ITV News presenter defends her decision to not wear a poppy on-air!

11:15pm, Tue 12 Nov 2013

ITVNews presenter defends her decision to not wear a poppy on-air

by Charlene White – ITV Londonpresenter       – last updated Tue 12 Nov 2013

ITV News London presenter Charlene White Photo: ITV London

In the last week, ITV News London presenter Charlene White has received a torrent of racist abuse on social media sites around her decision not to wear a poppy on-air.

As a supporter of the Poppy Appeal, here she explains in her own words why she chooses not to wear one when she is reading the news.

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Diplock Court Judge Retires To Consider Verdict in the Case of Murdered Reserve Constable John Proctor

The North Belfast Journal A View from Napoleons Nose by Fra Hughes

Court 11 rose today at 13.10 as the Recorder Judge David McFarland retired to review the evidence submitted during this trial and return a verdict at a future unspecified date.

This Diplock Court Hearing were no jury sits to hear the evidence and rebuttals offered at trial was scheduled to last up two weeks but concluded early this afternoon with both the defence and the prosecution presenting their conclusions in this case.

Seamus Martin Kearney of Maghera stands accused of the murder of Reserve Constable John Proctor in the car park of the Mid Ulster Hospital on September the 14 th 1981.

The evidence put forward at trial by the Crown has identified DNA belonging to Mr Kearney found on a cigarette butt recovered from the murder scene adjacent to spent cartridge bullet shells from AR15 Armalite Assault Rifle.That appears to be the only evidence the prosecution has?

Mr Kearney…

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Friends, Comrades

To pay tribute to a man of the character of Vol Kevin “Kiddo” Murray is very easy indeed.

It is made easy because we are paying tribute to a man of honour.

Kiddo as he was fondly known was a man of principle, conscience and a true patriot.

His untimely death brought sorrow to his family and to the broad republican family and the circumstances of his maltreatment whilst incarcerated in Portlaoise Gaol as a political prisoner brings shame on that regime whose only motivation is to criminalise Irish men and women who stand up for what is right and by so doing exposes their hypocrisy.

Vol Kevin Murray not only exposed their hypocrisy, he stood against it and defended the sovereignty of his nation. He was not found wanting.

He cared for his country, he didn’t make judgements based on personalities or greed, he made…

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Righting A Wrong Simply Because It Is The Right Thing To Do


Two vastly contrasting stories that ultimately derive from the same history of invasion, occupation, annexation and colonisation. The first deals with the legacy of British rule in Ireland, a dark shadow that still hangs over too many young men and women on this island-nation. From the Irish Times:

“A little-known legacy of the Great Famine may be the exceptionally high levels of mental illness amongst later generations of Irish people, both at home and abroad, an Irish historian suggested last night.

Prof Oonagh Walsh told a Science Week event at IT Sligo she believed “epigenetic change” took place due to severe nutritional deprivation during the Famine, which claimed two million lives from 1845 to 1851.

While still in the early stages of a study into the subject, Prof Walsh believes research will show a connection between high rates of mental illnesses and the effect of maternal starvation. She also…

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