Man, 23, jailed after filming himself attempting to rape 18-month-old baby

Joshua Gould, 23, from Tilbury, was sentenced to ten years in prison and another eight on licence after abusing three children and documenting the abuse over a number of years

Joshua Gould, 23, attempted to rape an 18-month-old baby while filming the abuse and hoarded more than 1,000 indecent images

A man attempted to rape an 18-month-old baby while filming the abuse, a court has heard.

Joshua Gould, 23, from Essex, abused three children and documented the abuse over a number of years.

Gould was caught with 1,300 sick images of children being abused and 52 extreme pornographic images which involved a female dog, on an external hardrive.

He appeared at Basildon Crown Court to be sentenced after pleading guilty to eight charges, reports Essex Live.

As he was jailed for a decade – with another eight years to be served on license – one person exclaimed that “ten years was not enough” for the convicted sex offender, as he was taken down from the dock.

Gould was sentenced to 10 years in prison and eight on licence at Basildon Crown Court (Image: PA Archive/PA Images)

His charges include: one count of attempted to rape a child under the age of 13, four counts of assaulting assault a girl under the age of 13 by touching, two counts of taking indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of a child and one count of possessing pornographic images of intercourse with a dead or alive animal.

Gould was snared by police officers at an address on Seabrooke Rise, Grays, on January 13 last year.

When they stormed in, Gould was arrested and detained in the car park whilst officers searched the property. Essex Police raided the property as the IP address was shown to have been uploading indecent images of children.

Gould admitted in a police interview the possession of the indecent images and was adamant his girlfriend, who he lived with at the time, knew nothing whatsoever of his shameful crimes.

He told officers he was “wrong in the head” and “found pleasure in the images”.

Afterwards, he wrote a letter to the police officer investigating him and explained what they would find on his devices, which included a mobile phone, a laptop and an external hardrive.

Officers soon realised that the indecent material contained live abuse images – where the defendant had filmed himself harming innocent children, one aged just 18 months.

Some of the material was dated as far back as 2012 and showed him exposing himself during a game of ‘hide and seek’.

When he was interviewed again, he refused to answer questions asked by police and instead wrote down a name of the child he had abused. The police needed to identify the toddlers that were harmed by Gould and in doing so, their parents had to identify them through the indecent material.

Police found more than a thousand indecent images on Gould’s devices, including 240 moving and 62 still images of the most serious category A, 200 moving and 73 still images of category B, and 19 moving and 750 still images of category C. Officers also discovered 52 extreme pornographic images involving animals and oral sex or sexual intercourse with an adult female dog.

In some of the sick material, some of the young male and female children being abused were as young as three-months-old.

Gould looked down when he stood at Basildon Crown Court’s dock on Wednesday, January 30. He pleaded guilty to eight charges before him.

Representing him, Mark Savage said: “The defendant had been committing these crimes for a number of years. He is still a young man and he would have been a young teenager when he began offending in this way.

“The actions have carried on to adult life and I don’t underestimate their impact.”

Gould pleaded guilty to all eight charges (Image: Essex Live/BPM Media)

He added: “From the moment he was arrested he did not seek to undermine his culpability, he contacted the police, he wrote to the police, and he wasn’t represented initially. In fact, he explained to the police ‘this is what you will find on my equipment’.

“He cannot explain why he has offended in this way, he made full admissions, and he said he ‘was not right in the head’, he was disgusted by his behaviour.”

The judge replied with, “that’s why he is dangerous in my view” when Gould’s counsel said “he doesn’t know why he has done what he did”.

Mr Savage continued: “He said, very clearly, ‘there is something wrong with my thinking,’ he loathes himself for what he has done.”

The counsel then told the court that the children involved were also ‘too young to be fully aware of what had happened’ to them.

Judge Samantha Leigh, who sentenced Gould, first saw the case when it came before her with only charges relating to the possession of indecent images.

Judge Leigh then believed the images contained live abuse and sent the case to be reviewed and to allow a full and proper investigation.

She told Gould in the dock: “Parents had to identify their children from the photographs, which of course makes it worse in their mind.

“They have now seen a very small part of what you did to their daughters. This has been going on for a number of years, and you said you were an opportunist, but that’s not what I have from some of the footage and from the span of time.”

Gould, who resides at Stevenson Avenue, Tilbury, was sentenced to a total of ten years behind bars with eight years on licence thereafter, for the attempted rape of a child.

He was given three years in prison for three counts of assaulting a girl under the age of 13 by touching. Gould was then handed a three-year sentence for one count of taking indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of a child, and nine months for another count of the same indictment charge.

The defendant was also sentenced to three months in prison for one count of possessing pornographic images of intercourse with a dead or alive animal.

All of his sentences were ordered to run concurrently, at the same time, meaning Gould will spend 10 years in prison, following by eight years on licence. As he pleaded guilty, he will have to spend at least two thirds of the sentence in jail before he can be considered for parole.

Gould was subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO), ordered to pay a victim surcharge and to sign the sex offender register.

After the judge handed the defendant his sentence and asked for him to be taken away, a person from the public gallery shouted in anger.

They said the sentence was ‘not enough’ and hurled curses in the direction of Gould before he was removed by a security officer in the courtroom.

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Traherne Williams – UK database – Broxburn, West Lothian.

A father who killed his three-month-old daughter when she would not stop crying has been jailed for six-and-a-half years.

Traherne Williams violently shook baby Sophia and threw her onto a couch while she was crying on May 30 2016

The infant suffered ‘serious brain injuries’ in the incident in Broxburn, West Lothian.

Paramedics attended and she was taken to St John’s Hospital where the tiny baby never recovered and died a few days later on June 5.

A judge heard how Williams had become “absolutely frustrated” that she would not take her feed.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Lord Matthews told him: “You became frustrated and threw the defenceless child – your own flesh and blood – onto a sofa.

“This was before she had any chance to engage in the gift of life.”

Williams later lied to a doctor and said Sophia had fallen at a family centre they had been staying at.

Williams, 23, pleaded guilty to culpable homicide at the High Court in Glasgow on May 4.

He was sentenced to six years and six months at the same court on Tuesday.

Williams smiled at his 20 year-old partner Shannon Main as he was handcuffed and taken to the cells.

The pair originally faced a murder allegation.

Williams instead admitted to the reduced charge while Main’s not guilty plea was accepted.

A hearing last month was told she is still standing by the man who killed their child.

In his sentencing statement, published online by the Judiciary of Scotland, judge Lord Matthews said: “Parenthood is an enormous privilege but it carries with it enormous responsibilities of nurturing, care and protection.

“As a child grows older the nature of the responsibilities will change but any sane person who is old enough to be a parent knows that a babe in arms is a delicate creature who requires to be handled with the greatest of care and patience.

“Instead of displaying these qualities when she cried, you became frustrated through a combination of circumstances and threw this defenceless child, your own flesh and blood, onto a sofa and in so doing you brought about the catastrophic chain of events which led to her death before she had had any real chance of enjoying the gift of life which you had helped to give her.

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Six serving member’s of the British Armed services charged with belonging to a British neo-Nazi group and making threats to kill

Serving British soldiers charged with belonging to London National Action. A British neo-Nazi group.
Labour MP Rosie Cooper

Police said the charge against Mr Lythgoe was related to Labour MP Rosie Cooper
A man arrested as part of an investigation into the far-right group, National Action, has been charged with encouragement to commit murder.
The BBC understands the charge against Christopher Lythgoe, 31, from Cheshire, relates to Labour MP Rosie Cooper.

Leader of the British neo-Nazi group – London National Action

He is one of six men charged with being members of the banned group.
A 22-year-old man, from Lancashire, who cannot be named, has also been charged with the intention of committing acts of terrorism and “threats to kill”.
All six are to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday.
National Action became the first far-right organisation to be banned in the UK in December 2016.

Jack Renshaw, a member of the British neo-Nazi group.

It means that being a member of or inviting support for the organisation is a criminal offence carrying a sentence of up to 10 years’ imprisonment.

Ms Cooper said: “I would like to thank everyone involved in this case, especially the counter-terrorism police, for keeping me, my staff and the public safe.
“There remains an ongoing criminal investigation so it would not be appropriate for me to comment further.”
Who are National Action?

By Dominic Casciani, BBC home affairs correspondent
National Action became the first British neo-Nazi group to be banned last December after Home Secretary Amber Rudd said it was promoting violence and acts of terrorism.
Members and supporters applauded the murder of Jo Cox MP by a white supremacist – and the group had carried out a series of small, but confrontational, demonstrations in towns and cities throughout England.
One of its most notorious events saw masked members – many of them very young men – gathering outside York Minster to make Hitler salutes.
Since it was banned, detectives have been carrying out more and more investigations into the group which, to all intents and purposes, has organised itself in a similar way to the banned al Muhajiroun network – the extremist Islamist youth movement.
Both have used social media to target young people, attracting them with a simplistic us-and-them message designed to make them angry.
The charges follow a number of raids across England and Wales by counter-terrorism officers as part of a national investigation into the group.
The others charged with belonging to a proscribed organisation are:
Garron Helm, 24, of Seaforth, Merseyside
Matthew Hankinson, 23, of Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside
Andrew Clarke, 33, of Warrington
Michael Trubini, 35, of Warrington
A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said the men were charged following “co-ordinated activity” by police.

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