Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association – ADDAMEER – Petition: Tell Bill Gates to divest from Israel’s torture of Palestinians!

Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association – ADDAMEER – Petition: Tell Bill Gates to divest from Israel’s torture of Palestinians!.

The PSNI & The Ivor Bell Case: Some Thoughts On Motives And Consequences

The Broken Elbow

As I post this article reports are coming in from Belfast that the 56-year-old man arrested by the PSNI this morning in connection, according to evident police leaks, with the disappearance of Jean McConville has been released. Hardly surprising since he was only 14 in December 1972 when the unfortunate mother & widow was abducted by the IRA.

That makes the PSNI’s cull so far a 77-year-old man, who was not with the Sinn Fein programme since the mid-1980’s and someone who was 14 when the crime took place. Meanwhile as far as I know the PSNI has yet to respond to the offer to present himself for questioning made by Gerry Adams, who has been named as the man who actually ordered her disappearance.

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There is one thing that every lawyer I have spoken to since the arrest and charging of former Belfast…

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Mi’kmaq Warriors on trial, RCMP Tactical Troop commander cross-examined



The cross examination of Tactical boss Sergeant Bernard, as Mi’kmaq Warriors trial continues

by Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop, April 2, 2014

Moncton, New Brunswick – Day two of the trials of Germaine ‘Jr’ Breau and Aaron Francis, the incarcerated members of the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society, continues today.

The day began with presiding Judge Jackson addressing Breau’s appeal to have the name of the RCMP officer who uttered racist remarks on the October 17th raid of the anti-shale gas encampment disclosed to the defence team. The motivation for this appeal, ostensibly, is to know if and when the individual in question might be taking the stand, most likely to provide testimony against Breau or Francis.

Judge Jackson noted that the disclosure was indeed relevant to the trial, but that he was in effect stonewalled from granting Breau’s request by the Crown’s revelation that no such records surrounding who…

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Picket for the Craigavon 2 at Kitcheners farmers market a success


Today a small but dedicated group of people went to the KItchener farmers market to have an info picket to raise awareness of the illegal and criminal incarceration of the Craigavon 2 by the British state due to the fact that they are Irish Republicans. The leaflets went very quick as vendors who were supportive assisted by handing them out to there customers.

The reception was generally positive but more so on the inside where more people engaged and asked questions. Several people held placards and there was also a banner.

After this the placards were taped up in highly visible areas in Kitchener and union station in Toronto, due to the fact that one of the supporters took the bus there and the banner was hung outside a station on the university line.

Although the event was positive people wanted a way to plug in and their is talk…

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