British military drone tracked dissidents


DRONES are being used by the security services (MI5) to track dissident republicans from the skies, The Irish News has learned.

On Thursday a former Provisional IRA member became the first person convicted by covert surveillance evidence gathered from an unmanned aerial vehicle. Tony Taylor (45), of Bishop Street in Derry, was arrested along with Mark Anthony Kerr (26) in August 2011. They were sentenced at Belfast Crown Court, having pleaded guilty to possession of a rifle in January. It was not disclosed in court but The Irish News has learned that a British Army drone was used tracking Taylor’s movements prior to his arrest. Police had also been listening to live audio from a listening device fitted to the car of a third man who was arrested on the day but later released without charge. The court was told both men were being closely monitored “on the ground and in the sky”. Last year the PSNI purchased three aerial drones ahead of the G8 summit in Co Fermanagh. However, at the time of Taylor’s arrest they did not possess such technology and a military drone fitted with cameras is bbelieved to have been used instead. The level of surveillance used in the North of Ireland to combat the dissident republican threat is believed to be at a record high. The first sighting of the new PSNI/RUC drones was in Ardoyne, North Belfast, in November last year. A PSNI/RUC spokesman said at the time: “A limited aerial capability was required during in order to keep the community, police and army officers safe. These systems are flown in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority approval.” Police had previously attempted to withhold evidence from the men’s defence teams revealing Taylor was under secret surveillance. The drone observed him going into the Abercorn Bar and as he left recorded overhead footage of him walking down the hill and talking into the passenger window of Kerr’s Red Red Peugeot car. Republican Network for Unity (RNU) spokesman Carl Reilly said: “We are told the British army are no longer on the streets and that policing and justice have been reformed. Yet here we have a situation were some former prisoners are protected while Tony Taylor, who had not received so much as a parking ticket in the 16 years since he was released, was being followed by drones and jailed by a British Diplock court”. Levels of surveillance being used in the North of Ireland to combat the dissident republican threat are believed to be at record levels. In December Colin Duffy (46) from Lurgan and Belfast men Alec McCrory (52) and Harry Fitzsimmons (45) were arrested in connection with a shooting in Ardoyne in North Belfast during which a police convoy came under fire. The arrest was said to have been made following an unprecedented level of covert surveillance on the three who are currently remanded in custody.

Dissident republicans struggling in face of covert advances

TECHNOLOGY has advanced dramatically in recent years and with it so too has policing. Listening devices, GPS tracking and aerial drones just some of the tools now forming part of modern-day police investigations.

Covert surveillance has played a major role in almost every paramilitary-related arrest made in the past three years. This has involved both police and military intelligence forces using a variety of techniques to track suspects. Sources say that this has led to a complete rethink in the current direction of the two main dissident groups, the merger group known as the IRA and Oglaigh na hEireann. Senior figures have walked away after a series of arrests left them disillusioned. Sources say those remaining are actively recruiting younger members who have knowledge of technological advances. Since the Provisional IRA ceasefire dissident groupings have relied heavily on former Proviisionals to provide leadership and training. However, these older members who operated the IRA campaign in a different era and have little knowledge or understanding of technology are being considered more of a liability than an asset. Millions of pounds are being invested in combating the dissident paramilitary threat with vast sums being spent on technology. Being able to operate any kind of armed campaign when faced with such monitoring is proving increasingly difficult for the dissidents.

With many thanks to: Allision Morris, The Irish News.

Leaflet from Damien Farrell – éirígí – Crumlin Kimmage -2014 Local Elections

Irish Election Literature

A leaflet from Damien Farrell who is running for éirígí in Crumlin Kimmage for a seat on Dublin City Council.
The éirígí South Inner City Facebook Page
Many thanks to the sender.


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The Big Questions: Is war ever just? Stop glorification of First World War by Michael Gove: Keep showing Blackadder Goes Forth in schools! #bbctbq



I was in the audience for the BBC TV programme The Big Questions (produced by the private company Mentorn Scotland), that has debates from a moral/religious viewpoint, often but not always on political issues, last Sunday in Salford for a pre-recorded special on the subject of “Is war ever just?”

It will be shown tomorrow (Sunday 26 January at 10am) – probably on BBC1 (possibly switched to BBC2). Nicky Campbell didn’t select me from the audience to make a point (or ask a question to the panel on the front row who dominated the show) but I’m writing this blog post to make some points I could have raised (and I will tweet links to this blog entry when the programme is aired).

My newly founded party, Left Unity (which I admitted to being a member of when asked by a woman who rang me before inviting me onto the…

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Taxi driver given ban for throwing men out of cab

‘An apology would have been better. If anything I hope it raises awareness of the Irish in Glasgow – Anthony Blair.

A GLASGOW taxi driver had his licence suspended for throwing two men out of his cab for speaking Irish.

• ‘GOOD OUTCOME’: Anthony Blair

Alan McKinnon has been banned for a month and must complete a customer courtesy course after the hearing in Glasgow. Mr McKinnon, from the Bridgeton area of the city, appeared before Glasgow City Council’s licensing commitee earlier this week. The hearing related to an incident on December 16 when Donegal brothers, Anthony (20) and Joseph (22) Blair from Gweedore, were visiting their grandmother in the city. The pair, who were with their cousin Kathleen McAleer, who is from Glasgow, got into a cab in the early hours. The Hampden Cars driver claimed at the hearing that the exchange came about when one of the group began to chant “There’s Only One Glasgow Celtic’. He claimed that when he asked for the chanting to stop, one of the passenger’s said: “You must be a Hun then?” The driver said he replied: “Thats right, I’m a Hun” at which point the two brother’s began to speak in Irish prompting him to ask them to stop.

According to the passengers, Mr McKinnon told them “well, when you’re in Britain it’s English that’s spoken”.The driver then ordered the four passengers out leaving them at the side of the road at 1am. A complaint was lodged with the council’s taxi enforcement unit and referred to the licensing committee. During the hearing, Euan Robertson, a lawyer acting for Mr McKinnon, said his client beleived the pair were “plotting” and only removed them from the cab as they would not stop speaking Irish. The committee suspended his driver’s licence for a month and ordered him to complete a customer courtesy course. Speaking after the committee hearing student teacher Anthony Blair described the outcome as “good” and said he was pleased to see the driver had been asked to undergo the course. “I was not looking for anybody to lose their job or anything like that,” the Gweedore man said. “An apology would have been better. If anything I hope it raises awareness of the Irish in Glasgow.”

With many thanks to: Maire Louise McCrory, The Irish News.

Tories desperately try to hide their close links to Putin and his United Russia Party

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tory Party!)

Considering the recent events in Ukraine, it’s not very surprising the Tories are desperately trying to hide their close links to President Putin’s United Russia Party.

The Tory Party has already had to close down its infamous pro-Putin ‘Conservative Friends of Russia” organisation after it was revealed it was formed with the help of a Russian intelligence agent called Sergey Nalobin based at the Russian Embassy in London.

The Tories have also just quietly suspended their own membership of the European Democrat Group in which they cooperate closely with Putin’s United Russia Party. The Tories haven’t actually left the group – they’re probably waiting until the Ukraine situation calms down before quietly reinstating themselves.

The current Chair of the grouping is state Duma member and close Putin ally Mr Alexey PUSHKOV – and Vice-Chair is the Tories’ very own Mr Christopher Chope…

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Populace of Las Vegas Sprayed with Chemicals via Aircraft at Night in Gov’t Test

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Proof: Populace of Las Vegas sprayed with chemicals via aircraft at night in recent government test

As an aside, in the article referenced by the link ‘entomological warfare’, they mention Mark Dice. I have noticed that Dice uses a tactic to gain readership that involves mocking the truthers to such an extreme degree that he incites anger, which further drives people to his web site where he no doubt stands to profit from more traffic and perhaps advertising dollars. I have purposely avoided mentioning his name before to avoid assisting him. Dice is no stranger to the Illuminati’s tactics and the reality of our world because he was on Jesse Ventura’s program about  Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). He apparently likes to rant and insult people. Enough said.  ~ BP

Astonishingly, we now see proof that the people of America are being sprayed like cockroaches at night

By Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — On the night of March 4, going into the morning…

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