Benefit for Irish Republican Political Prisoners

Benefit for Irish Republican Political Prisoners

    • Sunday, 29 April 2012
    • 14:00 until 18:00 in EDT
  • Support the Families of Irish Republican Political Prisoners! Republican Prisoners have been on protest since May of last year over the issues of forced strip searches and free association (issues ten of our greatest Irishmen died for in 1981). They were not criminals in 1981 and they are not criminals now! Help support the families of those in British prisons for their Irish Republican values. Come out and learn more about what’s happening in Ireland.
    $10 at the door – Buffet, Bodhran Raffle and live entertainment from singer Raymond Coleman.
  • This Bodhran was made in Portlaoise Gaol by Irish Republican Political Prisoners, it will be raffled off for the benefit of their dependents. Tix $1

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H-Block Hunger Strike Public Meetings & Exhibition

H-Block Hunger Strike Public Meetings & Exhibition

    • Wednesday at 11:00 until Friday at 21:00
  • Cliftonville Community Centre, Manor st, Belfast.
  • The Irish Republican Socialist prisoner’s support group, Teach na Failte, in Belfast are hosting a H-Block Hunger Strikesexhibition and a series of public discussions over a three day period, beginning on Wednesday 11th April until Friday 13th April, in Cliftonville Community Centre, Manor Street in the north of the city.The Hunger Strikes’ exhibition will be open to the public from 11am-5pm and 6pm-9pm daily.
    The exhibition will include prison craft and artefacts from the H-Blocks and Armagh Gaol. Photographic displays will chronicle the mass H Block protest campaign outside the prisons, including the formation of theRelatives Action Committees/H Block-Armagh Committees, including the major input of the Irish Republican Socialist Party into their successful dynamic. The Hunger Strikes exhibition will also pay tribute to IRSP H Block activists, Ronnie Bunting, Noel Little, Miriam Daly, IIP leader John Turnleyand other activists who were assassinated by pro-British death-squads during the height of the H Block campaign.On Wednesday 11th April at 6pm there will be a public discussion on the events and recent revelations surrounding the 1981 Hunger Strike, with a panel of guest speakers including:Richard O’Rawe, former Provisional IRA H Block PRO during the 1981 Hunger Strike and author of the best-selling books ‘Blanketmen’ and it’s sequel, ‘Afterlives’
    Willie Gallagher, former INLA POW and IRSP Political Prisoners spokesperson
    Rab Collins, former O/C INLA prisoners during the 1981 Hunger StrikeOn Thursday 12th April, at 2pm there will be a public meeting on the impact of the Hunger Strikes with a panel of guest speakers inncluding:John Nixon, former INLA Hunger Striker
    Tony O’Hara, former INLA POW and brother of INLA Hunger Striker, Patsy O’Hara
    Gerard Hodgins, former Provisional IRA Hunger Striker
    A former Loyalist H Block prisoner

    For further details contact:

    Gerry Foster,
    Teach na Failte,
    Costello House,
    392a Falls Road,

    Telephone: (028) 90323416


    Paul Little: 07590384792.

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Six held after RIRA threatens police

Six men have been arrested by detectives investigating a dissident republican parade, which took place in Londonderry on Easter Monday

Six held after RIRA threatens police

The Real IRA vowed to continue its campaign of violence against the police and army in Northern Ireland during the 32 County Sovereignty Movement‘s annual commemoration at Creggan cemetery.

Several hundred dissident republican supporters watched as a colour party marched to the cemetery.

After wreaths were laid, a masked man wearing black combat clothing addressed the crowd and threatened further violence against police and soldiers.

He claimed to be speaking on behalf of the organisation Óglaigh na hÉireann and said they would continue to attack “Crown forces” and “British interests and infrastructure”.

His words were met with applause by the crowd.

A PSNI helicopter hovered overhead during the event but there was no attempt to move in as police officers kept their distance.

In a statement, police said they “took the decision to run a low-key operational response to the event”.

“Any alleged breaches of criminal law reported to police or coming to our attention will be rigorously and thoroughly investigated,” local area commander Chief Inspector Gary Eaton said.

“The PSNI work to ensure that all their actions are appropriate, proportionate and lawful. Our priorities are to protect the public, preserve public order, uphold the human rights of all and gather evidence of any wrong-doing,” he added.

The six men, who were arrested in connection with the incident on Monday afternoon, have been taken to Antrim Serious Crime Suite for questioning.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.


Favourable treatment of British soldiers during inquiries is “morally wrong” and “might be outside of the law”

Favourable treatment of British soldiers during inquiries is “morally wrong” and “might be outside of the law”.


Sara Payne: A Mother's Story
Sara Payne: A Mother's Story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SARA PAYNE is one of the bravest woman i have ever met. In 2000 she endured the unimaginable agony of her daughter being murdered by a known paedophile and has since devoted her life to keeping other children safe.

This week was the first anniversary of the introduction of Sarah’s Law, which allows parents to protect their vulnerable children. Sara turned her pain and suffering into a campaign in the name of her eight-year-old daughter to allow other mother and fathers to find out if those in cotact with their kids have a criminal record. It is believed that at least 200 children have been saved from known perverts thanks to this  legislation. Sara feels a quiet sence of pride that her beloved daughter somehow lives on be being at the heart of a law that helps other little ones. Despite the loss of her daughter, the breakdown of her marriage and serious health problems following a devastating stroke which almost killed her, Sara believes there is still much to be done and nothing will stop her campaigning for justice.

She is deeply shocked at the latest report from the NSPCC which has revealed sexual offences against kids are worse than we could possibly have imagined, with a child being abused every 20 minutes. Thousands of paedophiles are going unpunished by hiding behind human rights laws. Sickeningly, most are being funded by us AS TAXPAYERS through legal aid. Special Police Units, who have to wade ankle-deep through child porn and sexual depravity that would make the rest of us rage and weep in despair, do their very best but lack of funding means they are simply swamped by a massive tide of filth.

Sara firmly believes the justice system is lettin down our childeren – and that it is the viictims that should be gettig all the free legal help. This fragile women is doing the job of our poloticians in pointing out basic and fundamental flaws in the system and working hard to try to correct them. But why should it be down to a bereaved mother to point out to the “EXPERTS ” that those targeted by cowardly perverts should be encouraged to come forward without feeling stigmatised. She is also angry that the criminals who rape and abuse children are getting away wih light sentences that do not reflect the severity of their crimes. And so say all of us….

Murder of Sarah Payne
Murder of Sarah Payne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sara rightly demands that victims be given far more help in recovering from their ordeals at the hands of these monsters. In some cases childrenhave committed suicide, unable to bear the trauma of living with the memories of the sexual abuse. Tragically, some even go on to become abusers themselves and complete a vile circle of hate and horror. While she still has breath in her body, Sara will continue to fight for those who cannot protect themselves and to speak out for children who have no voice for themselves. She has formed a formidable partnership with a fellow campaigner Shy Keenen, who was sexually abused as a child. These two women have formed the Phoenix Chief Advocates to help victims. Sara may look vulnerable and ill. and she is often nervous at speaking in public, but the women is a lioness with a heart as big as the ocean and a spirit that will never be silenced. I wish there were more like her. If you would like to help Sara and Shy in anyway in their fight for justice, Then please feel free to contact… ….so they can continue their invaluable work.