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Facebook currently has 4 VIRUSES: … … #1 —If you get a notice of a PHOTO TAG … Do not open it. #2—If you get a notification that a friend reported you for offensive behavior etc.. Do not open it. … … #3 Is a Video saying 99% of People can not watch this for more the 15 Sec. Do not open it is also a virus…. #4 all Messages from your friends via chat saying click this link .. Do not open! These are BAD ones and will crash… your computer ….. re-post and warn friend. WARNING ~~~PLEASE LISTEN UP !!HACKERS ARE BUSY ON FACEBOOK AGAIN!!! They post some insulting messages on the wall of your friends with your regards, without you knowing about it. If you receive one of those messages in my name it wasn’t me posting them. Put this on your wall and warn your friends. Also, DONT open the video about a guy with a BIG ZIT. It is a virus. Share the news…See more