Organizational report for previous year and what must be done in the next year


To be presented on Jan. 3rd to local committee

Comrades and Friends

This new year is a time of contemplation and reflection, what have we done in the past year, what obstacles have we encountered and how must we move ahead.
This year was a year a struggle and victory, from our legal battles, won on a political basis with no conciliation, to our fights against the cut to social services, to our occupations, sit in and disruptions
one may say that the spirit of this year was a spirit of resistance and rejection of class conciliation. Our Peoples programs such as the wed. food programs have been launched, our work in factories like Schneider’s to distribute and politicize the people has been successful and our anti colonialist work has reached new heights.
Despite state attack, criminalization and attempts to marginalize our struggle we have held our flag of revolution…

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Soon you will have to prove your nationality before receiving NHS treatment

Vox Political

Suppose Michael Schumacher had moved to Britain and had his accident here after new government plans for the NHS were put in place – would he have been refused treatment?

Admittedly, that is a bad example to use. Mr Schumacher is undoubtedly wealthy enough to buy any healthcare he needs, and we should not wish poor treatment on him in any case.

It does show up the poverty of the Conservative-led government’s moral attitude, though. The fact that he is German adds another dimension, in that his people may have a particular aversion to any situation in which their papers are demanded by officials before they are allowed to do anything.

The proposals demonstrate the depths to which the UK is falling under the current despotic, unelected right-wing administration and the petty would-be tyrant at its head. We are drifting ever-closer to totalitarianism and comparisons with 1930s and 40s Germany…

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Viva La Revolución!


Rarely have I agreed with an article more than this opinion piece by Tom Law featured on the Sabotage Times examining the cultural subjugation of the Welsh language and the Welsh-speaking citizens and communities of Wales. He articulates for many the frustration and anger of a new, younger generation of activists in the Celtic nations determined to have their voices heard in the face of the passivity and fatalism of too many of those who came before.

“The popular narrative is that it’s just a natural process – a stronger and healthier language replaces an older and weaker one. That the Welsh language is dying of natural causes – like an elderly relative withering away. It’s sad but inevitable. What can you do?

That’s the common explanation – but it’s bollocks.

The Welsh language has declined so rapidly because the English placed a pillow over its face and smothered it…

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SNP Top The Last Poll Of 2013


Despite the earnest wishes (not to mention cliché-ridden propaganda) of the Unionist media establishment in Scotland and Britain the latest Panelbase poll shows the SNP government in Edinburgh convincingly ahead of its nearest rivals. From the Scotsman newspaper:

Scottish Parliament constituency vote:

SNP: 40%

Labour: 32%

Conservative: 15%

Lib Dem: 5%

Other: 8%

Scottish Parliament regional list vote:

SNP: 40%

Labour: 31%

Conservative: 14%

Lib Dem: 5%

Green: 5%

Other: 5%

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The Haass Agreement In Detail


Here is a link to the proposed agreement rejected by the political and community leaders of the pro-union British minority in the north-east of the country during the so-called Haass talks (PDF document). Virtually nothing about the Irish language or a bill of rights for Irish-speaking citizens and communities is contained in the document. I will comment more when I have had time to study it.


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John Sumner – Hartlepool

The UK & Ireland Database

February 2014

Pervert who made fireplace collage out of 1,000 sick images of boys is jailed

A PERVERT who downloaded more than 1,000 sick pictures of young boys from the internet has been jailed.

John Sumner collected a hoard of indecent photographs of children over a two year period.

Teesside Crown Court how the 55-year-old loner even displayed a number of the illegal photos in a collage around the fireplace of his Sheriff Street home in Hartlepool.

He was jailed for 12 months after he earlier admitted 19 charges of making indecent photographs and pseudo photographs plus four counts of possessing indecent photos and pseudo photos.

December 2013

Hartlepool pervert admits possessing more than 1k indecent images of children

A PERVERT has admitted a string of offences relating to over 1,000 indecent images of children.

John Sumner appeared before Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to 19 charges of making…

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