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Saturday 29th July @ 14.00 – 16.00

Daunt Square, Cork.

JUST A LITTLE REMINDER FOLKS: *Reminder folks, Christine Connor Birthday on Friday so If you wish to send a Birthday card and let Christine know that we all support her in her struggle with sectarian screws and the system. 

Christine was dealt a hard blow and should never had received the sentence that she got so please support her by sending a card and a letter to let her know how much support she has and her fight is our fight. GRMA   

Drop Christine a wee line, she would love to hear from you and appericiate your time. You can contact her at the following address: Christine Connor 

Hydebank Wood Gaol 

Hospital Road 



Follow this link to find out more:

WITH MANY THANKS TO: Kevin Kinsella, Irish POW’s truth and Justice Conquers All.

With many thanks to: Anti – Internment Munster –