More mistakes in the script? Correcting Cameron’s New Year speech

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David Cameron’s New Year message – what a disgrace!

Standing uncomfortably in an empty factory (one presumes the workers were all on part-time contracts to save bosses money in holiday pay and national insurance), the comedy Prime Minister looked nervous as he reeled off a list of statements the Conservative Party wants the proles to believe, going into 2014.

What a shame his words were so easy to debunk.

If you can bear to hear it, play the video (above). I did, and wrote the following response in real time – as his speech was taking place. Then I sent it to his Facebook page. Here are my words:

“Mr Cameron,

“When you weren’t elected into office, the economy was on the up – and your policies killed it stone dead for three years. You haven’t cut the deficit significantly for years (it’s been stuck at £120 billion or thereabouts)…

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The REAL Agenda behind Benefit Fraud Campaigns?


Today January 3 2014 is the official start of the latest Divide & Rule Strategy from the boys at DWP; Freud is the spokesman of this new ‘softer’ approach to the proven futile Benefit Fraud Campaign.

So how is the latest ‘reinvention going to differ – there are 6 pilot areas with “posters, newspaper adverts, Facebook adverts and letters to claimants – urging people to report suspected benefit fraud or changes to their circumstances”; it seems at a quick glance this campaign is aimed at ensuring claimants understand what they need to report to DWP and when – not much wrong with that then? Until you look at the second example which is the same old rhetoric – report anyone you don’t like/is on benefits/you don’t ‘believe is disabled etc to DWP and all for FREE – yes one of the few 0800 Numbers the DWP still has is… to enable any…

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Oppressing ordinary people in a new dark age!

Social Action 2014

Oppressing ordinary people in a new dark age!

A letter a day to number 10. No 613.

Friday 03 January 2014. Oppressing ordinary people in a new dark age!

Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish to send your own copy please feel free to copy and paste, and alter for your own needs, the text for your own letter.

Website updated, letters and replies plus bonus material featuring Mr Suggs, Eeyore and Ribbit.

Also on the website, download the support compilation three album set from Atona. Not to be missed.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You know, my knowledge of history isn’t good enough to know how many centuries ago it came about that a bunch of fat cats decided it was ok to own and control the majority of the population and exploit them. It clearly pre-dates the Peasants revolt (1381) and the Norman invasion (1066) and probably pre-dates the…

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British Apologies are meaningless

Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach

Statement from Comhairle Uladh, Sinn Féin Poblachtach

3rd January 2014

In a recent move by the British Security forces to coerce young Irish people into a life of British collaboration and militarism, an RAF recruitment poster was plastered in the Brandywell area of Derry. The British Ministry of defence have acknowledged this was “insensitive” and have apologised for any offence caused, however the presence of any British military in Ireland is offensive to the Irish Nation, British security forces apologies are meaningless when they continue to occupy any part of Ireland.

The persistent recruitment of young Irish people into the British Security forces, places their lives in very real danger and Republican Sinn Féin urge all Irishmen and women to desist from joining this occupational force and to instead focus their energies on helping secure a lasting peace in Ireland, by working for an Ireland free from British Militarism and…

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The lies that smashed the unions and destroyed our coal industry

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So now we know that Margaret Thatcher lied about the scale of her attack on the British mining industry.

She told the country that only 20 pits were to be closed, when in secret she and National Coal Board chief Ian Macgregor had planned to close no less than 75.

The revelation vindicates then-National Union of Mineworkers’ leader Arthur Scargill, who claimed at the time that there was a “secret hit-list” of more than 70 pits marked for closure.

Documents released under what used to be called the Thirty Year Rule show that under the plan, two-thirds of Welsh miners would become redundant, a third of those in Scotland, almost half of those in north east England, half in South Yorkshire and almost half in the South Midlands. The entire Kent coalfield would close.

The workforce was to be cut by about a third, from 202,000 to 138,000.

Thatcher went…

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Sinn Fein The IRA and the Sands of Time Part Two

The North Belfast Journal A View from Napoleons Nose by Fra Hughes

As we enter the late 1960s the world watches the call for the emancipation of the Black Afro American Community who arrived as slaves kidnapped by European Slave Traders mainly British and Dutch and who have been pilloried beaten subjected to racism violence imprisonment and discrimination by their White European Colonial Masters who have Colonised the Americas.They now demand equality and freedom ,he right to vote ,to have fair representation in politics and at all levels of employment this call for civil rights finds an echo in the bitter little sectarian Statelet of Northern Ireland .

Born under the threat of extreme violence and in the blood of the innocent ,to rogue parents, the British Government and their Loyalist Unionist Colonisers in the North this Basterd State resonated with the cry by the Nationalist/Republican/Catholic communities for Equality Emancipation and the Universal Right to Vote ,the Right to fairness of opportunity…

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