Palestinian political prisoner Khader Adnan near death on his fiftieth day on hunger strike.


 Geraldine McNamara PRO of Republican Sinn Fein has called on the International community to protest by every means possible to the Israeli administration in order to highlight the plight of political prisoner Khader Adnan and his fellow detainees.

Khader Adnan has reached the 50th day of his hunger strike against prison conditions in Ofer Jail Israel. This includes five days of refusing liquids as well; Israeli prison officers have started force-feeding him liquids to keep him alive.

 In solidarity, dozens of youth activists in Gaza have announced that they are joining Adnan in his hunger strike.

Adnan is one of nearly three hundred Palestinian people being interned without trial in Israeli jails in what the Israeli’s call ‘administrative detention’.

This type of detention is in violation of the Geneva Convention which bans detention without charge.

The Israeli’s are not the first to use this type of internment without trial Geraldine said.

 We have seen it in the occupied six counties when Brian Faulkner signed it into law in 1972.

It was also used in 1916-22 and during the 40’s and fifties campaigns.

Recently we have seen it in Guantanamo bay and it is also during this detention when prisoners are continually tortured to force confessions out of them. The truth does not matter as long as the oppressor has their way.

The Palestinian people have long been campaigning to have their state recognised by the United Nations but at present they are being annihilated in their native land.  

. The United Nations has been working on and involved in the question of a Palestinian state since 1947, over 60 years later that statehood has not been granted to the people of Palestine and they are still oppressed and treated like refugees in their own homeland in 2011.

The British government’s “Balfour Declaration” in 1917 expressing support for a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine led to the start of mass immigration of mainly eastern European Jews and continues to the present day.

No consideration was given to the native peoples and the Palestinian people rebelled in 1937 and continue to fight for recognition to their right to have independence and statehood.

Resolution 181 of the united nations in 1947 proposed two independent states in Palestine one Jewish and one Palestine Arab. Again no one asked the native people for their consent.

In 1948 Israel declared itself as an independent state   and continued to expand into Palestine.

Since then the Palestinian people have been fighting for justice and their right to freedom in their own homeland.

Khader Adnan will die unless there is an immediate inquiry into the illegality of his detention without charges, and the cruel treatment he received at the hands of the Israeli prison guards.

One of the leaders of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Saleh Nasser, called for an investigation of Israeli detention practices by the International Court of Justice, and voiced support for what he called Adnan’s “heroic battle against the Israeli occupation’s inhumane and racist policies.”

Geraldine said that the international community has been very vocal in favour of the so called Arab spring but has laryngitis when it comes to the plight of the Palestinians who are treated like stateless people in their own homeland.

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Bobby Sands’ spokesman, close friend calls on Israel to immediately release Khader Adnan

The Secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust, Danny Morrison, called on the Israeli government to immediately release Adnan, who is close to death.Morrison was himself interned without trial (administratively detained) as a teenager. He was later the Director of Publicity for Sinn Féin and was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly (1982-86). A friend of Bobby Sands he was nominated by Bobby Sands a…s his spokesperson during the 1981 hunger strike. Today he is a writer and secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust whose members include Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams. Morrison said:Here in Ireland the British government’s prime minister Margaret Thatcherthought that she could break the will of our struggle by killing our prisoners who were hunger striking for their rights as political prisoners. She was wrong and the violence that the British sewed only reaped a whirlwind of resistance but at a heavy cost in Irish and British lives. The lesson from history is that one must talk and negotiate and recognise the rights of people to be free and to be free from injustice and persecution.An earlier British prime minister, Ted Heath, thought that he could also break us through the use of ‘administrative detention’, that is through the use of internment-without-charge-or-trial, which is the pretext used by the Israelis for imprisoning Khader Asnan against whom they have no evidence. People in Derry who marched against internment were massacred on Bloody Sunday and fourteen of them were killed by British paratroopers. Again, that did not break us but only made us more determined to fight for our rights.

 It is probable that Israeli rulers are so hardened that they cannot find it within themselves to exercise clemency and resolve this hunger strike. They possibly do not even care what effect their behaviour has on their reputations and how people around the world view Israel’s behaviour with disgust. But they cannot win over the Palestinian people – even should Khader Adnan lose his right to life.

It was a great Irishman, Terence MacSwiney, the Mayor of Cork, who was arrested by the British and went on hunger strike to the death, who said: ‘It is not those who can inflict the most but those who can suffer the most who will conquer in the end’.

The thoughts of Irish republicans throughout Ireland are with Khader Adnan and his family and we hope that he wins his right to freedom.

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Christy Moore Tribute Artist , Liam Byrne LIVE + FREE entry

Christy Moore Tribute Artist , Liam Byrne LIVE + FREE entry

    • Thursday, 15 March 2012
    • 20:00 until 23:00
  • The world’s number one Christy Moore Tribute artist , Liam Byrne, returns to Scotland by popular demand with his Christy Tribute show ‘Ordinary Man‘.
    Start your St Patrick‘s weekend in style!!
    All of Christy’s hits will be sung by this talented singer and musician who sings, plays, acts and even sweats like the real Christy. And best of all, the gig is FREE.
    Liam Byrne regularly wows venues near and far with this awesome act.
    So, if you want to go to Stuttgart with Joxer, have the DT’s, join La Quinta Brigada, meet an Ordinary Man, take a Voyage, be Back Home in Derry or hear The Fairytale of New York, Malones Edinburgh on Thursday 15th March is the place to be..start your St Patrick’s weekend in style!!
    And remember, don’t forget your shovel if you want to go to work…..

[Galway, IAW] Iyad Burnat: Non-violent resistance to Israeli Apartheid

[Galway, IAW] Iyad Burnat: Non-violent resistance to Israeli Apartheid

    • Wednesday, 22 February 2012
    • 19:00 until 21:00
  • As part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2012, the NUIG Palestine Solidarity Society in association with the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign is honoured to host a talk and film screening by Iyad Burnat, a leader of the Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall. Iyad will talk about the ongoing civil resistance campaign, both in Bil’in and in other areas like Nabi Saleh, Nil’in, Budrus and Sheikh Jarrah. Born in 1973, Iyad Burnat is the head of the Bil’in popular committee and Friends of Freedom and Justice and will be a familiar figure to the many Irish who have travelled to Bil’in over the past number of years.The event will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd February 2012, in the Kirwan Theatre, Concourse, National University of Ireland, Galway.About Bil’inBil’in has been at the forefront of the non-violent resistance to Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall and policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, and has held weekly Friday demonstrations of locals, Israelis and international activists since 2005. During the course of the struggle its residents have faced severe repression at the hands of the Israeli, including frequent night raids and detentions (including of children). At least two people have been killed, and scores injured, during the Friday demos.In June 2011 Bil’in’s activists scored a major victory when it was announced that the wall in Bil’in, which was stealing some 480 acres of village land to accomodate the illegal Israeli colonial settlement of Modi’in Illit, would be partially rerouted (four years after the Israeli Supreme Courtordered it to be).While continuing to fight for the remaining 1350 dunams (330 acres) that are effectively annexed to the settlement of Modi’in Illit, the Bil’in Popular Committee announced a new strategy of building community and public buildings on lands that were given back as a way to assert their possession of them.

    The regained land is designated as Area C, over which Israel retains complete control of both security and administrative matters. Due to this fact, it is nearly impossible for Palestinians to receive building permits in area C. Palestinian structures built without permit in Area C are often demolished by Israeli authorities and are almost never retroactively whitewashed. In contrast, illegal and unpermitted settlement construction is often retroactively issued the required construction permits, as was the case in the Matityahu East neighborhood of the Modi’in Illit Settlement, which was built on Bil’in’s lands.

    This event is organised by the NUIG Palestine Solidarity Society in association with the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) as one of a series of events taking place around Ireland during international Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 (20 – 27 February).

Statement from Gerry McGeough on his one year incarceration today in Maghaberry prison – 2/18/2012.

Statement from Gerry McGeough on his one year incarceration today in Maghaberry prison – 2/18/2012.

A year ago today an English Diplock Judge had me thrown in jail as a defacto political hostage. My imprisonment and continued incarceration make a mockery of the Good Friday Agreement and proves that political repression and the sectarian discrimination remains central to the existence of this statelet.

Sinn Fein leaders are deeply embarrassed by this whole scandal, as it calls into question their negotiating skills and exposes their utter lack of any real power and influence. Thus, they put more time and effort into trying to discredit and silence our campaign rather than stand up to the British on behalf of our people. Shame on them!

Over the past year, we have discovered who our true friends are and I assure you your loyalty, decency and kindness will not be forgotten. Meanwhile, my patriotic position today is the same as a year ago: “LONG LIVE OUR IRISH NATION AND PERDITION UPON ALL OUR ENEMIES”.

God bless you all and know we shall have victory in the end.

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Manus Deery’s sister calls HET investigation ‘whitewash

The family of a Londonderry teenager shot dead by the Army 40 years ago have dismissed a report into his killing as a “whitewash”.

Manus Deery was shot dead in the Bogside in 1972.

The Army maintain a soldier in a lookout post on Derry walls fired at what appeared to be a gunman about 200 metres away, missed, and that the ricochet fatally injured the teenager.

His family have always disputed the Army’s version.

They have now also criticised the Historical Enquiries Team report into the teenager’s death.

Mr Deery’s sister Helen said she wanted the case re-opened.

“With the information which they were given it is near impossible to come back with the same report that I now have,” she said.

“Letters with different dates, they didn’t even get my mother’s name right the second time round.

“They got it wrong the first time round and I made them take note of that and they came back the second time with her name still wrong.

“It’s a whitewash.”

With Many Thanks to : BBC NI 

Stephen Carroll murder case: Sharon Wootton admits charge

Sharon Wootton (Pacemaker pics)

Sharon Wootton admitted obstructing police by removing a computer from her house

The mother of one of the men accused of the murder of Constable Stephen Carroll has pleaded guilty to obstructing police investigating the killing.

Sharon Wootton admitted that on a date between March 8 – 11 2009, she removed computer equipment from her Lurgan home to another address.

She had originally faced a charge of perverting the course of justice.

However, Lord Justice Girvan acquitted her of that count after the Crown offered no further evidence on it.

Wootton’s 20-year-old son John Paul Wootton from Collindale, Lurgan, and former Sinn Fein councillor Brendan McConville, 40, of Glenholme Avenue, Craigavon both deny murdering Constable Carroll on March 9 2009.

The officer was shot dead after responding with colleagues to a 999 call at Lismore Manor in Craigavon.

Defence QC Karen Quinliven applied for continuing bail for Sharon Wootton while pre-sentence probation reports are completed.

Lord Justice Girvan adjourned passing sentence until a date to be fixed.

Stephen Carroll trial: Army ‘reluctant to hand over device’

The Constable Stephen Carroll murder trial has heard a specialist Army unit was reluctant to hand over vital surveillance information to police.

Constable Stephen Carroll (Pacemaker pics)

Constable Stephen Carroll was shot dead in Craigavon in March 2009

Constable Carroll was shot dead in Craigavon in March 2009.

An under cover military unit had placed a tracking device on the car of one of the accused, John Paul Wootton.

On Tuesday, a police inspector revealed that the Army only gave the device to detectives when the threat of a warrant being obtained was put to them.

The officer, Det Ch Insp Harkness, said that he had never before dealt with such a device and that no such tracker had ever been used in evidence in the UK before.

The prosecution contends that the device reveals that Mr Wootton’s car was used to transport Constable Carroll’s killers to and from the murder scene.

Mr Wootton, 20, of Collindale, Lurgan and Brendan McConville, 40, of Glenholme Avenue, Craigavon, both deny murdering Constable Carroll.

Mr Wootton’s 48-year-old mother Sharon, of the same address, denies perverting the course of justice.

Earlier, a witness told the trial Mr Wootton’s car was parked close to where the gunman fired from.

Scene of shootingConstable Carroll was shot dead after responding to a 999 call

Witness K, a navigation specialist engineer who gave evidence from behind a screen, said the tracking device showed the car’s location.

Witness K said he examined data from a GPS tracking device which the Army had hidden on Mr Wootton’s car.

He said he had examined more than 150 location fixes from the device and at the time of the murder the car was stationary on the Drumbeg estate, which is close to the murder scene.

He also said the data revealed that 20 minutes after the shooting the car was near Mr McConville’s home.

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