Support our POW’s..

The Family and friends of Maghaberry POW‘s,
have organised a Whiteline picket,
This Saturday 4th Feb,
at 2pm, in Lineside, Coalisland,
We are asking people to make the effort to attend and show your support,
Please pass on..

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Double pow protest

Double  pow protest

  • When
    Saturday, 3 March 2012
  • Time
    13:00 until 16:30
  • Description
    A double protest will take place on the 3rd of march , first starting at lisnaskea ruc barracks at 1pm then at enniskillen ruc barracks at 3pm , all republicans are welcomes , also all banners and posters welcome or can be provided on the day
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Public event & Everyone Welcome.

Assembly clash over Price detention

The Assembly clash over a motion on Marian Price. 


Monday, 30 January 2012

Assembly clash over Price detention

Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey put forward a motion at Stormont on Monday calling for Justice Minister David Ford to review the conditions of her detainment in Maghaberry.

She has been held there since May 2011, when Owen Paterson revoked the Old Bailey bomber’s release from prison on licence.

Mr Ramsey said the move means dissident republicans will argue that the British government can override the local justice system at will.

He said: “These groups have been able to stoke a sense of injustice in the community, to use it for political gain and to seek to mobilise young people in their actions against the democratic will of the people.

“Those of us in elected office must do everything within our power to prevent dissidents from succeeding.

“Unfortunately however the actions of the secretary of state have unintentionally provided a recruiting tool for those individuals who are so intent on reigniting violence.”

Price was granted bail last May after being charged with supporting an illegal organisation – but she was not released because Secretary of State Owen Paterson made a separate decision to revoke her early release licence.

The 57-year-old, who along with her sister Dolours was jailed in 1973 for her role in a republican bombing campaign in London, was accused of holding a speech for a masked man at a dissident rally on Easter Sunday.

Unionist politicians reacted angrily to the motion.

Paul Givan of the DUP said: “Marian Price was convicted because of her part in an IRA bombing unit that was responsible for bombing the mainland, the Old Bailey being the most notorious one out of them all, and was given a life sentence in 1973.

“So that’s who we are talking about – not some little old lady who has been sent to prison because they stole a bag of peas out a shop.

“Let’s get real about what we are discussing in this chamber and why the SDLP are now wanting to act as proxy for the 32 Sovereign County movement is beyond me as to why they would want to do this.”

Before the debate started, Speaker Willie Hay warned members that they should not make any comments that would undermine ongoing legal proceedings involving Price.

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IRA convictions against husband and wife to be quashed

IRA convictions against husband and wife to be quashed

Scales of justice
The Court of Appeal was told that the guilty verdicts against the couple should be quashed

A husband and wife jailed for offences connected to the IRA interrogation and murder of a police informer appear set to have their convictions overturned.

James Martin and Veronica Ryan, from west Belfast, were both convicted of the false imprisonment of Joe Fenton.

Mr Fenton was a Special Branch agent shot dead after being lured to a house in the city in February 1989

The Court of Appeal was told that the prosecution accepts the guilty verdicts against the couple should be quashed.

Mr Martin, who was also found guilty of making property available for terrorism, was later sentenced to four years imprisonment.

His wife, formerly known as Veronica Martin, was jailed for six months.

Similar false imprisonment counts against the couple over the abduction of another informer, Sandy Lynch, in 1990 were overturned three years ago.

Matter of time

In an unprecedented move, the Criminal Cases Review Commission decided to refer separate convictions relating to the Fenton incident back to the Court of Appeal.

The body, set up to examine potential miscarriages of justice, refused to disclose the reasons for its decision.

But in court on Friday senior counsel for the prosecution confirmed its new position.

Gerry Simpson QC said: “The prosecution accepts that the convictions of these appellants should be quashed.”

One reason given was that all relevant material was not made available to the Director of Public Prosecutions, preventing him from properly considering whether Mr Martin and Ms Ryan should have faced charges.

Mr Simpson added: “The fact that such material was withheld from the director during the proceedings prevented the director from discharging the prosecution’s duty of disclosure, which had the capacity to affect the continuation or outcome of the proceedings.”

Although the court has not yet formally quashed the convictions, legal sources said the announcement by the prosecution meant it was only a matter of time.

A further hearing next month is expected to deal with any further disclosure being sought in the case.

Outside court Mr Martin and Ms Ryan’s solicitor, Kevin Winters, said they must now be given a full explanation.

“We welcome this second such decision. It is unprecedented that two separate cases like this stand to be dismissed on the same basis,” he said.

“The appellants are now entitled to know the reasons why they were subjected to what we say was a contrived prosecution.”

Mr Winters also vowed to press ahead with further proceedings, including compensation claims, following Friday’s developments.

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Stephen Carroll murder accused witnessed at murder scene

Constable Stephen Carroll
Constable Stephen Carroll was killed in March 2009

The trial of two men accused of killing Constable Stephen Carroll has heard one of them was at the scene of the shooting shortly before it took place.

Constable Carroll was the first PSNI officer to be murdered when he was shot dead in Craigavon in March 2009.

The man, known as witness M, gave his evidence via videolink and identified 40-year-old Brendan McConville.

He said Mr McConville was standing close to where the prosecution claims the gun was fired 30 minutes later.

Witness M had been out walking his dog with his family.

He told a prosecuting lawyer he had known Mr McConville since the former Sinn Fein councilllor was a child and that he saw him twice that night – once on the way to his destination and again on the way back.

He told the lawyer he first saw him shortly after 7pm standing with four other men and then again on the way back, some time between 9pm and 9.30pm, this time standing with two other men.

The man also said he was later threatened by two men who came to his home warning him to “keep his mouth shut”. This encouraged him to go to the police.

Under cross examination from Mr McConville’s defence QC Brendan Kelly, witness M denied that he had ever been described as a “Walter Mitty” style character who would “tell tales or fibs”.

He also denied having problems with his eyesight and with alcohol.

Both Mr McConville, from Aldervale, Tullygally, and his co-accused John Paul Wootton, 20, of Collindale, Lurgan, deny the murder of Constable Carroll.

Mr Wootton’s 39-year-old mother Sharon denies perverting the course of justice by removing a computer from her home following

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Ford visits jail in bid to end row
Press Association – 3 hours ago
Stormont’s Justice Minister is to visit Portlaoise Prison in the Republic as efforts continue to defuse a long-running jail dispute in Northern Ireland.Around 30 dissident republican prisoners in Maghaberry jail in Co Antrimare involved in a so-called no wash or dirty protest against the jail’s regime.Objections to full body searches when leaving or entering the prison have sparked calls for the use of a special hi-tech chair, similar to that used in Portlaoise, to help prison staff to check for contraband without physically searching inmates.David Ford said, however, that prison staff had adhered to agreements at Maghaberry and he doubted if the technology existed to entirely replace searches.

After a meeting of justice ministers from Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic and Scotland at Stormont, Mr Ford revealed he will visit Portlaoise within weeks to examine how it handles top security prisoners.

“As far as I am concerned the prison service is adhering to the agreement that was made with the separated prisoners in August of 2010,” said Mr Ford.

“But there are clear issues around controlled movement which remain to be resolved which cannot be resolved while the difficulties are happening. There are also issues about technology to avoid full body searching. That is an issue that I am concerned we will make progress on for the whole of the Northern Ireland prison service estate.

“And if there are opportunities which develop, that maintain dignity for prisoners and prison staff, and also security for prison and prison staff, then we are willing to implement them.”

Mr Ford said he would explore the possibility of employing new technologies. But the minister added: “At the moment I have no evidence that there is any technology as yet licensed for use within Northern Ireland that would meet all our needs.”

The Republic’s justice minister Alan Shatter said he had full confidence that Mr Ford was dealing with the prison protest appropriately.

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