Gerry McGeough had a visit yesterday from an AOH delegation from the USA. Gerry was very pleased with the visit and how well informed the delegation was regarding his plight. Gerry said “the delegation expressed their genuine commitment to continue to campaign for his release.” Gerry thanks the delegation, for taking time away from their hectic schedule to visit with him, and he extends his heartfelt thanks to all members in the AOH who have been so supportive of him and their kindness toward his family.

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The PSNI police have failed in a legal bid to force the handover of unseen TV news footage from a rally by the 32 County Sovereignty Committee. [Read More



And why can’t the judge in the BC trial and our Attorney General do the same thing and tell the PSNI ‘NO’ with regard to their subpoenas demanding Boston College turn over the oral history tapes of the IRA to them

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Gerry AdamsEmail:

Gerry McGeough has instructed that a measured response from him to Gerry Adams recent email be withheld from publication pending the outcome of a meeting between campaign supporters and Senior Sinn Fein officials in Dublin on Monday, February 6, 2012.

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Helen McClafferty


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Oglach Brendan Hughes ( The Dark ) !

If it is all over what was it for? Do we have freedom? Not the type I fought for. Did we get rid of oppression? Not the type I fought against. Did we change fundamental economic and social structures or did we change those who would run the same old ones? Does the working class get anything out of this deal? If so why then is Sinn Fein claiming that the working class in the Falls Road still live in one of the poorest areas in Europe? Did the deal rid us of the rogue employers and greedy financiers who exploit our squalor like cockroaches? Did republicans in the poor communities get anything out of this deal? How can we even begin to discuss this openly if those who think we get nothing can only say so at the risk of being hounded and vilified?
I remember always being impressed by Liam Mellows when he said people get into positions of power and then will do almost anything to hold on to that power because of the privilege power brings them. Why should such power be used to give privilege to rogue employers and others who exploit the poor in our communities? Is it because it brings mutual reward?
How can the use of power be justified if it fails to protect those employed by rogue businesses and instead gives contracts to those businesses? Maybe we were all naive in striving for such principled goals. But I don’t think so. I just think we were right. Rather than being naive we were conned.
The ruling class still rules and the working class still works and the gap between the two is as bad as ever. Not only are the Brits still here but also are poverty, corruption, inequality, censorship and repression. How things change in order to stay the same. Can it really ever be all over when this is all we have to show for our efforts?

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Just back from a POW picket in Coalisland. very well attended despite the weather, great to see so many people prepared to take to the streets and great to see so many ex-POWs there Stephen Murney




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Erin’s Rogues Live in the New Hoops Bar

Erin's Rogues Live in the New Hoops Bar
  • When
    Friday, 10 February 2012
  • Time
    19:30 until 22:30
  • Description
    Come along and join Erin’s Rogueson their first outing at the newly opened hoops bar.Sit in comfort in the newly refurbished bar, which is decorated with murals of Celticheros past and present.We will be belting out the tunes from around 7pm, so get along and stsrt your Friday in comfort and style!!
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Collusion report calls for inquiry

Areport by a victims’ support group detailing collusion in the Sean Graham’s massacre will call for an independent inquiry into the UFF slaughter which saw five people murdered and seven others wounded 20 years ago this week.The 70-page Relatives for Justice (RFJ) report, will be presented to families of those killed tomorrow (Thursday) and calls on British Prime MinisterDavid Cameron to commission an independent inquiry into the slaughter in the Lower Ormeau bookies on February 5, 1992.The report details security force collusion in the murders of the five Catholic victims – Jack Duffin (66); Willie McManus (54); Christy Doherty (52); Peter Magee (18) and James Kennedy (15) – who were gunned down by the loyalist murder gang in broad daylight.Collusion has long been claimed in the indiscriminate killings of the victims. In September 2010 an investigation by the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) revealed UDA informer William Stobie had handed the Browning pistol used in the attack over to RUCofficers, only for them to return it to the loyalist group. The Browning pistol and an AK-47 used in the Sean Graham’s attack were both part of a consignment imported from South Africa in 1987 by UDA double agent Brian Nelson that was not stopped by his British army handlers.Mark Sykesfrom RFJ, who was shot in the attack which claimed the life of his 18-year-old brother-in-law, Peter Magee said the new report not only highlighted the extent of collusion but also seeks justice for the dead.“It is asking David Cameron to make a full apology to those bereaved and injured. We also want information from him around the weapons coming into the country because British military intelligence knew about them through Brian Nelson.“The British have a responsibility to tell the families the truth. The HET report stated there was no new forensic or prosecutorial evidence that would convict anybody but we don’t believe that to be the case. We have studied every aspect of this and there is a multitude of failures on behalf of the RUC, PSNI and HET. Somebody needs to be held to account.”

Mark said the collusion aspect was evident “immediately” following the attack, with eyewitnesses claiming a UDR jeep stationed opposite the bookmakers moved only minutes before the murders took place, allowing the killers to drive in.

“Within a week people were asking for the ballistics report and the RUC refused to release it. But the Cory Report in 2004 into Pat Finucane’s death mentions the guns used in both attacks. The information was deleted as it was seen as ‘a risk to national security’ but we wondered what there was to hide. We found out about the Stobie information after that.”

Despite Dundonald man Mark Rice being found guilty of possession of the assault rifle used in the attack in 1993, he was eventually cleared of the five murders.

It was widely believed leading Annadale loyalists Joe Bratty and Raymond Elder, who were shot dead by the IRA on the Ormeau Road in 1994, were behind the attack.

Mark said the 20th anniversary of the Sean Grahams attack would bring fresh impetus to the campaign for the truth to be revealed.

“We want the Public Prosecution Service to bring a fresh investigation using all the information and evidence available, including that contained in the RFJ report.

“There are children and grandchildren who weren’t even born at the time taking up the baton to get to the truth. Another generation of family members will always be there to fight for this, no matter how long it takes.”

A new memorial to the victims of Sean Graham’s will be unveiled in place of the current plaque at 2.25pm on Sunday (February 5), 20 years to the day since the attack. It will be preceded by an anniversary Mass at 11.30am the same day in St Malachy’s Church.

The massacre is also detailed in a new graphic novel that is now available to see at the RFJ offices on the Fall Road. It contains drawings of Troubles killings that had elements of collusion including Sean Graham’s, Pat Finucane and the McGurk’s Bar bombing.

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