Relative of 1916 Rising Hero contests unjust conviction for highlighting the case of the Craigavon Two

Friday 24th March will see IRPWA member Brian Murphy challenge his public order conviction and his 2 months suspended sentence when he appears at the Circuit Court at the Central Criminal Courts, Parkgate Street, Dublin.1

Brian was arrested following his lone protest at a 26 County State ceremony in Grangegorman cemetery, Dublin on May 25th, 2016 to ‘commemorate’ British soldiers killed suppressing the 1916 Easter Rising.

During his peaceful protest, Brian was assaulted by the Canadian Ambassador to the 26 counties, Kevin Vickers. Brian’s protest which included highlighting the continued persecution and plight of imprisoned republicans including the case of the Craigavon Two (, became headline news all over the world, both online and in mainstream media particularly in Canada. The actions of the Canadian Ambassador amplified Brian’s protest beyond anything he had expected and the 26 county state sought draconian retribution as a result of being embarrassed, with their reformist agenda around the centenary commemorations of the 1916 Easter Rising exposed.

The embarrassment caused to the state highlighted their contempt for the republican heroes of 1916 and their continued attempts to criminalise the republican struggle whilst cosying up to British imperialism which continues to occupy the north of Ireland dividing the Irish nation by force.

In challenging his conviction Brian will maintain his right to protest this event to which he had received a formal invitation and that his actions on the day were not ‘criminal’ unlike those of the Canadian Ambassador who has never been brought to task for his unwarranted aggression.

It is the view of both Saoradh and the IRPWA that Brian’s conviction and the harshness of his sentence were politically motivated, the right to peacefully protest has been set aside by the state as witnessed in cases such as Brian’s and in the case of the Jobstown water protest. Saoradh and the IRPWA stand in solidarity with Brian and wish him the best of luck in overturning this contrived conviction.

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Statement from Republican Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry 14/03/17




Since the recent 6 county election much has been made of the supposed strength of the Nationalist representation in Stormont.
In fact, there have been those who claimed that this result is a challenge to the very existence of partition.
For Republican Prisoners such statements are outlandish in the extreme.
Many will be familiar with the brutality and the oppression that Republican Prisoners have endured and continue to endure at the hands of the loyalist Maghaberry administration.
This has not been conducted under direct rule but from Stormont whilst both of the main Nationalist parties have been present and on the Justice committee.
This is despite the fact that both have agreed with Republican Prisoners for the past 7 years that the implementation of the August 2010 agreement is the way forward.
Furthermore, It has been within this Stormont run institution that the denial of cultural identity rights has been most acute. Indeed the Stormont finance department, under a minister who ironically took a legal challenge surrounding Irish language rights, has thrown money at Loyalist governors so they can defend legal challenges taken by Republican prisoners for Gaelic athletics and Irish language/music resources.
Republican prisoners would like to remind those who have heralded this result as a victory for Republicanism to watch carefully for the absence of any positive outcome for Political Prisoners in Maghaberry never mind the laughable claim of an end to partition.

Republican Prisoners
Roe 4

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Statement – Republican Prisoners Encourage Support For Anti-Internment March | IRPWA

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