Óglach Eugene Kelly 5th July 1961 – 8th May 1987

Volunteer Eugene Kelly, 25, was laid to rest in Altmore Cemetery, Cappagh. In the 5 years that he had been a member of the IRA he had distinguished himself by his unqualified commitment to the struggle. His decision to join the Army was taken after long and serious consideration, but once made he was dedicated and no task was too small.
Eugene knew the geography of Tyrone and Armagh like the back of his hand. He knew the shortcuts through the country roads like no one else and, on more than one occasion, he is remembered for having spirited comrades and weapons past check points. Reliable and courageous he was a well-respected volunteer.
Eugene came from a family of four sisters and two brothers. He was extremely conscious of his own security and feared most for the effect his involvement might have on his family, whom he loved deeply. Like other young republicans from the areas the RUC and British army frequently harassed him, and he spent several 7 day spells in Gough Barracks in Armagh.
He died at Loughgall on the night of Friday May 8th 1987. He, like his comrades, is sorely missed. Eugene is remembered with love and pride by all who knew him.

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Proposed statute of limitations for British Soldiers ‘an insult to victims and survivors’

RELATIVES of people murdered by the British Army have reacted angrily after a Westminster committee recommended the introduction of a statute of limitations covering the investigation and prosecution of soldiers for ‘War Crimes’ committed during the Trouble’s.

The defence committee has urged the British government to protect solders who served in the North of Ireland from the start of the Trouble’s up to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1988. The committee also said that it would “encourage the next government to extend this provision to include former members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) and other former security personnel”. “It will also be a matter for the next government to decide, after appropriate consultations, whether the statute of limitations should also cover all Troubles-related incidents,” it said. The defence committee has said the introduction of any statute of limitations should be “coupled with the continuation and development of a truth recovery mechanism”.

The RUC/PSNI is investigating 354 Trouble’s killings attributed to the security forces. Last night Sean McAnespie, whose brother of Sudan was shot dead (murdered) *by the British Army in 1988, criticised the proposals. The 23-year-old was shot dead seconds after walking through a British Army check-point on his way to a GAA grounds near Aughnacloy in Co Tyrone in 1988. Mr McAnespie’s death sent shockwaves through the Nationalist community at the time.

Manslaughter charges brought against the soldier involved, Grenadier Guardsman David Jonathan Holden, were dropped in 1990. He was later fined for negligent discharge of his weapon and allowed to return to duty. He was given a medical discharge from the British Army in 1990. A Public Prosecution Service review of the case is Ongoing, although the matter is with the RUC/PSNI. “I don’t agree with It,” Mr McAnespie said. “People are entitled to justice and truth. “I think it’s very insensitive to the nationalist people of Ireland, to come out with this when talks about the peace process are going on.” Mr McAnespie said he believes the British establishment is attempting to point score. “What they are doing is rubbing our noses in It, not just our family but the nationalist community.” The McAnespie family solicitor Darragh Mackin described the development as “disturbing news”. “Victims and the families of victims can, however, take comfort in that any such act is deeply flawed and not legally viable,” he said. “There is a considerable body of jurisprudence that enshrines the importance of criminal justice in the context of historic investigations into the right to life, and the military and police are not and cannot be exempt from that principal.” Shame Féin MLA Gerry ‘the mouth’ Kelly said the recommendations are “an insult to the victims and survivors”. “There can be no immunity for people who have murdered Irish citizens, ” he said. SDLP Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly said: “No-one should be off limits to the rule of law, be they a solder, a policeman, a member of MI5 on the one hand or on the other hand a member of the IRA, UDA, UVF, INLA or other terror gang. This legal principle is at the heart of the rule of law an is non-negotiable.” The chairman of the defence committee, Dr Julian Lewis said: “To subject former soldiers to legal pursuit under the current arrangements is wholly oppressive and a denial of natural justice. “The UK Paraliament has it entirely within its power to enact a statute of limitations in this matter.” 

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Arrest of IRA accused lawful, court rules.

Judges at the Special Criminal Court trial of a man accused of smuggling an “IRA communiqué” from Portlaoise prison have ruled that his search and arrest were lawful.

The defence had submitted that a detective’s suspicion that Brian Kenna (54) was to be “engaged in IRA activities” was insufficiently particular to stop and search the man.
Mr Kenna, with an address at Crumlin Park, Crumlin, Dublin has pleaded not guilty to membership of an unlawful organisation within the State, namely Oglaigh na hEireann, otherwise the Irish Republican Army, otherwise the IRA on November 21st, 2015.
Previously, the court has heard that a detective was searching the accused man outside Portlaoise prison when an alleged “IRA communiqué” fell from the man’s pocket.
Today Mr Justice Tony Hunt, presiding at the three-judge, non-jury court, said that the court was satisfied that Detective Sergeant Padraig Boyce had reasonable suspicion to justify his actions.
The court was satisfied, the judge said, that Det Sgt Boyce possessed enough information to search Mr Kenna, and that he had formed an independent view that the man was a member of the IRA.
Siobhan Stack SC, defending, then challenged the legality of the detective’s decision to search Mr Kenna’s car.
The court will rule on that application tomorrow.
The trial continues in front of Mr Justice Hunt, sitting with Judge John O’Hagan and Judge Flann Brennan.

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Please excuse the graphic nature of this post,Westminster is trying to push for a statute of limitations providing immunity for war crimes in Ireland ending the “witch hunt” by those of us seeking justice,to say our family has been to hell and back is an understatement as justice has been denied us due to national security,”it’s not in the publics interest to know”,”sensitive material”,corrupt historical enquiries team blocking release under the freedom of information act,while murder by the state,rules of engagement,article2 of the human right to life and a petition to Westminster seeking truth have been rejected due to the slanderous libelous nature of my quest for truth,Strasbourg and Brussels commission on human rights have asked England for truth recovery and parliament refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing and refuse to answer to calls for transparency,I ask the help of the brotherhood to share this violation of what I consider a war crime and an insult to humanity on behalf of my mother,oglach Maura Meehan,30,and her sister Dorothy Maguire,19,unarmed cumann na mban,executed by greenjackets regiment,while not on active service,but took the initiative to protest dawn raids on the lower falls on the 23rd of October,1971,there can never be a statute of limitations for state approved executions during occupation,it’s international law and needs attention or mistakes of the past are easily forgotten

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“But who are the Irish people”?

“But who are the Irish people? Is it the dividend-hunting capitalist with the phraseology of patriotism on his lips and the spoil wrung from sweated Irish toilers in his pockets; is it the scheming lawyer – most immoral of all classes; is it the slum landlord who denounces rackrenting in the country and practices it in the towns; is it any one of these sections who to-day dominate Irish politics? Or is it not rather the Irish working class – the only secure foundation on which a free nation can be reared – the Irish working class which has borne the brunt of every political struggle, and gained by none, and which is to-day the only class in Ireland which has no interest to serve in perpetuating either the political or social forms of oppression – the British connection or the capitalist system? The Irish working class must emancipate itself, and in emancipating itself it must, perforce, free its country.” – James Connolly
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The British Government has set it’s face against resourcing legacy inquests into conflict related killings.

The British state has systematically delayed all proceedings in the courts regarding legacy through denial of disclosure to families.
The British state has refused to engage in good faith with the implementation of the Stormont House Agreement legacy mechanisms.

The British state has refused to engage with the recommendations of their own Consultative Group to Deal with the Past, the European Court of Human Rights or the United Nations in the delivery of comprehensive measures to deliver truth, justice, reparations and guarantees of non-recurrence to victims.

Yet today in Westminster a Committee says the British army should have immunity from prosecution, in fact there should not even be processes to examine their conduct.

Well, we know why. The use of lethal force, shoot to kill, plastic bullets and collusion. All sanctioned, all resourced and all covered up. 

No peace process would stand over such moves. All victims from all backgrounds deserve and have the right to truth and justice. There can be no hierarchy. There can be no discrimination.

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Michelle O’Neill to address Loughgall Martyrs Commemoration. 

The IRA final salute to their comrades The Loughgall Martyrs in 1987.

ARLENE Foster has said she is disappointed that Shame Féin’s Northern leader Michelle O’Neill is attending a commemoration for eight IRA (Loughgall Martyrs) members murdered by the SAS in Co Armagh. Ms O’Neill will address a republican parade and memorial event on Sunday marking the 30th Anniversary since the ambush in Loughgall. The DUP leader questioned M’s O’Neill’s attendance saying,

“we have heard a lot during the election about respect and they need to understand what that means in terms of the past and indeed in terms of the future here in ‘The North of Ireland'”. Undercover soldiers (SAS) murdered eight, picture above, IRA members in May 1987 in a ‘Shoot to Kill’ operation as they approached Loughgall RUC/PSNI station with a bomb. They IRA members were: Jim Lynagh, Padraig McKearney, Gerard O’Callaghan, Tony Gormley, Brothers Eugene Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Seamus Donnelly and Declan Arthur’s. A civilian, Anthony Hughes, was also shot dead by the SAS in the gunfire.