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By Jane Loughrey
The teenage girl who was struck by a car in Ardoyne in north Belfast almost two years ago sobbed as she recounted to police how she thought she was going to die, as she lay trapped underneath it.
Phoebe Clawson’s evidence was heard at the trial of an Orangeman who is accused of running over her and of injuring five other people, including two police officers.
John Aughey denies six charges, including one of causing grievous injury to Phoebe Clawson, who was 16 years old at the time.
The 63-year-old from Brae Hill Park in Belfast is accused of driving into the crowd in Ardoyne who had gathered in what the prosecution described as an atmosphere of high tension at the flashpoint on 13 July 2015.

John Aughey claims he feared for his life after his car was kicked and a plastic bottle was thrown at it and said he was attempting to escape from a dangerous and escalating situation.
On Thursday afternoon, the trial heard an interview from Phoebe Clawson which was recorded by police in her home a month later.

In it Phoebe, who was in a wheelchair, described how she saw John Aughey reversing his car and putting down the window of his car as if to scare someone.
She said people started running and she ran too, but she didn’t really know what was going on, then she said the car struck her from behind and she was trapped underneath.
At this point she started weeping and sobbing, saying: “I was trying to move. A wheel was near my head. If it went over me one more time I would have been dead.”
Phoebe continued describing how police officers lifted the car to free her. She said: “I started squealing, I was scared. I thought I was going to die.”
Then she related how a priest came over and told her everything was going to be okay, and said she was shouting at him to “get my mummy”.

The police constable was heard asking her about her injuries and she said she suffered a shattered pelvis, fractured ankle and collar, was in hospital for two weeks had surgery that lasted five-and-a-half hours
When further asked how she was feeling she replied: “Useless”.
Under cross-examination from the defence QC, she said she remembered seeing a plastic bottle hitting the windscreen of John Aughey’s car but didn’t see anyone approach his car beforehand.

Earlier, Phoebe Clawson had described John Aughey as laughing in the car but the defence suggested far from laughing or smiling, he was extremely worried about what was going to happen to him.

The jury was also shown police CCTV footage of the moment the car struck Phoebe Clawson.
Some of them gasped out loud and one juror clasped her hand over her mouth.
Judge Smyth told the jury that it was not the prosecution case, nor have they alleged that the defendant caused any of these injuries deliberately.

The trial continues on Friday morning, when the jury will hear evidence via a live link-up from Australia, for another teenager who was also injured.


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Remembering Óglach Larry Marley, 3rd Battalion, Belfast Brigade, Irish Republican Army (IRA) who was shot dead by a pro British death squad at his home in Ardoyne, on April 2nd 1987.

His funeral was delayed for three days due to attacks from the RUC.

There was a massive demonstration of popular resistance to British injustice on Wednesday when thousands upon thousands of people took to the streets of Belfast for the funeral of IRA Volunteer Larry Marley.

Two previous attempts to bury Volunteer Marley, who had been murdered by loyalist assassins at his Ardoyne home almost a week earlier, were frustrated by the heavy-handed actions of the RUC who did everything in their power to prevent a dignified funeral taking place.

Far from intimidating the Marley family, the actions of the RUC merely strengthened their resolve to ensure that their husband and father was buried with proper respect. For two days and nights, the eyes of Belfast, the rest of Ireland and beyond turned towards Ardoyne and to the bravery of the Marley family in the midst of their grief. That bravery inspired others. The number of mourners outside the Marley home grew and, at short notice, major demonstrations against the activities of the RUC and in support of the family were held in Andersonstown and Ardoyne itself.

Yet it was not until the actual funeral that the full measure of popular feeling could be properly gauged. Ignoring the vast array of plastic-bullet guns, helmets, armoured cars and rifles which are part and parcel of the machinery of repression seen at every republican funeral in recent years, the people came out in a spontaneous and moving gesture of solidarity and defiance.

Efforts by the RUC to impose its sectarian control over the funeral were frustrated by the sheer number of people, young and old, who turned out to join the procession or to line the route.

With many thanks to: Clan na Gael.

Teen facing charges linked to north Belfast bomb ‘radicalised by dissident republicans’, court hears – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk



Closure of Everton mental health facilitie – Stormont delivers!!!

It has been brought to the attention of Belfast 32csm that the much needed mental health facilities at the Everton Centre in Ardoyne are to be closed due to a lack of funding…….

Everton Centre - Crumlin Road

Facilities like this are s necessity in the Ardoyne area which has a substantially high number of people with mental health issues, as do many working class communities. We totally condemn the closure of such services due to the lack of funding whilst at the same time British security forces including MI5, Special Branch,

Ardoyne residents protesting for their civil rights

SAS and the unreformed RUC are receiving millions of pounds of tax payers money to harass and oppress this small republican community. With the closure of Everton Centre many patients will have to travel to different unfamiliar facilities, in many cases these facilities are based in the heart of loyalist areas which would inevitably cause even more distress and anxiety.

Stormont delivers - punishing the poor.

Over the next few weeks we would ask everyone to highlight this issue and hopfully bring an end to the closure of this much needed service and show that we all support mental health treatment right across the board.

With many thanks to: Conchobhar Óbreaslain 32 County Sovereignty Movement :


In the last month the Republican Movement has lost two of its faithful custodians.

Two Irish soldiers snatched from the ranks of Óglaigh na hÉireann (ONH) by their own personal battles.
The only fitting monument to both is to ensure their dream is erected as a reality.
Rest in Peace Óglaigh Henry McErlean agus Dermot McCoy
With many thanks to: RNU – Revolutionay Republicanism.

Óglaigh Henry McErelean


Óglaigh Dermot McCoy

GARC announce mass mobilisation against British Political Policing in Ardoyne and Marrowbone 7.30pm Wednesday 14th October Ardoyne Avenue – Please do your very best to attend all are welcome.

While the Ardoyne Community prepares to mobilise against the intensification of RUC/PSNI harassment in the area as part of British directed Political Policing, the Shame Féin ‘Lord’ Mayor Arder Carson * was yesterday welcoming them to a facility in West Belfast’s Lenadoon area. Shame Féin showing its true double standards there for all to see.




* https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Mayor_of_Belfast