Adams can’t stay in character as a statesman for long

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Adams can’t stay in character as a statesman for long
Eilis O’Hanlon
Sunday Independent
11 May 2014

The Sinn Fein leader can only keep up the act for a short time before letting the mask slip

If there was ever any appetite in Sinn Fein south of the border for trading in its leader for a younger model with less baggage, it’s gone now.

Since his arrest for questioning over the abduction, murder and disappearance of Jean McConville 40 years ago, the position of Gerry Adams has become unassailable. In the eyes of many of the party’s fanboys and girls, he’s almost become Nelson Mandela, unjustly jailed by a brutal regime, albeit for four nights rather than 27 years. Adams emerged to a hero’s welcome as if he had escaped from Robben Island, nowhere nearer to being the “father to the nation” Mandela became, but certainly a more powerful patriarch…

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Three Welsh Rights Activists Arrested


The three civil rights activists belonging to Cymdeithas yr Iaith arrested in Aberystwyth this morning The three civil rights activists belonging to Cymdeithas yr Iaith arrested in Aberystwyth this morning (Íomhá: Walesonline)

Three activists fighting for Welsh language rights, two women and a man in their twenties, were arrested today by police in Wales after they painted slogans on a local government building demanding greater equality for Welsh-speaking citizens from the devolved government in Cardiff. From the Daily Post newspaper:

“Three campaigners have spray painted the Welsh Government offices in Aberystwyth this morning in a language protest about an alleged lack of support for the Welsh language.

Cymdeithas yr Iaith is blaming the First Minister’s “lack of action in response to the Census results”.

The activists’ organisation said that they painted slogans including pleas for “Addysg Gymraeg i Bawb” (Welsh-medium education for all) on the wall of the Welsh Government building in the town at 7:45am.

The society says that the protest is part of a…

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IRGC to Use RQ-170 (Drone) for Bombing Missions


TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian version of the RQ-170 which has been manufactured through the reverse engineering of the US drone which was tracked and hunted down in Iran late in 2011, has been equipped by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) with bombing capability to attack the US warships in any possible battle.

This capability was revealed during Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei’s Sunday visit to an exhibition of the latest achievements of the IRGC Aerospace Force. The Supreme Leader had a two-hour tour of the IRGC’s Aerospace Exhibition where state-of-the-art equipment and hardware were showcased.

The advanced radar-evading US RQ-170 drone downed by the IRGC more than two years ago and its indigenized model developed by Iranian experts through reverse engineering were among the most important sections of the exhibition.

The US army uses the drone for reconnaissance missions but the IRGC Aerospace experts…

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Cameron defends No10 garden drinks reception for DUP MPs

PM t up to party in case of hung Parliament says McGuinness

BRITISH prime minister David Cameron has been forced to defend a private  meeting with DUP MPs ahead of a possible hung parliament where their support for the Tories could be crucial.


According to reports, Mr Cameron hosted a lavish reception for the party’s eight Westminister representves and leader Peter Robinson in the Downing Street garden on April 30 – the night Gerry Adams was arrested. The Tory strategy has echoes of John Major’s accommodation of the Ulster Unionist demands in the post-ceasefire mid-1990s. The DUP has insisted the get-togeather was an opportunity to discuss compensation from Libya for IRA victims (we believe you but thousands wouldn’t). However, the party did confirm that the prime minister “also kindly provided some hospitality for our MPs”. “As the fourth biggest party at Féin,minister and being very active in the work of parliament, we maintain good relationships with all the parties in Westminister and meet with them both formally and informally very regularly,” a spokesman said. “That is part of the important role of our MPs as they stand up for the North of Ireland, ensure our voice is heard in parliament and seek to use their influence to keep the North of Ireland moving forward.” Commenting on the Downing Street garden get-togeather, Mr Cameron said it was “right to talk” to other political parties. The Conservative leader described the event as an “offshoot” of the meeting about Libyan compensation. “It is only right the prime minister talks to other groups and parties in Parliament,” he said. “I was having a meeting with leading DUPs to discuss trying to win from the Libyans some compensation for the fact that Libyan Semtex, given to them by Colonel Gaddafi, is still being used in the North of Ireland. The drinks we had were an offshoot from that meeting.”

But Shame Fein’s Martin (J118) McGuinness said hosting the DUP MPs in the Downing Street garden raised concerns about Mr Cameron’s “stewardship of the peace process”. “Today’s admission that British prime minister David Cameron has been holding private meetings with the DUP raises serious questions about his lacklustre stewardship of the the peace process,” he said. “David Cameron has failed to meet the Sinn Féin leadership on a range of serious issues, which have had a destabilising effect on the political processes.” The deputy first minister said the Tory leader was “cosying up to the DUP with an eye on the next British elections” and that this helped explain the British government’s “increasingly partisan role”. “David Cameron’s government has failed to embrace the Haass proposals on flags, parading and the past, despite support for the proposals from Sinn Fein, the SDLP and Alliance, the Irish government and the US administration,” he said. “His secretary of state in the north has adopted the intransigent pro-unionist position of refusing to deal with the issue of killings carried out by British state forces and the loyalist death squads run by their intelligence services.” Mr McGuinness said it was “imperative” that Mr Cameron met him and Gerry Adams as soon as possible.

With many thanks to: John Manley, Political Reporter, The Irish News (For the original story).


Pro fide et patria

Wooing DUP carries risks

IT IS quite a coincidence that the only Northern Ireland MPs to have been invited to a high-profile soireè at Downing Street last week were all from the DUP.


The event, described by The Guardian newspaper as a “lavish reception” in the garden of David Cameron’s official residence, has been widely viewed as an attempt to win DUP backing for the Conservatives if the next UK general election results in a hung parliament. Mr Cameron yesterday denied suggestions that he was following the historical example of many of his Tory predecessors in ‘playing the Orange Card’ but the attendance at his gathering was striking. It did not include anyone from Sinn Fein, the SDLP or Alliance, who togeather with the independent unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon hold 10 of the 18 Northern Ireland seats at Westminister. However, all eight DUP MPs, plus leader Peter Robinson, were able to join the prime minister for drinks, including non-alcoholic options, on his lawn, with a party source telling The Guardian: “It would be fair to say a lot of wooing is going on.” While Mr Cameron is fully entitled to socialise with whichever parliamentarians he chooses, he would be well advised to exercise caution in his dealings with politicial representatives from Northern Ireland. Proceedings at Stormont have reached an extremely delicate stage, with relationships between the two main parties, the DUP and Sinn Fein, plainly at an all-time low. If the prevailing trends continue, there is a serious prospect that our devolved structures, which have been built up in such a pain-staking way over the last 15 years, could collapse. It is fairly obvious that the DUP, should it find itself holding the balance of power in the House of Commons, would be unlikely to offer many conciliatory gestures to its rivals. When Mr Cameron draws up his next Downing Street guest list, including some individuals from all the key parties in Northern Ireland Assembly might well be a good idea.

Tim Pat Coogan – A Reaction

The Broken Elbow

I have just read Tim Pat Coogan’s article in Niall O’Dowd’s website Irish Central which you can read here.

A number of people have urged me to respond but after reflection this is what I have to say: isn’t it a shame that after such an illustrious career, which has included writing major books on Irish republican history and editing one of Ireland’s major daily newspapers, he has reduced himself to such a level. Very sad indeed?

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