Republican Prisoners Statement, Today 31st August 2014


Mandy Duffy



Following a process of on-going discussion and analysis between the representatives of all Republican Political Prisoners in Roe House Republican Wing it has been agreed that the use of all facilities and physical space will be on a shared basis from Monday 1st September 2014.


The Maghaberry GAOL ADMINISTRATION will be made aware of this new dispensation immediately.


Decisions relating to the utilisation of the limited space available in Roe will be regulated through the agreement of the representatives of Republican Prisoner groups and no-one else.


In the past GAOL ADMINISTRATION have exploited relationships between Republican Prisoners to foster and exasperate tensions so as to create division and disharmony. This has been to subvert the August 2010 agreement generally but in particular it is a last ditch effort to “legitimise” its discredited and condemned controlled movement policy.


All Republican Prisoners are united in our determination to resist all British State criminalisation efforts. Equally we are committed to taking whatever action we deem necessary to achieve the implementation of the August 2010 agreement; which alone provides the route towards the establishment of a CONFLICT-FREE ENVIRONMENT

Republican Prisoners


Roe House, Maghaberry.

With many thanks to: Mandy Duffy

Williams to die: others reprieved The Irish News August 31st 1942



Anne DevlinSociety Belfast


Five of the six condemned Belfast youths have been reprieved. Only Thomas Joseph Williams is to die. Cordner, Perry, Oliver and Cahill received life sentences while Simpson gets 15years. He is the youngest of the six and was recommended to mercy by the trial jury.

At the trial, the police alleged that Williams made a statement in which he said, he had suggested firing at the police car as a distraction to allow the Easter parade to pass off uninterrupted.

News of the Governors decision was greeted with great relief. But the prevalent feeling was one of extensive sorrow that a lad of 19 years was going to die.

The Dublin Reprieve Committee last night issued the following statement. ‘The. Reprieve of five of the condemned men does not in any way alter our position. This committee will continue to work

tirelessly to secure the reprieve of Thomas Williams with un diminished energy.

In the event of the authorities making Williams the victim, Ireland will make it known to the world that this execution would never be sanctioned by the Irish people who will observe Wednesday as a National day of morning.


—  With many thanks to the: Anne Devlin Society, Belfast.




David Humphreys the Zonist who attacked George Galloway!!!


His profile picture on Facebook – on the whiteboard behind him reads “I stand by Isreal and I salute the IDF (Israleli Defence Force)” !!!