Trimble joins former first ministers in call for new Act of Union

FORMER Stormont First Minister Lord David Trimble believes a new “constitutional settlement” is urgently required to help secure the future of the UK.

David Trimble (left) with the late Ian Paisley not so many years ago

The ex-Ulster Unionist, leader Pictured above, leader has joined the former First Ministers of Scotland and Wales Lord Jack McConnell and Carwyn Jones in campaigning for a new Act of Union Bill that would include a new English Paraliment and greater powers to the devolved regions.

The three peers have joined the steering committee of the CRG (Constitution Reform Group), which they say has “for some years has been seeking a way of restructuring the constitutional relationship between the four so-called nations of the United Kingdom”.

They voiced support for the Bill, which was laid before the House of Lords a year ago, in a letter to the House of Lords a year ago, to a letter to the Daily Telegraph where they said the “approach it takes is on the right lines”. The peers highlight how the group was formed before the 2016 EU referendum “in the belief that, even then, the UK needed a new constitutional settlement”, but they note that the “present situation has, of course, made that even more urgent”. “The changes in contitional practice as a result of the activities in the House of Commons and cases to the Supreme Court of London – to take two samples – have further undermined  what has been hitherto established practice,” their letter states. “The events of the last few months have made the need for a new constitutional settlement all the more urgent.” According to the Daily Telegraph, the peers are advocating a “federalised” UK, with bolstered devolved legislislatures and abolition of the House of Lords. 

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