Suspected ammunition seized in Continuity IRA (CIRA) searches

A quantity of suspected ammunition was seized on Thursday following police searches linked to the Continuity IRA.

Police searched properties in west Belfast and Newtownabbey as part of an ongoing investigation into violent dissident republican activity.

A 37-year-old man arrested in Newtownabbey on Thursday night under the Terrorism Act has been released unconditionally.

A 31-year-old man, arrested in Belfast earlier on Thursday remains in custody.

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SOLICITORS acting on behalf of (Craigavon Two) two men convicted of the murder of PSNI/RUC police officer Stephen Carroll have written to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) after new details about the case were made public.

Brendan (Yandy) McConville and John Paul (JP) Wootton - wrongly convicted of murder

Brendan (Yandy) McConville (43) and John Paul (JP) Wootton (23) were convicted of killing the officer in Craigavon in March 2009. Both men have denied any part in the Continuity IRA (CIRA) attack that claimed the PSNI/RUC man’s life as he answered a 999 emergency call. It emerged this week, in a European Court judgement, that the gun used to kill Constable Carroll, pictured below, was discovered by police after a tip-off by a suspect, who was in custody at the time.

Constable Stephen Carroll

The suspect is referred to in court papers only as RE. The suspect was initially charged with withholding information about Mr Carroll’s murder but these charges were subsequently dropped in mid 2010. Brendan McConville’s solicitor Darragh Mackin, of KRW Law, has written to the PPS requesting notes taken during police interviews with RE and asking what happened to the charges levelled against him.
Details of the case emerged after RE took a case against the British government over concerns that the PSNI/RUC was carrying out surveillence of conversations between him and his solicitor.

Justice for the Craigavon Two #JFTC2

The man was arrested and questioned three times in the weeks after the officer was killed. Court papers reveal that he was assesssed by a medical officer as a “vulnerable person” and therefore should not have been interviewed – unless in exceptional circumstances – in the absence of an appropriate adult. Court papers reveal that before being seen by a solicitor or appropriate adult the man asked to speak to investigating officers “off the record”. During the course of that interview he “gave information which led to the recovery of the gun used in the constable’s murder.”


His solicitors subsequently brought a separate case on his behalf to the European Court which this week found that secret surveillance carried out on solicitors and their clients is in breach of European Law. During the first two periods of detention his solicitor received assurances that consultations would not be subject to covert surveillance. During a third arrest the PSNI/RUC refused to give an assurance.
The court ruling found that the man’s Article Eight rights under the European Court of Human Rights had been violated.
Article Eight protects the right for private and family life, home and correspondence.


Nichola Harte, of Harte, Coyle, Collins Solicitors, who represented RE, said the ruling has wider implications. “The European Court criticised the inadequate procedures currently in place in the North of Ireland for the handling, use, storage and destruction of information obtained from covert surveillance of legal consultations,” she said. “The police arrangements were and continue to be a violation of the right to respect for private life. “This landmark European ruling has implications for all legal consultations in police stations if subjected to covert surveillance.”
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What can Anarchists learn from modern day republicanism?

Republican Sinn Fein and the Continuity IRA
Republican Sinn Fein and the Continuity IRA



Fresh concerns raised about the Stephen Carroll case


A SOLICITOR for one of two men convicted of the murder of PSNI/RUC officer Stephen Carroll has raised fresh concerns about the case.

John Finucane was speaking at an event organised by the Justice for the Craigavon Two campaign as part of Féile an Phobail on Friday 07/8/2015. Mr Carroll (48), was shot dead by a Continuity IRA (CIRA) sniper as he answered an emergency call in Craigavon March 2009. Two Craigavon men Brendan McConville (Yandy) and John Paul Wootton (JP) are both serving lengthy prison sentences after being convicted of his murder under joint enterprise laws. Prosecutors have never been able to attribute a role to either man, wrongly convicted, who both deny they played any part in the attack. Other speakers at the event included members of English based campaign group Jengba - Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association - and Kevin Hearty who spoke about policing in the North. During the event Mr Finucane, who represents John Paul Wootton (JP) said that "if the judge isn't sure what John Paul (JP) did then I don't think he can be sure beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of a plan to murder a police officer. "The role has never been described," he said. "The judge made reference at the trial that it was some sort of logistical support after the event. "At the appeal that changed to some type of logistical support either before or after. "I don't think you need to be a lawyer to have concerns that is exceptionally vague. "Again it ties John Paul (JP) into an act, a conspiracy which really there is very little evidence for." Mr Finucane is a son of Human Rights solicitor Pat Finucane who was murdered by loyalists and security force collusion in February 1989.
With many thanks to Connla YoungThe Irish Newsfor the origionial story.

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Campaigner to speak at ‘Craigavon Two event

THE mother of an English man jailed under joint enterprise laws spoke on Thursday night August 6th 2015 at an event organised by supporters of two men wrongly convicted of killing RUC/PSNI constable Stephen Carroll.

Jan Cunliffe traveled from England to Belfast to speak at the annual event organised by Justice for the Craigavon Two. Her son Jordan was given a life sentence after he was convicted under joint enterprise laws of murdering a man in Wigan in 2007. Ms Cunliffe is a member of the campaign group Jengba – Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association – and her story inspired award-wining filmmaker Jimmy McGovern to make the acclaimed film Common, Which explores the issue of joint enterprise. Constable Carroll was shot dead by a Continuity IRA (C.I.R.A) sniper in March 2009. Two Craigavon men John Paul Wootton (JP), and Brendan McConville (Yandy), were later convicted of his murder and lost their appeal. Both men deny any part in the attack that claimed the 48-year-old’s life. Jan Cunliffe said she wants to raise awareness around the issue of joint enterprise. “We want to wake people up and make them realise there have got to others,” she said. “We are aware of the evidence and there was no jury and I am not convinced by the convictions at all. “It’s typical of joint enterprise cases and there are hundreds that I know about.” Ms Cunliffe spoke at St Mary’s University at 7pm.

Continuity IRA prisoners on Roe 3 threaten strike action over prison vist ‘changes

CONTINUITY IRA prisoners in Maghaberry jail have threatened to boycott all visits over plans to change the way they take place.


Visits for republican inmates at the Co Antrim prison are held in private “booths” with inmates allowed to sit alongside loved ones and hold their children. However, they claim that under new proposed changes later this year the visting area will be reduced in size and the layout changed resulting in personal contact being limited. The Continuity IRA has seven prisoners housed in the jail’s Roe Three landing. Tensions in the prison have been growing in recent months with inmates accusing authorities of reneging on a 2010 deal to end strip searches and controlled movement. In a statement the Continuity IRA prisoners said: “We, as republican prisoners, will not be criminalised and so cannot, and will not, accept this arrangement. “We will refuse all visits that are conducted in this manner, as we will not allow the prison regime to humilate us our or families.” A spokesman for the prison service said: “No changes have taken place and visits continue as normal.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the orgional story.


‘Once again a community in this city has been ransom by those intent on creating chaos and misery – SDLP councillor Brian Heading.

THE Continuity IRA has claimed responsibility for a bobby trap bomb under a policeman’s car in West Belfast last week. 297508_1534155810484_1732476454_761722_666488 The device was discovered on the Blacks Road in West Belfast last Friday and is believed to have fallen from the underside of a car as it traveled along the route, close to Woodbourne PSNI/RUC station. Police later said the device was viable and a number of homes were evacuated while the British army (whom Shame Fein claim are no longer in the occupied six counties of Ireland) bomb squad made it safe. In a statement to the Irish News the Continuity’s IRA “GHQ leadership” claimed responsibility for the device. The statement, which was accompanied by a codeword, threatened to carry out more attacks on the security forces. The group also said it intends to target members of the Policing Board “and anybody that supports the RUC/PSNI”. The statement also said that “dole fraud squad, TV licence officers, custom and excise and bank officials are all deemed as to be legitimte targets”. The CIRA was responsible for a sniper attack that claimed the life of RUC/PSNI man Stephen Carroll (who two men are still waiting for justice on their appeal since October) in March 2009 in Lurgan. In recent years the group has reformed and weeded out some of the bad apples who were bringing their good name into disrespute. In its statement the group said its leadership is drawn from accross Ireland. “There is only one IRA that represents the four provinces of Ireland,” the statement read. SDLP councillor Brian Heading condemned last week’s devolpment. “Once againa a community in this city has been held to those intent on creating chaos and misery,” he said. With many thanks to: Connla Young, the Irish News.