McGeough status update:

POLITICAL HOSTAGE !A Judge ruled yesterday that NIPS must review its decision to refuse permission, and set out a range of factors that NIPS must take into account. In light of his comments NIPS withdrew original letter to Mr McGeough which explained why his application had been refused and replaced it this morning with a further letter which addressed fully all the points that the judge had asked NIPS to cover. In these circumstances Mr Justice Stephens took the view that the original case had been overtaken by events and that if the new decision letter was to be challenged there would need to be fresh proceedings. The decision to refuse therefore stands.

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Gerry is expected to appear in court on Tuesday, February 28th when the judge hands down the decisions on both his Judicial Review and his Appeal. First decision will be on his Judicial Review approx. 9:30 am. The 2nd decision, with regard to his Appeal, will be handed down approx. 10:00 am.

We are asking for a massive turnout of supporters at the High court (old buildings opposite Laganside) by 9:00 am. Thank you

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Statement from Gerry McGeough on his one year incarceration today in Maghaberry prison – 2/18/2012.

Statement from Gerry McGeough on his one year incarceration today in Maghaberry prison – 2/18/2012.

A year ago today an English Diplock Judge had me thrown in jail as a defacto political hostage. My imprisonment and continued incarceration make a mockery of the Good Friday Agreement and proves that political repression and the sectarian discrimination remains central to the existence of this statelet.

Sinn Fein leaders are deeply embarrassed by this whole scandal, as it calls into question their negotiating skills and exposes their utter lack of any real power and influence. Thus, they put more time and effort into trying to discredit and silence our campaign rather than stand up to the British on behalf of our people. Shame on them!

Over the past year, we have discovered who our true friends are and I assure you your loyalty, decency and kindness will not be forgotten. Meanwhile, my patriotic position today is the same as a year ago: “LONG LIVE OUR IRISH NATION AND PERDITION UPON ALL OUR ENEMIES”.

God bless you all and know we shall have victory in the end.

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Gerry McGeough had a visit yesterday from an AOH delegation from the USA. Gerry was very pleased with the visit and how well informed the delegation was regarding his plight. Gerry said “the delegation expressed their genuine commitment to continue to campaign for his release.” Gerry thanks the delegation, for taking time away from their hectic schedule to visit with him, and he extends his heartfelt thanks to all members in the AOH who have been so supportive of him and their kindness toward his family.

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The PSNI police have failed in a legal bid to force the handover of unseen TV news footage from a rally by the 32 County Sovereignty Committee. [Read More



And why can’t the judge in the BC trial and our Attorney General do the same thing and tell the PSNI ‘NO’ with regard to their subpoenas demanding Boston College turn over the oral history tapes of the IRA to them

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Gerry AdamsEmail:

Gerry McGeough has instructed that a measured response from him to Gerry Adams recent email be withheld from publication pending the outcome of a meeting between campaign supporters and Senior Sinn Fein officials in Dublin on Monday, February 6, 2012.

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Gerry McGeough Justice Campaign


As a Sinn Féin TD, could you and your party ask the British Governemnt to adhere to the Weston Park Agreement and to release Gerry McGeoughimmediately. Eamon O’Cuiv has already called for the release of Gerry McGeough based on humanitarian grounds alone.

What have you done today to help secure the release of Irish Patriot Gerry McGeough? If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem

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Update on today’s hearing: Letter from Sinn Fein to McGeough’s Attorney – Re: Weston Park Agreement

Update on today’s hearing: Letter from Sinn Fein to McGeough’s Attorney– Re: Weston Park Agreement !

Gerry called to advise that Sinn Fein gave his attorney a letter, at the eleventh hour, referencing the Weston Park Agreement. “Although the letter is 5 years late, it is a start said Gerry”. However, his attorney n…eeds more details and consultation from Sinn Fein in order to secure Gerry’s release. Gerry attributes Sinn Fein breaking their silence, after 5 years, POLITICAL HOSTAGE !to the intense International campaign of people around the world. We now need to re-double our efforts and keep the pressure on the British to adhere to the Weston Park Agreement. Gerry said, “this is the beginning of the ‘Irish Spring’ that can clean away the ‘stench’ of British corruption in Ireland and put a final end to the nationalist nightmare.

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BBC Reply to my letter – “BBC Lift the Media Ban on Gerry McGeough’s Case”

BBC Broadcasting House, Belfast

11 November, 2011

Ms Helen McClafferty


Dear Helen

Complaint – BBC News




I’m replying to your complaint about coverage of the case of Gerry McGeough by the BBC’s news services. You suggest that there is a “media blackout” around reporting of this case and allege that the BBC is abiding by it.  

To the best of our knowledge, there are no restrictions surrounding the reporting of this case, and the BBC is certainly not operating under any form of media embargo or blackout.

BBCNI’s local news services have reported on this story on several occasions in recent months. We reported on Mr McGeough’s sentencing in April of this year and have also reported on his successful application for judicial review and his bid to obtain a Royal Prerogative of Mercy. We have not been made aware of any deterioration in Mr McGeough’s state of health.

The news stories covered by BBC news services are based on sound editorial judgements, which include an assessment of whether publication reflects new information. Should you learn of any further developments in relation to Mr McGeough’s health, please feel free to contact our Fermanagh district journalist, Julian Fowler, by email at      

I hope that this is useful. 

Yours sincerely

Michael Cairns

Head of Newsgathering & Political Programmes – BBCNI

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Antonia Gordon

total LIES !! they have a blackout on all POW case, they are allowed to say certain facts that the GOVERNEMENT has controlled to be allowed through, why is there never any mention of how ill Gerry is ?!, when it was Brendan Lillis why never… say he was that ill he nearly DIED !! why when its Marian Price dnt the world know she is in an all male prison ?!?!?! BBC – SHAME SHAME SHAME !! everyone should mass email a complaint !!!!