Unionist leaders have difficulty with a shared society never mind entering into a debate about a United Ireland !!


Sinn Féin leader in the North of Ireland and leader of the DUP Arlene Foster

Westminster Bill Would Make United Ireland Vote Impossible | Gript



Follow these links to find out more: https://www.sinnfein.ie/contents/55727

(2)-: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2020/01/14/border-poll-threshold-needs-nailed-down-now-yes-for-unity/?fbclid=IwAR2Y7xjAGbimUEeYXYI0bIXVCl_Y2-NgZ3Mny9gmoF4ZZXzgthIUt6ytWx0

Border Poll threshold needs nailed down now. – Yes For Unity


Follow these links to find out more: https://www.sinnfein.ie/contents/55727

(2)-: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2020/01/14/westminster-bill-would-make-united-ireland-vote-impossible-gript/?fbclid=IwAR12lWTX5dDGoWMemKDIZNGNSxIz6uYt0srPcEuHx4iwSnUqxEmPLjuWINM


Brexit and constitutional futures – agendaNi


Tiny Italian enclave in Switzerland transferred back to Italy and the EU’s customs union | Euronews

This could be a solution for the North of Ireland


The British government are trying to remove our Irish rights under the GFA to claim our citizenship as Irish citizens in the North of Ireland


Emma DeSouza
“An eligible Irish citizen is someone who was born in Northern Ireland, who is an Irish citizen and also qualifies as a British citizen (whether or not they identify themselves as such)” Significant changes are being quietly made to citizenship & identity in NI.
12:17 PM · Nov 15, 2019Twitter for Android
Emma DeSouza
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The British Government’s attack on the birthright provisions of the GFA has gone up a level with these changes. Make no mistake, they are taking the October 14th ruling, that the people of NI are British citizens even if they identify as Irish & making seismic changes.
Emma DeSouza
The DUP does not and never has from day one supported the Good Friday Agreement (GFA)
Stephen Farry
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we will making commitments in the forthcoming Alliance manifesto re addressing the failings highlighted in your case. We will keep pushing both governments to ensure GFA is properly reflected in law.

Catriona King
Under the GFA the citizens in the North have the legal right to class themselves as Irish, British or bothReplying to

@EmmandJDeSouza @NiallSF



doing anything about this? Any and all breaches of the GFA must be prevented/challenged.

With many thanks to: Emma De Souza for the original posting on Twitter 

Chaos as Downing Street forgets GFA obligations

“British-Irish cooperation is written into the Good Friday Agreement, it is at the top of the agenda of its East-West institutions and is also a primary function of the NIO under devolution” Newton Emerson

THE latest outburst from Downing Street chaos strategy is to threaten withdrawal of security cooperation from EU countries that facilitate a Brexit extension.

This caused a little more chaos than intended when was denounced by Julian Smith, the Secretary of State for the North of Ireland. In a very public rebuke, Smith said: I am clear that any threat on withdrawing security cooperation with Ireland is unacceptable. This is not in the interest of the North of Ireland or the Union. He could have added that British-Irish cooperation is written into the Good Friday Agreement, is at the top of the agenda of its East-West institutions and is also a primary function of the North of Ireland Office under devolution. Withdrawal of such cooperation would be a clear breach of the agreement than Brexit itself.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Newton Emerson for the original story