة الشعبية ضد جدار الضم والنهب العنصري.

حيث ستقام صلاة الجمعة بالقرب من جدار الفصل العنصري تحت اشجار الزيتون لنثبت للمحتل اننا لن نتخلى عن شجرة زيتون واحدة ولا شبر من اراضينا.
سيكون تاريخ بناء الجدار على ارض نعلين هو نفسه تاريخ هدمه.
كما وسيشارك في المسيرة قياديون شعبيون واعضاؤ لجان مركزية , وسيقوم المتظاهرون بهدم الجدار الاسمنتي كما هدموه اول مرة في عام 2009.
ستنطلق المسيرة الساعة الثانية عشر والنصف ظهرا. نرجو من الجميع المشاركة
ودمتم دخرا لوطنكم وبلدكم الحبيب نعلين

لمحة صغيرة عن نعلين:
عانت بلدة نعلين على مر الزمان مند عام 1967 وحتى الان تم بناء خمسة مستوطنات غير قانونية على اراضيها وكدلك شارع 446 العنصري الدي قسم البلدة الى نصفين,لم يقف اهالي البلدة مكتوفي الايدي وكانوا يقاومون كل هده العمليات البشعه التي تهدف الى سرقة الارض وتهجير اهالي البلدة.دفعت البلدة ثمنا باهظا نتيجة مقاومة المحتل حيث سقط الشهداء والجرحي من خيرة ابناء هده البلدة.وكدلك كان مجموع مساحة اراضي البلدة ما يقارب 58000 دونم لم يتبقى منها الا 8000 دونم,كلها تم مصادرتها بحجة الامن وبناء المستوطنات الاسرائيلية الغير قانونية.

في عام 2004 بداجنود الاحتلال ببناء الجدار الفاصل على اراضي البلدة فهب اهالي البلدة رجالا ونساء ,اطفالا وشيوخا للتصدي للجرافات الصهيونية ,ونجح اهالي البلدة بعد عراك طويل في ايقاف عمل الجرافات وبناء الجدار لمدة اربع سنوات واستعادوا بعض الدونمات من اراضيهم.

في 27.05.2008 عاد جنود الاحتلال بسياسة عنفية لم يسبق لها مثيل من اجل بناء الجدار العنصري على اراضي البلدة
,وكان واجبا على اهل البلدة التصدي والدفاع عن اراضيهم فبدأوا بتنظيم الاحتجاجات السلمية المشروعه.ومن جهة اخرى واجه الجنود المسيرات السلمية بعنف شديد جدا لم يسبق له مثيل,بداية بمنع التجوال ثم الاعتقالات الليلية ثم احضار القناصة والاقتحامات والمداهمات للبلدة ليلا ونهارا ثم قتل خمسة من خيرة ابناء هده البلدة.
دفعت نعلين ثمنا باهظا جراء تصديها لاله القمع العسكرية الصهيونية حيث سقط مئات الجرحى الدين اصيبو برصاص القناصة الاسرائيليين
وسقط ايضا خمسة شهداء من ضمنهم طفل لم يتجاوز عمره 10 اعوام اسمه احمد موسى,هدا وتم اعتقال اكثر من 350 شخص من ابناء البلدةغالبيتهم ممن يشاركون في المسيرات السلمية,وقد تم رفض تصاريح غالبية رجال وشباب البلدة واصبح الفقر والبطالة يسودان البلدة,
الا ان كل هده الممارسات لم تكسر من ارادة اهالي نعلين حيت استطاعوا قص الجدار الالكتوني وهدم الجدار الاسمنتي المقام على اراضيهم,فقام الاحتلال باعتقال قيادات اللجنة الشعبية من اجل القضاء على استمرارية المسيرات الا انهم فشلوا في دلك.
وتستمر المقاومة…حتى نيل الاستقلال ودحر الاحتلال

join our peaceful huge demonstration commemorating the third anniversary of the start of the popular struggle in Ni’lin town. ni’lin is entering the forth year of struggle against the annexation wall,the march will be called the march of freedom and tearing down the annexation wall,it comes as a call to renew the call for the third uprising(Intifada). the friday prayer will be in the fields near the annexation wall to show the stead fast near our olive trees and lands,then moving forward the march to tear down the annexation wall and intering to our lands.

Back ground about ni’lin:

From the historical point of view, a large past of the town was annexed as a result of the newly-created Israeli state in 1948.since then,the town has been suffering boundlessly caused by the Israeli flargent violation to the human rights conuention and the international law as well. These violations includes grapping the land, building unlawful settlements and housing them with illegitimate immigrants. Dozens of Ni’lin’s people were killed,hundreds were injured and arrested while they were struggling for the honour of their country.
In 1967,the Israeli’s theift of land continued for building settlements in the southern past of the town. Despite the people’s belief of pacifism, they defended their land and resisted the grap. Although the israeli’s were subtle and influential, they couldn’t delude the international puplic opinion and the Palestinians are currently waging a diplomatic struggle in the international institutions to stop annexing the land and building settlements.
During the 1st intifada in 1980,the town took part and consequently lost a number of it’s freedom viterans and many were detained after long chasing and had juhilant reception after release. In 1990,the Town kept on protesting against building the settlements and the 446 street which divided the town into two separated parts. Our people paid with their life for their attempt to repulse a threat to our very survival.
In 2004,Israel disclosed it’s intention to build the apartheid-wall on our land for security reasons as they claim. In fact, it is meant to grap our land, suffocate our life and finally force people to transfer. This aggressive plan was met absolute rejection and peaceful protests by the people fo ni’lin regardless of their sex and age. The Israeli army did it’s almost to crack down those protests through the massive assault of tear gas,rubber-coated steel bullets and live ammunition,but all end in vain.
In 2008, the Israeli army took order from the Israeli supreme court to build the wall and suppress any disapproval or protest. The town immediately re-formed a larger committee for following the case lawfully,leading and organizing non-violent demonstrations on the ground. They again felt that their existence as at stake and struggle with their faith, will and determination. The army from the beginning dealt with the town very differently using aggressive,brutal and barbaric methods so as to stop the protests. Forexample, in one year and two months, they killed five of our dear and near ones namely Ahmed Mousa 9 years old, yousef Amireh 17 years old, Arafat khawaja 23 years old,muhammed khawaja 18 years old and Aqil srour 36 years old. They also band their fathers and other relatives from work permits.

A carfew was imposed on the town for three days. Vandalism and sadism deliberately inflicted on the people but their faith remained unshakened. Moreover, the army used to climb the top roofs and shoot tear gas canisters in random which caused fire in several houses and many people got suffocated from gas inhalation. They also used to terrorize and humiliate the families during the mid-night invasions aimed at arresting the activists and sentence them to long detention and paying indurable fines or bales.the wage for vengeance was clearly shown in detaining the committee leaders and charging them with incitement. That also reflected the army’s hooliganism and failure in suppressing our will and just struggle. No doubt, hundreds of people god injured and some were left handicapped and paralyzed but never loose faith. On the contrary, the town became more powerful,more united and more determined to live in peaceful existence with dignity and freedom. Finally, our people deeply express their deep sense of gralituele to the Israeli peace activists and the international solidarates whose role was clear in fostering and supporting our eagerness for self-determination. They also joined our protests and witnessed our painful and detesiorating living conditions. They therefore conveyed our message that calls for practical and immediate support from the free world. We have a joint-target, that is to end the ages of occupation and tyranny and have freedom,justice,equality and ever lasting peace instead.

Tomorrow at 23:30 – Saturday at 02:30

Ni’lin Town بلدة نعلين


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