Man jointly liable for Omagh Bomb bankrupted

Bankrupted: Seamus Daly

Seamus Daly, one of four men a civil court found responsible for the Omagh bomb, was declared bankrupt in Belfast yesterday.

It marked the latest round in a long legal battle by the victims’ families to bring the men responsible for the deaths of 29 people in 1998 to justice.

Daly was not in court for the ruling – the first time that a paramilitary has been declared bankrupt in Northern Ireland for refusing to pay compensation to his victims.

In March, the High Court in Dublin declared three of the other men found liable for the bombing bankrupt after they failed to pay the £1.6m compensation owed to the Omagh victims.

The case against Daly was taken in Northern Ireland because he is the only one living north of the border.

Michael Gallagher, who lost his son in the bombing, said the next step would be to seize the men’s assets, a task made much easier by the bankruptcy declarations.

“It’s now for the Irish and Northern Ireland authorities to pursue all means to access those assets that we believe the bombers have tried to conceal,” he said.

With many thanks to the: Belfast Telegraph for the original story