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Nothing to tempt Sinn Féin back into Stormont.

The consultation paper will be published, a period will elapse and then our robotic pro-consul (if he and his rotten government are still inflicting themselves on people here) to impose it. Sinn Féin and nationalists will boycott the plans (in his own words), Brian Feeney.

Sinn Féin’s President Gerry Adam’s(TD) and leader of the party.

SINN Féin speeches at Bodenstown are always important. Bodenstown is the primary republican shrine, the site of the annual pilgrimage where republicans go to generate their founding father and first martyr, Wolf Tone.

Thearbald Wolf Tone founding Father of Irish Republicanism in the occupied six Counties in the North of Ireland.

A lot of thought therefore goes into the annual speech which sometimes, as in 1977, lays out a new policy direction and other times reiterates the existing policy.

Sinn Féin’s Declan Kearney

On Sunday there was nothing new in Declan Kearney speech. It was a restatement of current policy but in terms that indicate that nothing has changed in the past six months. That is to say the DUP still refuses to committ to what Gerry Adams, (pictured above), repeated yesterday was necessary, that is ‘time-framed commitments to implement existing agreements’.

If the leaked talks paper revealed by Barney Rowan is anything to go by there’s not much hope of progress by June 29th. Yesterday was the deadline for responses by the northern parties but the paper is so bad there is a chasm to bridge.

Barney Rowan who leaked the talks papers to North of Ireland’s press.

For example the fudge suggested about an Irish Language Act downgrades it to lump it together with Ulster-Scots (which is not in any way equivalent to Irish), an armed forces covenant and the Petition of Concern under the heading of Equilty and Respect.

That is so far from what was agreed at St Andrews more than a decade ago that is an insult. Instead of a free-standing act ‘a hybrid option’, whatever that is, is proposed. The question to be asked is, did the Irish government agree to that paper being presented to the parties?? Any fool knows it’s unacceptable.

Clearly the British government sees no hope of progress on legacy matters and has drawn a line under them as unresolved. It is now proposed in a gesture of incredible stupidity to discuss a  statute of limitations for killings carried out by the Security forces before the Good Friday Agreement. 

Would that include the RUC and UDR (irregular Briitsh Army), or just the regular British Army? So much for equality before the law. Or extend to all Troubles events? An amnesty in effect?

Putting out this stuff for public consultation is a gesture of equal stupidity. On matters like dealing with the past the public divides predictably. It’s not like a proposal to rationalise hospitals or reform the household rates. Nationalists and Unionists hold diametrically opposed views which are impossible to reconcile in a public discussion paper.

James Brokensire Secretary of State for the North of Ireland and a prize prick.

It’s obvious what our robotic proconsul (James Brokinshire), plans. The consultation paper will be published, a period will elapse and then he intends (if he and his rotten government are still inflicting themselves on public here) to impose it. 

Sinn Féin and nationalists will boycott the plans. Numerous very expensive court cases will FOLLOW. Inquests into security force killings will continue as before and well be exactly where we are now gazing in wonder at the political ineptitude of this proconsul. 

Buying into any of the sort of suggestions inocted  in the disscussion paper would be a huge climb-down for Sinn Féin. Is that what they pulled the executive down for? Why would they agree? What’s in it for them?

A say in spending any money the DUP wring out of the British Treasury? Then the British government collapses but Sinn Féin are sitting in an Executive being treated just as they were when Martin McGuinness resigned.

There’s another aspect the NIO (Northern Ireland Office), hasn’t taken on board. All the talk about the general election was the enormously increased unionist turnout organised especially in working-class districts/areas by the DUP’s friends in the UDA. There’s another side to it all though.

There was an increased Sinn Féin turnout but to what effect? The effect is quite clear. The northern nationalist electorate rejejected the SDLP (a moderate nationalist party who most members come from mixed or Protestant backgrounds), and voted instead to turn their backs on the British State by switching to Sinn Féin (over 1.5m votes), in the full knowledge that they would abstain from Westminster.

This wasn’t a case of the SDLP (Socialist Democratic Labour Party), vote not turning out. It did but in places like Co. Derry and South Down the voters deliberately turned towards the republican party. 

Sinn Féin play the long game, so why would they settle for something based on tempory chaos in British politics?

With many thanks to: Brian Feeney,The Irish News, for the original story. 
Not that I should mention but I would just like to say and (don’t take into it my political beliefs because of my blog), Yes, I am an Irish Republican and very proud to be my father (if you haven”t read my blog was a leading member of the IRA. So was my late Grandfather and my younger brother Martin Og, who served 12-years in the H-Blocks for the IRA. Oh by the way my late father served 45 years for the IRA. I know what I am talking about. That’s enough about me. This man is a unionist/Protestant I personally read and publish lots of his colums form the Irish News (Yes before you ask) Protestants do publish & read it. He is a great columnist and writer and speaks his mind truthfully. Thanks Everyone Kevin. Oh by the way I want to apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes. I want to get this published before midnight & have been writing since 6.00am. Sorry all.

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Government go into blind panic over Grenfell fire survivors. And rehouse them in £1.5m new private-homes.

The Luxury Devolopment were the survivors will be re-homed.

Survivors of London’s Grenfell Tower fire are to be rehomed in a luxury development in the heart of Kingston, the government has said.

Starting prices at the homes start at £1.5m

The apartments are “newly built social housing” in a complex where the price of private homes starts at £1.5m.

Sixty-eight one, two and three-bedroom flats (pictured here) have been acquired at the Kingston Row development, it said.

At least 79 people so far have been reported dead and many more were left homeless after the fire engulfed the North Kensington tower a week ago.

With many thanks to: BBC England for the story and the, Guardian for the courtesy for the photo’s.

Saudi King ousts nephew for son

Saudi Arabia’s King has appointed his son Mohammed bin Salman as Crown Prince – replacing his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as first in line to the throne.
King Salman’s decree also means Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31, will become deputy prime minister while continuing as defence minister.

Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, 57, has been removed from his role as head of domestic security, state media say.

He has pledged allegiance to the new Crown Prince, his younger cousion.

With many thanks to: BBC England for the story.

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DUP’s Emma ‘Little’ Pengelly criticised over UVF’s flags in a shared neighbourhood.

Emma ‘Little’ Pengelly (on the left) at Downing Street London.

DUP MP Emma Little-Pengelly has been criticised after claiming there was no widespread demand for the removal of UVF flags from a cross-community housing development in Belfast.Paramilitary and other loyalist flags were put up in the Global Crescent and Cantrell Close ‘shared neighbourhoods’ earlier this month.
Two flags have been hung from the majority of lampposts in the area, which is close to Ravenhill Avenue and Woodstock Road.
Global Crescent is a £13m development built by Fold Housing, now known as Radius Housing, as part of the Stormont Executive’s Together Building United Communities (TBUC) strategy.
Ms Little-Pengelly said she visited around 100 homes in the area this week and found mixed views on the flags.
However, Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw last night claimed some residents may not feel “comfortable” speaking to Ms Little-Pengelly, whose candidacy for the South Belfast Westminster seat was endorsed by a UDA-linked magazine as well as the Loyalist Communities Council, which represents the UDA, UVF and Red Hand Commando.
Earlier this week a spokesman for the DUP said it wanted all paramilitary flags removed without referring specifically to those in the shared developments.
Ms Little-Pengelly later claimed that some local people support the flags.
“There were some people who were very supportive of the flags, people who felt very much it was part of the tradition of the local area and the wider area,” she said.
“The majority of people said to me: ‘We understand that the flags have gone up, but we also understand that they will come back down again’.“Really they didn’t want a public fuss around this matter.”The former Stormont junior minister also said “there were some who had concerns around this, who would prefer for the flags not to be there”.“The way I would put this is that it was a much more complex picture than I was imagining,” she told the BBC.

She later tweeted that “I oppose all paramilitaries in our society, that includes paramilitary flags”.
However, Ms Bradshaw said it was “almost beyond belief” that there was no widespread demand for the flags to be removed.
”Emma Little-Pengelly was a special adviser for the DUP when the TBUC programme was created,” she said.
“Therefore, she should know first-hand how a shared neighbourhood works – it should be welcoming to all and intimidating to none.
“To accept flags marking territory is nothing else than being an apologist to those erecting them, particularly as objective surveys show only a small minority of people support the display.”
She added: “I would be surprised if many residents would feel comfortable telling an MP who was publicly endorsed by paramilitaries only a few weeks ago they were intimidated by a flag glorifying one of those same groups.
“Instead they come to Alliance and others, often confidentially, as we realise people want to see positive community relations and good neighbourliness.”
SDLP assembly member Claire Hanna also described the MP’s comments as “outrageous”.
“These flags are designed to intimidate and divide,” she said.
“In the face of intimidation by paramilitary organisations, it’s no surprise that people are frightened of going public with their concerns on the issue.”
One local resident, who did not want to be named, claimed yesterday that authorities were treating the matter in a similar way to how school bullies.
“It’s easier to put up with a few people being harassed than take action against the people perpetrating it,” she said.
“It stinks to the high heavens that we have this lovely peaceful space and lovely new development and there are sectarian power plays.
“It has really lost the inclusive vibe.”

With many thanks to: Irish News for the original story.

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