Joe Cahill’s deception of Irish America for MI5

Added here is Joe Cahill’s deception of Irish America for MI5

Posted by Chris Fogarty

Will the news media publish the contents of a very revealing, signed Sinn Fein report dated Nov. 2, 1988?

Irish-America generally believed veteran IRA-man Joe Cahill when he came to New York in late 1988 or 1989 to vouch for Gerry Adams’s character and leadership.

Many of us had doubts, but Joe Cahill carried much weight. He persuaded much of Irish-America into supporting Gerry Adam’s (actually MI5’s) “process” that would become total surrender of the disputed Six-Counties to Britain via the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). The GFA’s vaunted effect on violence is largely bogus, as political murders had peaked in 1972 (at 472) and had dropped to 69 by 1984, fourteen years prior to the 1998 GFA, and was continuing to drop.

Cahill distributed into a few collaborating hands his 103-page Report dated Nov. 2, 1988 and signed by him and Ted Howell. Some years later our alienated leader, Frank O’Neill,* under FBI Mole David Rupert’s control, gave me a copy. It was a coast-to-coast survey, ostensibly of the strengths and weaknesses of Irish-American support groups as observed by two Sinn Fein emissaries; Declan Kearney (son of then-respected Oliver Kearney) and Oistin McBride (brother of IRA volunteer Antoin McBride killed in 1986 by British soldiers). Declan and Ostin were accepted on the bases of those connections. While in Chicago they lodged with my wife and me.

Here are the facts known today: The violence had peaked in 1972 and had essentially ended (excepting mostly British violence) prior to the GFA; making the “violence” issue bogus, except by British forces, which Sinn Fein no longer reports or objects to. Framing and incarceration of suspected republicans continue as ever; so does internment without trial, as does abuse of prisoners; all acquiesced to by Sinn Fein. Most violative of all is the de facto immunization of the known and mostly named perpetrators of Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, Loughinisland, Dublin/Monaghan, McGurk’s Pub and Omagh atrocities. All were perpetrated by British forces; the latter a joint-venture atrocity arranged by MI5 and the FBI. These facts combine to shed new light onto the Cahill/Powell report. The report now reveals which groups in Irish-America were deemed by Cahill/Powell as their collaborators. These are presented favorably and extensively in the report. For example their report on Chicago is strongly positive about only one group; an FBI false-flag group impressively-named Drumm/Markievicz/Farrell branch of INA. It did enormous damage until “outed” and expelled by INA (not sure which occurred first).

A copy of the GFA was mailed to every household in Ireland prior to the Referendum in early 1998. I was present when it arrived to my father in Co. Roscommon. Curious; I read it and promptly described it in my newspaper column as “Sixty-seven pages of aspirational posturing, mutual contradictions, and bafflegab; none of it enforceable excepting a one-third page of declarative sentences uncontradicted elsewhere.” That enforceable part mandated the gutting of Articles 2 and 3 of Ireland’s Constitution that had laid permanent claim to the entire island and its territorial waters. It became the largest surrender of national territory in history absent catastrophic military defeat (and the IRA were not MILITARILY defeated (they were betrayed by their leadership). The GFA fulfilled its purpose; its enforceable part made Britain the victor of the 1968-1998 conflict. The rest of it served to conceal its true purpose and to give false hope. Though clearly fraudulent it was promoted by the Irish and Irish-American news media.

Framing and incarceration of suspected republicans continues as ever. So does internment without trial; and most violative of all; the de facto immunization of the known perpetrators of Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, Loughinisland, Dublin/Monaghan bombings, McGurk’s Pub and subsequent to the GFA, Omagh. All were perpetrated by British forces; the latter a joint-venture crime involving MI5 and the FBI and a RIRA bomb.
Copy/paste the below link into your URL. It is a 2014 report on how British Intelligence “flipped” Joe Cahill decades ago having caught him raping a 14-year-old girl. However, it is by reading the vicious purposes, the low-cunning so clearly evident in Cahill’s report that one can believe the newspaper report that he was also a pedophile. Cahill’s (and MI5’s) two accomplices, Kearney and McBride are now high-ranking Sinn Fein officials along with Gerry Adams.

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*Frank O’Neill was our leader but split from our FOIF in 1995 when we persisted in voting down his demand that we buy and send guns to the IRA. We had defeated the second FBI frame-up of us in 1993 and the FBI (through Mole David Rupert) was trying to entrap us via too-trusting O’Neill. O’Neill learned that Rupert was working for MI5 and the FBI only in 2001,2 when the Crown had to “out” Rupert to use him as a “witness” in the framing of Michael McKevitt (Bobby Sands’ brother-in-law).

below is the Daily Mirror as published in 2014 into Cahill’s Report.

British spies recruited paedo IRA chief: Spooks used pictures of Joe Cahill to ‘turn him’

British authorities covered up the child sex abuse and used damning evidence to turn Cahill into one of the British Army’s most valuable informants, it has been claimed

Brothers in arms: Cahill with Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams

The British authorities covered up a case of child sex abuse by a senior figure of the IRA in order to use the damning evidence to turn him into a double agent, military intelligence sources have said.

Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, was pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car in the 1970s, the sources said.

But instead of being prosecuted, the images were used by military spooks to turn the Republican hero – and close ally of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams – into one of the British Army’s most valuable informants.

A source revealed that Cahill – who died in 2004 – was being followed by a covert unit as he drove around Belfast when the pictures were taken.

They apparently showed the paramilitary, then in his 50s, abusing a 14-year-old girl, who was later identified.

Joe Cahill cover up: Joe Cahill in 1971

The source said: “The pictures clearly identified both Cahill and his victim. Her father would have killed him if he had found out. He was never prosecuted and instead the pictures were used to turn him. He was a prized asset.”

The allegation is the latest paedophile scandal to hit the IRA and Sinn Fein.

Last week Cahill’s grand-niece, Mairia, revealed the IRA covered up the alleged abuse she suffered as a 16-year-old at the hands of another IRA figure. Mairia was not Cahill’s alleged victim in the 70s.

The Ministry of Defence did not comment on our story last night.

But a military source said: “This kind of thing has been unthinkable for many years now. There were some very questionable techniques deployed in the 1970s but they were put a stop to very soon afterwards.”

Several secretive military intelligence units operated in Northern Ireland at the time, including 14th Intelligence Company, also known as the Det, and several special collation teams.

Female operatives were said to have slept with IRA figures for information.

Cahill’s role as a key British agent was known to only a small handful of individuals. But a senior IRA source revealed that there was suspicion that he was a “tout” – slang for informer.

The IRA’s chief of staff was a priceless source of intelligence as the terror outfit stepped up its bombing campaign across Ireland and the mainland.

Denial: Gerry Adams

He was responsible for arming the paramilitaries with weapons and explosives from allies such as Libya and raising money from republican sympathisers.

A high-level agent like Cahill could be used to save lives and also to exert pressure on the IRA and Sinn Fein to join the peace process, which took place in the 90s.

In a separate case, Mairia Cahill last week waived her right to anonymity to speak out against alleged sexual abuse she suffered as a 16-year-old over a year in 1997 at the hands of another senior IRA figure.

Ms Cahill said she was raped and later interrogated by the IRA about her claims. She later went to the police and a case was brought against the alleged rapist and those said to have been involved in the IRA inquiry.

The man she accused, Martin Morris, has consistently denied her claims and was acquitted of all charges, which were dropped after Ms Cahill withdrew her evidence.

She said: “The only word I have for it is interrogation, because that’s exactly how it felt. They told me that they were going to read my body language to see who was telling the truth and that they were going to bring him into a room.”

Fiona Woolf

Fiona Woolf, who is leading an inquiry into alleged abuse by MPs, is expected to be asked to widen her remit
Gerry Adams has denied telling Mairia that sometimes abuse victims “actually enjoy it”.

Last year he came under fire after his brother Liam was jailed for sexually abusing his own daughter.

The 59-year-old is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for raping and abusing Aine Dahlstrom when she was aged between four and nine in the late 70s and early 80s.

During a first trial which collapsed, Mr Adams told the court he confronted his brother about the allegations in 1987 and Liam denied the abuse.

He then revealed his brother later confessed to him in 2000.

Liam’s conviction led to pressure on his brother to explain why he did not contact police over the abuse allegations when he first learnt of them.

Gerry Adams told the first trial in April last year, that he warned a priest, who is now dead, about his brother’s sinister past and the pair became estranged after the allegations emerged.

Recent allegations of historical child abuse against political figures has forced the British Government to set up an official inquiry.

No surprise: Labour MP Simon Danczuk

Chairwoman Fiona Woolf is expected to examine abuse by MPs, in care homes and schools, and is now facing calls to expand her investigation to cover the role of the intelligence services.

Labour MP Tom Watson said: “There have been rumours that the intelligence services had knowledge of child abuse for a number of years.

“That is why it’s essential that the inquiry is given full access to intelligence service files on this subject.”

Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who exposed the truth about paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith, said: “The exploitation of children by the secret services and members of the establishment comes as no surprise.

“We are discovering a history of poor children being treated like disposable goods by people in high places and no one batted an eyelid.”

When approached about our story regarding Joe Cahill, a Sinn Fein spokesperson said: “This is contemptible. It is gutter journalism of the worst kind”.

With many thanks to: Mary O’Sullivan for the origional story

Oglach Jim Bryson and Oglach Patrick Mulvenna who died on Active Service 31 August 1973 R.I.P


The Irish Brigade

Remembering today the deaths of Oglach Jim Bryson and Oglach Patrick Mulvenna who died on active service 31st August 1973 both volunteers were shot during gun battle from concealed British Army observation post while alighting from car, Ballymurphy Road, Ballymurphy, Belfast. Fuair siad bas ar son na saoirse na hEireann

Updated news from the Ballymurphy Massacre Committee


Campaign For A United Ireland‘s status update.

Campaign For A United Ireland

The Ballymurphy Massacre Committee is in receipt of a letter from the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) announcing that it has suspended its “reviews” of cases involving the British Army due to the damning report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). This acknowledgement by the State publicly and officially validates what the Ballymurphy families have been saying to each British Secretary of State as far back as Shaun Woodward–that the HET is not independent. Due to the great work by Dr. Patricia Lundy they are now having to listen and concede.

It is inexcusable in an environment that is claimed to be a democracy, that from August 1971 til the present day, there has never been an investigation into the murder of 11 innocent civilians from our neighborhood. Successive governments have ignored this atrocity and attempted to divert the cause of justice by offering only a desktop review of the 11 cases through the HET. With the HMIC condemning the HET policies and practices which their report refers to as “illegal,” the State has no excuse not to conduct a proper investigation.

As the HET letter to the Ballymurphy families indicates, there is now no mechanism through which the British State is dealing with Army murders in Ballymurphy. In the 40 year absence of any proper investigation, the Ballymurphy families have designed a formula to address this.

The Independent Panel proposal presented to both governments by the Ballymurphy Massacre Committee is based on the Hillsborough Independent Panel which was fully supported by the British government.

We now call for both the Irish and the British governments to respond immediately to the Ballymurphy Independent Panel proposal.

Ballymurphy Massacre Committee

(John Teggart 07512166867)

Ballymurphy families seek talks with David Cameron

Ballymurphy in 1971
Soldiers clearing up in the aftermath of the Ballymurphy killings
Relatives of 10 people shot dead by soldiers in west Belfast in 1971 are calling for a meeting with the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

In December, families handed in a petition to Downing street calling for an independent investigation into the killings.

John Teggart, whose father Danny died, said the families wanted a panel to look into the shootings.

Oberon Books first edition cover

He said an international figure could head the panel.

“It’s 40 years since my father was murdered in Ballymurphy. There’s been no police investigation. It needs to be independent. It needs to be done by the right people, in agreement with the families.

“To sort out and start talking about terms of reference we need to be sitting with the man who holds the power, that’s David Cameron.”

He said Ballymurphy could have been dealt with during the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

The families have previously called for an independent inquiry into the killings.

The victims, which included a priest and a mother-of-eight, were killed over the course of three days in August 1971 by members of the Parachute Regiment during Operation Demetrius, when people suspected of paramilitary activity were interned.

Banner and Crosses carried by the families of ...

The Army said it opened fire in the Ballymurphy area in response to gunfire from republican paramilitaries.

Last November, the Attorney General John Larkin announced that new inquests would be held into their deaths.

The families said the decision by Mr Larkin was an important step in their ongoing campaign for justice but said their campaign for an independent investigation would continue.

The Northern Ireland Office has ruled out any public inquiry into the killings akin to the Bloody Sunday Tribunal.

The 10 people shot dead


  • Fr Hugh Mullan
  • Francis Quinn
  • Daniel Teggart
  • Joan Connolly
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Noel Phillips
  • Edward Doherty
  • John Laverty
  • Joseph Corr
  • John McKerr


Army shooting inquests welcomed 15 NOVEMBER 2011, NORTHERN IRELAND

Ballymurphy group meet Robinson 18 FEBRUARY 2011, NORTHERN IRELAND

Victims’ families lobby parties 16 NOVEMBER 2010, NORTHERN IRELAND

Church to report on 1971 killings 29 JULY 2010, NORTHERN IRELAND

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