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Éirígí Abú

éirígí [] press release: 01-06-2011

Support Protest for Political Prisoners

éirígí general secretary Breandán MacCionnaith has added the party’s support to

this Sunday’s planned protest at Maghaberry prison outside Belfast.

Conditions for the republican prisoners held in the prison have deteriorated

rapidly since the collapse of an agreement concerning their treatment earlier

this year, leading the families and friend of the prisoners to call for support

from the public.

MacCionnaith said: “The situation in Maghaberry jail has reached crisis point.

Republican prisoners are being brutalised and assaulted by gangs of prison

officers on an appallingly regular basis – the latest victim being Harry

Fitzsimons as recently as Monday.

“In contravention of the agreement that was reached in August last year,

prisoners are regularly being subjected to humiliating strip searches and face

the threat of beatings and the forced removal of their clothing when they

refuse to consent to these searches.  The prisoners are subjected to 23-24 hour

lock-up and many have been forced to begin a no wash protest.

“This is an intolerable situation that goes against not just the August 12

agreement but every notion of humane treatment.”

MacCionnaith continued: “Policy in Maghaberry prison is currently being dictated

by the notoriously sectarian Prison Officers Association, with all the negative

consequences that that entails.

“Pressure must be placed on the British government to face down these bigots and

implement a humane prison regime, in line with the August 12 agreement.

Ultimately, only the full restoration of political status for political

prisoners will resolve the conflict in Maghaberry.

“To begin building this pressure, éirígí is calling on republicans, socialists

and all those concerned about human rights to take two hours out of their

weekend and join the protest at Maghaberry this Sunday.”

People are asked to assemble at the Maghaberry prison car park at 3.30pm this

Sunday [June 5].

by Éirígí Abú on Wednesday, 01 June 2011 at 20:44


APT Geneva – Working Worldwide to Prevent Torture

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Dear Madam/Sir, I wish to urgently highlight the case of Brendan Lillis Prison number A1005. HMP Maghaberry,Upper Lisburn,old road.BT28 2PT Northern Ireland.He must be sent to a proper Hospital to receive medical care as Mr.Lillis’s conditon has increasingly worsened.THIS IS NOW AN EXSTREAMLY URGENT MATTER and your help in his case would be greatly appericted,yours thankfully
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Sunday, 29 May 2011



Last month Veteran Republican, Marian Price was arrested by the RUC/PSNI and later appeared in a Lisburn Court to face a ridiculous charge of ‘glorifying terrorism’. The Belfast woman’s Solicitor immediately applied for bail given that she is not a threat to anyone and is 57 years-old. The Magistrate agreed and ordered she be released. 

Before Marian could be freed by the Court, British Direct Ruler, Owen Patterson ‘revoked’ her Life Sentence ordering her back finish her sentence. She had been given the prison term for her involvement in a Provisional IRA bombing Campaign in England with her sister, Dolores and Gerry Kelly amongst others. During their time inside, they endured lengthy hunger-strikes to be recognised as Political Prisoners and to serve their time in Irish gaols. How ironic for Marian that Mr. Kelly is now one of three Provisional Sinn Fein members who represent the Party on the British Policing Board. While Marian is isolated, the only woman held in an all-male prison in Maghaberry. For more information about Marian, please click the following;


Unsurprisingly, Marian Price is not the only Irish Republican to be returned to prison under siminlar circumstance. Like Marian, Martin Corey (19) from the County Armagh town was sentenced to Life Imprisonment in December 1973 for Provisional IRA activities. He was to spend the next 19 years inside Long Kesh and  was released in June 1992.

Since returning to his hometown, he did his upmost to rebuild relationships with his family and friends. Like the majority of former POWs‘, Martin found it difficult to find employment although, he remained committed to the Republican objective of a free Ireland. However, without warning Martin’s home was raided by the RUC/PSNI in April, 2010. He was immediately arrested by the Political Police and notified his sentence was being revoked. Martin was driven at high speed and placed into Maghaberry Gaol in County Down. 

Since then, Martin has been held without any official reason given by the British and/or Stormont Governments as to why he had his sentence revoked. Like Marian Price, Martin is a principled Irish Republican and is being held as a political hostage because of their political beliefs. For further information on Martin Corey and his campaign, please log onto;

The Internment of West Belfast man, Brendan Lillis is a little different from that of Marian and Martin. In that, Brendan or BL as he is popularly known, was arrested in connection with an attempted robbery unconnected to Irish Republicanism in 2009. Despite the charges having absolutly nothing to do with republican activities, BL’s Life Sentence was revoked and he was ordered to remain within prison. 

Like many of his peers, Brendan became involved in the Provisional IRA back in 1971. He served over 16 years in Long Kesh and later in the H-Blocks, four of them on the Blanket Protest. BL was released in 1994 and returned to his native West Belfast, where he lived until his re-arrest. Earlier this year, all charges against BL were dismissed because according to a number of Doctors, he was ‘not fit enough to stand trial’. 

Since his re-arrest, BL has been held the prison hospital in Maghaberry Gaol because he suffers from a chronic medial condition called ankylosing spondylitis; a painful and incurable condition which cause the spine to fuse. On entering Gaol in 2009, Brendan weighed some 175 lbs, but now only weighs, wasted to 82 lbs. He is bed ridden and cannot leave his bed at all. Like Marian Price, BL is held in isolation and has no contact with others. His friends and family are concerned about his health and feel he is being denied proper medical treatment. For more nes about Brendan, log onto;

The mainstream media wish to portray that all is well in the British occupied Six Counties. They refuse to broadcast or print anything that exposes the flaws inherent with the continued occupation and/or Partition. However, it is clear to anyone who reads the above facts, that the continued British presence remains as corrupt and vindictive as it has always been! 

Ardoyne Republican calls on all Irish Republicans, Socialists and Democrats to highlight the Internment of Marian, Martin and Brendan as one of many issues connected with Britains continued denial of national Irish soveriegnty. 

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Petition: Stop Israel hosting UEFA U21s Championship

Petition: Stop Israel hosting UEFA U21s Championship

CAMPAIGNS / Posted by Administrator / Thursday, 24th February, 2011

Sports Boycott

Historically, the sports boycott effectively sent a message to Apartheid South Africa that the international community did not accept her racist policies. The sports boycott tool can be used to send a message to Israel.

Most sports competitions sign up to the doctrine of ‘fair play’ yet they allow Israel to take part in these competitions despite the fact that Israel routinely continues to impede Palestinian sportsmen from the same participation. Sports boycott, like the cultural boycott exposes Israel’s violations on an international platform, preventing Israel’s efforts to falsely portray itself as a normal state.

Sign Petition to stop Israel hosting UEFA U21s 2013

Israel has been awarded the privilege to host the UEFA U21 Championship 2013. We would like you to sign the petition, which we will send to the President of UEFA, Mr Michel Platini to reverse its decision.

We, the undersigned ask UEFA to reverse its decision to grant Israel to host the UEFA U21 Championship 2013. Historically, the sports boycott effectively sent a message to Apartheid South Africa that the international community did not accept her racist policies. We would like UEFA to reverse its decision to send a message to Israel that civil society around the world does not accept its Apartheid policies and that it should end its illegal occupation of Palestine.

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Pick up points for Maghaberry Protest Sunday 5th June.
West Belfast pick up at bottom of Whiterock Road 2.30pm.
Newry, pick up Derrybeg bus shelters, Camlough Rd at 2pm.
Lurgan, pick up at Kilwilkie Murals at 2.30 pm.
Anyone who has room in their car is encouraged to go to these pick up points and give lifts.
 It has been confirmed that newly elected Newry and Mourne councillor Davy Hyland will be speaking at the protest on Sunday.
Pól McAdaim will also be playing a few tunes.