44th anniversary of 11-year-old Francis Rowntree murdered by the British Army.

Francis Rowntree 11-years-old

11-year-old Francis Rowntree suffered extensive skull fractures and lacerations of the brain. After he was shot at point blank range by the British Army with a rubber bullet and died in hospital on April 22nd 1972.

Today marks his 44th anniversary.

The already lethal bullet had been doctored to make it even more deadly, with a battery inserted inside to cause maximum damge to innocent victims.

This was a common tactic used by the cowardly British Army across occupied Ireland.

Rest in Peace little man. – feeling heartbroken.

With many thanks to: Pat Gillan, Chaírde ar an Arm Náisiúnta Fuascailte na hÉireann.


Oglach Seamus Grew – Oglach Roddy Caroll, I.N.L.A – Laid To Rest

With many thanks to: Chaírde ar an Arm Náisiúnta Fuascailte na hÉireann

12 Dec 1982
Oglach Seamus Grew 💚
Oglach Roddy Caroll 💙
Irish National Liberation Army ☘Laid to rest with full honours despite crown interference☘💚☘💚☘💚☘💚☘💚