Government ‘not budging’ on public sector pay and pensions

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I know that not everyone agrees with strike action by public sector workers, but hear me out if you will.
I am a public sector worker and have been for some time, when Thatcher was in power, it was agreed, with government and the unions, that public sector workers (the majority anyway) would accept lower wages for enhanced pension and redundancy rights; but now, the government are tearing up those existing contracts … that is illegal.I thought I was going to be able to retire at 60 (I’ve been working since I was 17) but now, I will have to remain in work (if my health permits) until 66 at the least, because of changes to the state pension. Talk about this government moving the goal posts half way through the game!In my social circle, I have conversations with fire officers and prison officers; here’s some of the things they’ve told…

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IDS reacts “furiously” to anything that criticises him.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

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Is he losing the plot?

To be honest I’m starting to have grave concerns over the Secretary of State for Work & Pension’s state of health.

In a recent Daily Mail article to which we will not link, Iain Duncan Smith has had yet another angry turn.  It comes as yet another damning report over his ill fated welfare reforms lands on his desk.  It’s becoming a bizarre and quite worrying behavioural trait for Smith to lash out in angry outbursts as he springs to the defence of his fast failing reforms.  

On this occasion, a 22 page report by United Nations poverty ‘ambassadors’ has led an attack on the Coalition’s welfare reforms.   Smith has apparently reacted furiously to the ‘absurd and unwarranted intervention’ and retorted in his usual self protective style by saying the report was ‘riddled with faulty logic’.   He rambles on to…

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Welfare reforms break UN convention

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By Patrick Butler.
Posted in The Guardian, Monday 7 July 2014
The UK government is risking “systematic violation” of international human rights law in its treatment of disabled people, charities claim.
Britain is a signatory to a binding UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities, and the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights. Austerity measures and welfare reforms such as the bedroom tax mean the rights of disabled people to independent living, work, and social security have been undermined, causing significant hardship, say campaigners.
A report published by Just Fair, a consortium of 80 national charities including Amnesty International, Save the Children, and Oxfam, says the UK is in clear breach of its legal obligations. Support structures for many disabled people have disappeared or are under threat as local authorities cut social care budgets, while cuts to benefits will leave many disabled people without…

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Shame Fein bullshit and hyprocrisy at it’s very very best!!!!

The residents group, CARA who only represent about 10% of local people in the Ardoyne community have called for a ‘public’ meeting for tommorow night a Chaide….


Once again the only people invited are those who live in the few streets close to the parade route….Guess the opinions of the other 90% of residents aren’t wanted by the Provisional Shame Fein backed group….The main purpose of GARC’s existence! a Chairde, to represent everyone else!

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Loyalists now threating to end the peace process and bring guns back onto the streets because of Ardoyne parade ruling

A loyalist/Protestant/Unionist anti-agreement group has more or less called for the Protestant community to bring guns back onto the streets of the North of Ireland.


 The group (linked above) has stated the writing is on the wall people have had enough! Also posted a picture painted at the bottom of the Ligoniel Road, just above Ardoyne shops stating: Fuck Ardoyne – Enough is Enough – Fuck The Peace!!!!

DVLA website lets visitors check on neighbours benefits

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From Benefits and Work:

A new vehicle check service on the DVLA website allows visitors to find out whether their neighbours are receiving the higher rate of the mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) or either rate of the mobility component of personal independence payment (PIP).  The system is likely to be in breach of data protection laws and will be of enormous concern to many disabled claimants.

Unhappy member
The issue was brought to our attention yesterday by a very unhappy member who emailed us to say:

“My neighbour was able to tell me that I was on the higher rate of disability living allowance.

“She found out that people on the higher rate of disability living allowance and other similar high rate benefits get free road tax.

“The DVLA vehicle check system has been revamped and is now displaying taxation class as DISABLED on every vehicle where…

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