On this day in Irish history 28th November 1920 is the anniversary of the Kilmichael Ambush Co Cork. The IRA ambush a convey of British Auxiliaries and kill seventeen of them.

A road they drove every day.
A week after Bloody Sunday an IRA column of 36 men under the command of Tom Barry in a well-planned and thought out ambush at Kilmichael, Co Cork. Three IRA men belonged to the Column were killed in the ambush. It was the largest loss of life for British forces in Ireland in the War of Independence.
In the days after this amubsh Martial Law was enforced by the British Authorities here in Ireland – photo is Tom Barry with his comrades and survivors of the Ambush taken at the site in 1966

The 19th March marks the 13th anniversary of my old comrade Charlie Ronayne (Midleton Co. Cork), who died in 2004.

Left to Right: Jim Lane. Charlie Roayne – O’Mahony, Seán Murry, ‘Gypo’ O’Mahony and Jerry Madden.

Charlie and I first met as we went together with others, across the Border on 11th December 1956 to fight the forces of occupation in the Six North Eastern Counties of Ireland.

18 Cork IRA Volunteers went on active service the following night, 12th December 1956. The attached photo was taken at Easter 1960 in Trafalgar Square, London. All 6 in the photo were Irish Republicans. In 1962, Charlie was best-man at my wedding. In later years, Charlie was a Town Councillor representing Sinn Fein on Midleton Town Council. He was re-elected several times. We remained the best of comrades all through the remainder of his life. Ní beidh a leitéid ann arís.


With many thanks to: Jim Lane, Ann Connolly. 

After the killing of RIC Sergeant Maunsell at Macroom on Saturday 21st August, 1920 a lorry load of police, including the RIC County Inspector, drove to Macroom from Bandon the next morning to investigste the incident.

They passed through the village of Lissarda on the way. After this was noted a group of local volunteers made preparations to engage them on their return.

Location of Lissarda ambush


The memorial to Michael Galvin just outside the village of Lissarda, on the main Cork to Macroom Road.

With many thanks to: Gillean Robertson Miller – 1916 Easter Rising Historical Society.