Stunning Potential Linfield v Celtic clash could prove security nightmare.

Money-Spining Clash: Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers, if Linfield can overcome San Marino’s La Fiorita they will play hosts to Celic at Windsor Park on the Eleventh Night on the Twelfth.

THERE have been calls for the venue of a potential match between Celtic and Linfield to be switched due to concerns about security.

Celtic v Linfield (coming soon)

The two clubs could face each other in a Champions League qualifier at Windsor Park next month – to be played on 11th night.

David Healy, Manager of Linfield, and former Rangers player.

The Scottish giants enjoy a huge following in Ireland and all over the world. And are supported mainly by Catholics while Linfield has mainly unionist and Protestant support base. It would be the first ever meeting between the sides.
Both July 11th & 12th are significant dates in the Loyalist calendar and an influx of nationalist/Republicans into the mainly loyalist Windsor Park area could prove a security nightmare for the RUC/PSNI.

The RUC/PSNI still as corrupt as the day they were formed but then “they were a Protestant Police Force, for Protestant people! What the fuck has changed “Nothing”. That is a fact !!!

Each year thousands of Orange Order supporters gather to watch the annual Twelfth parade through Belfast, and the unionists/Loyalists on Saint Patrick’s Day object and sometimes become violent at anyone wearing Green on St Paddy’s day. So with the Celtic supporters wearing Green & White and Green, White and Orange, theres potential for trouble. Which passes close to the stadium along the Lisburn Road.

Celtic F.C. football Club.
Celtic F.C. football Club.

And Loyalist paramilitaries including the UDA and UVF and also SEA-UDA also it could end up in a bloodbath. As they would be urging there supporters to attend to show support & start potential trouble. An Eleventh Night fixture could prove equally volatile as loyalist attend bonfires accorss the city.

We have supporters from all over the world. And trust me ‘Comrades’ they don’t always catch the boat. Some of us can afford to fly. 


Ballymena Celtic Supporters Club.
Ballymena Celtic Supporters Club.

Critic’s manger is Brendan Rodger, (pictured above), who comes from Carnlough, Co Antrim. While Linfield’s boss is former Rangers player David Healy. 

David Healy miming playing the flute at a Celtic v Fulham friendly game. His club at the time, back in 2008.

There was controversy in 2008 when Healy mined playing a flute (pictured above), in front of Celtic supporters during a friendly game with Fulham, his club at the time. He later apologised. With the majority of Celtic supporters expected to make the journey by boat, there is also a potential for a clash with Scottish loyalists making their way to the North to take part in the Twelfth demonstrations. 

More support from West Belfast ” We don’t go away, you know”.

Linfield has provisionally suggested a 5pm or 5.30pm kick-off on Tuesday July 11th, subject to consultation with the RUC/PSNI. 

Dicey Reilly’s Celtic Supporters Club in Belfast.

But Seamus Darragh from the Dicey Reilly’s Celtic Supporters Club in Belfast last night said the venue for the first match between the clubs should be switched, meaning it would take place in Glasgow. “My point of view is the best situation is to reverse the fixture.”

He said to hold the first leg in Belfast at the biggest time of the year for loyalists would be insane”. “I think the police will intervene. Already they are going to be stretched,” he said. “Even when it’s normal police are under stress.”

Mr Darragh, a former Linfield youth player, added that some Celtic Supporters will be rooting for Linfield when they face SP La Fiorita. “We want Linfield, it’s a beauty of a tie,” he said.

Trouble has flared in the past when teams supported by nationalist/Republican have played at Windsor Park. There were violent scenes in 1990 when Donegal Celtic played Linfield.

A year later loyalists threw a hand-granade at visiting Cliftonville supporters. In 1948 Belfast Celtic’s Jimmy Jones suffered a broken leg when he was attacked by Linfield supporters during a Boxing Day game at Windsor Park, precipiting the departure of the club from Irish League Football.

Belfast Celtic F.C.

Operations Superintendent for Belfast Norman Haslett said on Monday night: “We are aware of the possibility of a Belfast fixture next month between Linfield and Celtic. “We are currently in discussions with UEFA and Linfield FC about the details of the event.

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With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News. For the original story.

Today marks the anniversary of 2 brave sons of Ireland.

Irish Political hostages on hunger strike,Volunteer Patsy O Hara (inla) and Volunteer Ray Mccreesh (ira) …both men went on hunger strike together,they both died on may 21st, 1981 after 61 days on hunger strike,side by side till the last breath,
We stand for the freedom of the Irish nation so that future generations will enjoy the prosperity they rightly deserve, free from foreign interference,oppression and exploitation. The real criminals are the British imperialists who have thrived on the blood and sweat of generations of Irish men. They have maintained control of Ireland through force of arms and there is only one way to end it.

I would rather die than rot in this concrete tomb for years to come – Patsy O Hara (I.N.L.A Hungerstriker) 
Both men paid the ultimate price for their dedication,courage and beliefs.We remember them as ordinary men who did extraordinary things in extraordinary times,

Gone but never forgotten Cuz,

Rest in Power,Glory to your soul ❤

With many thanks to: Brònzy Hegerty


Francis Hughes the second Irish Martyr to give his life for Irish prison reform in 1981.

The gunfire split the still night air,

and from my side the blood flowed red.
Informer’s work had been well done; an ambush had been laid.
My comrades turned back to my aid. I waved them on again.
Escape for me was hopeless. Why should they die in vain?
The soldiers soon around me stood. Their unit I could guess.
Their blackened faces could not disguise the hated SAS.
“Finish him off.” I heard one say as a gun moved toward my head.
“Tomorrow they’ll all sing about another fenian dead.”
“Just drop those guns down gently,” a voice came from the dark.
They wheeled and fired a volley, but it seemed they missed their mark.
The stranger stood before them now with eyes that seemed alight.
The cowards turned and quickly fled as he raised his armalite.
His face somewhere I’d seen before, but I couldn’t tell just where,
but I knew from his green battledress he was a volunteer.
He never said a word to me as we moved off through the night.
I was hoisted ‘cross his shoulders, a burden which seemed light.
“You’ll be safe here,” at last he said , as a cottage door drew near.
“They’re friends of mine, though we haven’t met for many a lonely year.
He laid me gently down beside a wall of slate and stone.
I turned to thank my comrade brave, but found I was alone.
When next I woke, I found myself with a family staunch and true.
I told them of my comrade strange, but it seemed they already knew.
I gazed upon that parlour wall and things came clear at last,
and I thought of songs and stories heard often in the past,
and I knew then that our struggle was a fight we could not lose
for beneath his picture there I read ” IN MEMORY OF FRANCIS HUGHES.”

With many thanks to: Seán Ó hAodha – Federal Socialist Republic.

Under an oppressive regime, rebellion is a God given right, under British law its pan absolute duty

​Under an oppressive regime, rebellion is a God given right, under British law its an absolute  

Photo credits to: Marcas Mac Giolla Aindreis.
Photo credit: Marcas Mac Giolla Aindreis

With many thanks to: Marcas Mac Giolla Aindreis – Chaírde ar an Arm Náisiúnta Fuascailte Na hÉireann. 

Óglach Micky Kearney – Belfast Brigade, Irish National Liberation Army (INLA).

Micky Kearney, aged 33, and a father of five, was from West Belfast and was highly respected among his comrades in the Republican Socialist Movement.

Micky had been an active Volunteer within the INLA and a committed Activist with the IRSP since joining the Movement. After a spell in Prison, he was released just before Christmas 1986.

Upon his release from Gaol, Micky immediately reported back to duty with his local INLA Unit. The loss of Micky was hugely felt by all who knew him.

With many thanks to: Cara O’Shay.

Police probe online paramilitary images

POLICE are investigating after an image was posted online showing a masked man apparently firing shots in tribute to a Socialist Republican in west Belfast.

“The final salute to comrade Harry O’Hara” – IRSP.

Photographs posted on Facebook by the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) – the politicial wing of the Irish National Liberation Party (INLA) – show masked men posing on a street with a picture of Harry O’Hara. Mr O’Hara, from Norglen Drive in the Turf Lodge area, died on February 28th and was buried in the City Cemetery earlier this month following Requiem Mass at Holy Trinity Church. Among death notices expressing sympathy at Mr O’Hara’s passing was one from “Connor Hughes, Cogús Republican Prisoners” in Maghaberry Jail.

West Belfast – INLA

The IRSP’s Belfast branch posted photos on Facebook of a “final salute to comrade Harry O’Hara”. It said “Harry was a loyal republican socialist and he will always be remembered with honour and pride by the Republican Socialist Movement” (RSM). The images show masked men dressed in paramilitay-style uniform posing beside candles and a photo of Mr O’Hara (copy of picture above). In one, a member of the group raises a gun above his head in a firing motion.

The images have been condemned by SDLP councillor Tim Attwood, who represents the area on Belfast City Council. “These are scenes which belong in the past. There is no excuse for masked gunmen on the streets of our city, no matter what the context,” he said. “This was a reckless act and should be roundly condemned.” A RUC/PSNI spokeswoman said: “Police are aware of footage on social media showing shots apparently being fired by a masked man in west Belfast. An investigation is under way.”

With many thanks to: John Monaghan, The Irish News, for the origional story.

Fallen Comrades of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA).

Thirty years ago, in 1987, these five brave INLA Volunteers sacrificed their lives in defence of the Republican Socialist Movement.

They gave up everything for their families, for their friends, for their comrades, for their communities, for the working class; for their country.

We remember them with honour and with pride.

With many thanks to: Irish Fenian Brotherhood.