English: UUP Peer Lord Laird
English: UUP Peer Lord Laird (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ulster Unionists have suspended Lord Laird from their West minister team.

It follows claims that he agreed to carry out parliamentary work for payment.

Undercover Sunday Times reporters filmed three peers who appear to offer to help a fake solar energy company. Wwhich is illegal for a member of Parliament in the UK to accept cash for bribes.

Lord Laird, Lord Cunningham and Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate deny wrongdoing. BBC Panorama and the Daily Telegraph filmed Lord Laird discussing a retainer for parliamentary questions.

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A CHILD sex abuse scandal continues to haunt Sinn Fein, the Sunday World can reveal. Three weeks ago, we named IRA icon J.B. O’Hagan, as being at the centre of a Provo peadophile cover-up. Our sources now say that at least three senior IRA veterans are at the heart of this latest child sex scandal.


Details of the O’Hagan investigation first appeared in this newspaper. But we have since learned that the latest Sinn Fein sex abuse suspect – a man who served many years in jail for the IRA murder of an RUC man – was secretly spirited around houses of known republican ffigures, while the IRA investigated the allegations. And we have also been told that a small coterie of leading figures in Sinn Fein and the IRA knew all about the alleged ‘cover-up’ operation. A source with inside knowledge of the close knit republican community at the time told us : “The Catholic Church in Ireland had shown how it dealt with sex abuse allegations – move the alleged abuser to another area, only tell those who need to know and stop all talk, gossip and rumour.” IRA men tasked with implementing the ‘cover-up’ scheme were given a two-pronged order aimed at firstly, protecting Sinn Fein’s standing as a credible political party in nationalist areas, and secondly, saving J.B O’Hagan’s reputation ‘at all costs’.


Celebrated IRA leader Joseph B. O’Hagan (now deceased), almost singlehandedly carried the torch of the Irish Republican Movement in north Armagh for decades. Joining the IRA in 1940, O’Hagan was fully involved in three separate IRA campaigns. He helped found the Provisional IRA when it broke away from the mainstream organisation at the outset of the Troubles. And he also served on the Provos ‘ first ever Army Council. The Lurgan man later wrote his name into Irish republican mythology, when on October 31, 1973, he and two other IRA leaders escaped from Dublin’s Mountjoy Jail in a helicopter. The incident made headline news all over the world. And when a quickly-penned ballad recalling the farcical scenario was released on record, it remained in the Irish pop charts for four weeks. However, if full details of this latest sex abuse scandal to hit Sign Fein emerge, then O’Hagan’s grainite-tough reputation, may end up in tatters. Now it is alleged that leading members of Sinn Fein and the IRA in Belfast colluded with top Provo J.B.O’Hagan to cover-up a sex abuse scandal. There is no suggestion that J.B.O’Hagan was personally involved in child sex abuse in any way. But there are claims that the issue was swept under the carpet to protect O’Hagan’s reputation and the growing support for Sinn Fein in West Belfast, where party President Gerry Adams was MP.

3 more Proves hushed-up abuse

J.B. O’Hagan died in April 2001, aged 79. His commitment to the IRA was praised by leading Shinners, Caoimhghin O Caolain and Gerry Adams. Addressing mourners in St.Coleman’s Church cemetery in Lurgan, Gerry Adams said : “Whether as a soldier, prisoner, politicial activist, husband, father or friend, J.B. give his fullest.” However, standing just a few feet from the spot where Mr.Adams was speaking, was a man who a few years before had been accused of sexually molesting children. On his release from prison after serving a lengthy sentence for murder, that man, originally from Lurgan, settled in Belfast, where he struck up a relationship with the mother of two young children.


It is understood the sex abuse issue became common knowlodge amoung republicans in Belfast when a number of women caught the man in bed with a young child. “The leadership of the Movement was terrified that one of the woman would report the matter to the police, although it is a definite fact that Social Services were called in. There must be a file relating to this,” said a west Belfast source. As part of the cover-up, the suspect was banished south of the border following an IRA investigation into the matter. And we this week learned that in the immediate aftermath of the allegations, the Sinn Fein activist was held under IRA guard at the home of a former republican prisoner and Sinn Fein election worker, who later quit the movement to throw his support behind the Republican Network for Unity.The suspect was moved around a number of other houses because the IRA and Sinn Fein leaderships were afraid the matter might have been reported to the RUC, with the possibitly he may have turned tout – and ‘grassed’ on his former terrorists to the police – as well as nailing those allegedly involved in peadophile activities known about, but covered up, by IRA boss J.B. O’Hagan. A west Belfast source told the Sunday World this week : “This man was extremely close to J.B.O’Hagan. J.B. was told about it and it was agreed that the man would be moved down south. It was a total cover-up to protect J.B.’s reputation and also distance the whole child sex abuse scandal from Sinn Fein and the IRA.”

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Derry 32 County Sovereignty Movement


PSNI/MI5 tracking and listening devices discovered in local 32csm activist‘s car


A member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has recently found what is thought to be two wireless listening bluetooth type devices and what appears to be a tracking device hidden in various parts of his car.


The objects were discovered within 20 minutes of the Republican activist being subjected to harassment by local RUC/PSNI officers under the draconian stop and search legislation.


The items were secreted on the underside of the Driver’s seat,underneath carpet in the rear passenger footwell and affixed behind the rear seats.


The 32 County Sovereignty Movement would ask all to check their cars thoroughly and  would reiterate our call to all Republicans to remain vigilant and  notify your local branch of the 32csm of any suspicious objects or approachs.



FLAGS ssupporting a controversial British Army regiment have been erected at an interface – just days after ‘peace’ talks in Cardiff.


The flags, which bare the insignia of the Parachute regiment, have been fixed onto lamp-posts on the loyalist side of the Donegall Road interface at the Broadway roundabout. They had already been erected in other areas of Belfast and show support for the ‘Paras’ who will forever be despised in nationalist areas of Ulster. Soldiers of the parchute Regiment were responsible for the Bloody Sunday murders in Derry were 14 innocent civilians were shot dead during a civil rights march in 1972. They were also the regiment in the Ballymurphy massacre where 11 innocent civilians were murdered. But it’s the fact these flags were erected just days after loyalist leaders including Winkie Irvine and Jackie McDonald returned from Cardiff that have caused the most surprise. And also the First and deputy ffirst ministers statements around a shared further. Following talks in Cardiff it was declared by all sides that “respect” would be the order of the day to help prevent a violent summer. It’s understood a notorious UVF gang from the Donegall Road, run by ‘The meerkat’ Colin Fulton, was behind the flags.”You have to assume the only reason is they want to intimidate people on this side of the road.” The flags issue is one of the most contentious facing politicians here and the situation has only been made worse since the row over the flying of the union flag at Belfast City Hall. A spokesman for Sinn Fein said last night : “The erection of UVF flags along with flags of the British Parachute Regiment at Broadway roundabout is both provocative and inflammatory.”


“This is Jackie McDonald’s turf and by putting these flags up after he and other loyalists came back from Cerdiff promising a new dawn, is sending a clear message,” said a loyalist source. “And that message is that not everyone is on board with the peace plan.” Why on earth would someone in Belfast want to put up a flag of this particular regiment of the British Army?” asked one nationalist resident who lives nearby. 


THE trial of a former Sinn Fein councillor and widow of an IRA commander for the alleged sexual and physical abuse of her stepdaughter begins on TTuesday 4th June at Belfast’s Crown Court. Bridge Meehan (but going by the name Mclaughlin) (66) faces eight charges, including gross indecency with a child, indecent assault and cruelty to a person aged under 16.

Bridge Meehan was married to the late north Belfast republican Martin Meehan.

Theaccused, of Elmfield Street, Ardoyne, North Belfast, pleaded not guilty to all eight charges when she first appeared in court in May 2011. Mrs Meehan was a Sinn Fein member of Newtownabby Borough Council from 2001. She resigned from the local authority in 2010, citing I’ll health (when the alleged allegations came to light), but had been suspended from membership of Sinn Fein several months previously. Her late husband, Martin Meehan, whose first wife died of cancer in 1977, aged 35, was the leading Provisional IRA figure in North Belfast in the early 1970s.

A native of Ardoyne, he served 18 years in prison and was the first person to be convicted of membership of the Provisional IRA. He escaped from Crumlin Road Gaol, and in 1980 staged a 66-day hunger strike in the Maze. Briege Meehan is alleged to have abused Martin Meehan’s daughter from his first marriage, Mary Meehan, between July 1979 and October 1980, at a time when her husband was in prison. Mary Meehan, who was aged 10 and 11 at that time, has waived her right to anonymity. In 2011, a judge in Belfast dismissed an application by Briege Meehan’s defence team, which had sought the imposition of reporting restrictions on the case. Released from jail in 1994, Martin Meehan represted Sinn Fein on Antrim Borough Council for two years until 2003 and twice stood unsuccessfully in elections to the House of Commons. A supporter of the Adams-McGuinness leadership and of Sinn Fein’s involvement in the peace process, he died in 2007, aged 62.

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Protestant Coalition was formed just 5 weeks ago

A NEW hard-line loyalist party is already in a state of disarray after losing a number of senior members just weeks after it was launched in a blaze of publicity. The Protestant Coalition’s most prominent figure, Willie Frazer, also faces a possible return to prison on Monday after being accused of breaching bail conditions.

2013-04-25 18.32.25

Launched just five weeks ago, the new political party headed by leading flag protesters claimed to have more than 500 members. The most politically experienced was former Ulster Democratic Party spokesman Davy Nicholl, who took part in negotiations leading up to the Good Friday Agreement. He confirmed to The Irish News yesterday that he has left, saying it was for health reasons. Former British Nationalist Party fundraiser Jim Dowson is also said to have parted ways with the group, while north Belfast loyalist Bill Hill is another prominent member no longer believed to be involved. Controversial victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer is on bail on charges linked to the Union Flag protests. He confirmed he is to appear in court on Monday morning for alleged breach of his release conditions after making comments in the media criticising the sentencing of a woman jailed for throwing stones at police during a flag related disturbance. “I haven’t been very well so I’m not up to speed with what’s been happening,” Mr Frazer said last night.

Cracks appearing in Protestant Coalition

Party can reorganise says Frazer

WILLIE Frazer last night suggested his new political party could still “reorganise with a different line-up” after it emerged it has already lost a number of prominent members.

2013-06-01 13.46.07

The south Armagh man, who is being treated for terminal cancer, part of his bail conditions ban him from speaking to the media about the flag protests. Last night, Mr Frazer said he had been in hospital and therefore not in contact with other members of his new party for several weeks. “There is still interest from the public. I think we reorganise, albit possibly with a different line-up,” he said. “I haven’t been very well so I’m not up to speed with what’s been happening.” The biggest blow to the hard-line loyalist party is the departure of its most politically experenced member, Davy Nicholl, a former member of the Ulster Political Research Group who took took part in talks leading up to the Good Friday Agreement.

He said his decision to stand down is due to ill health. Mr Nicholl, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, said he was only ever a member of the Protestant Coalition in a “supportive role”. “Due to my health problems I just cant do as I used to so that was mainly why I left,” he said. The future of north Belfast loyalist Bill Hill, who played an active role in the flag protests, is also in doubt. Sources say Hill, from the Tigers Bay area, who was also a member of the Ulster People’s Forum, has been keeping a low profile in recent weeks. Former British Nationalist Party foundraiser Jim Dowson, who also faces charges relating to the protests which were sparked by a decision at Belfast City Council to limit the flying of the Union Flag over City Hall, is also said to have left the fledgling party. His daughter Alice Dowson was also present at the Protestent Coalition launch in the La Mon Hotel, and it is not known if she will follow in her father’s footsteps. Meanwhile, money raised during a foundraiser for prisoners jailed for taking part in the flag protests is understood to have gone missing. It is thought around £700 was raised at an event held in a loyalist bar and an investigation is now under way to try to establish what happened.

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A SCOTTISH judge has ruled it is within the law to sing pro-IRA songs at soccer matches. Dozens of fans were seen chanting The Roll of Honour,a pro-IRA song commemorating the 1981 hunger sstrikers, during a Celtic match.


Club supporter Calum Graham (21) was brought before the court for singing the song but was cleared of behaving in an offence manner likely to incite public disorder. The Inverness Sheriff Court Judge said it was not enough for a chant to be offensive, it also had to be “likely to incite public disorder”. Sheriff MargaretNelson said : “Parliament clearly has it in mind that you must pass this hurdle for it to be an offence.” Mr Graham was identified on video by police singing The Roll of Honour during the match, which was attended by up to 6,000 fans, against Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the city on August 25 last year. The football fan, from Glasgow, admitted he was one of a group singing it but denied behaving in an offensive manner likely to cause public disorder.

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