‘Abolition of the Bedroom Tax’ Bill is launched in Parliament

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Ian Lavery launched his ambitious Bill to abolish the Bedroom Tax yesterday. [Image: Daily Mirror] Ian Lavery launched his ambitious Bill to abolish the Bedroom Tax yesterday. [Image: Daily Mirror] Make no mistake about it – the purpose of the legislation tabled yesterday (Wednesday) by Labour’s Ian Lavery is to discover how many Liberal Democrat MPs are redeemable and how many have been irreversibly corrupted by their current alliance with the Conservatives.

The Bill to abolish the hated Bedroom Tax is unlikely to gain Royal Assent unless Liberal Democrats who supported the imposition of the Bedroom Tax reverse their point of view. There is even the possibility that some Conservatives may now realise that they, as Mr Lavery put it, “underestimated the real consequences of walking through the Government Lobby to support the introduction”. He also said: “It is an olive branch… I would hope that my Bill would receive support from members in all parties.”

MPs voted almost unanimously for the Bill to be…

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FLORA AND FAUNA 100 S. African rhinos moving to Botswana to escape



100 S. African rhinos moving to Botswana to escape poachers by Staff Writers Johannesburg (AFP) Feb 12, 2014

African safari operators and conservation groups said Wednesday they plan to move up to 100 South African rhinos to neighbouring Botswana for safekeeping, as poaching levels spike to new highs.

“One hundred rhinos will be captured and safely transported from South Africa… and released in Botswana’s remote wilderness,” two conservation groups called &Beyond and Great Plains said in a joint statement.

A team of anti-poaching experts will be charged with monitoring the animals, which will be tagged and micro-chipped.

Last year more than 1,000 rhinos were illegally killed in South Africa, home to the majority of the world’s rhino population, which marks a 50 percent jump from the previous year fuelled by rising demand for rhino horn from Asia.

“There is a battle for Africa’s wildlife raging. Rhinos are being poached at…

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Tory council charges £7.50 a sandbag and MP refuses to meet flood-hit residents


Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Flood-hit residents in Christchurch Dorset have been told by their Tory-run Council that they have to buy sandbags at £30 for a pack of four.

They have twice written to their MP – Conservative Christopher Chope – to request a meeting to explain their frustrations, but he has ignored them.

Here’s the story reproduced in full from the Bournemouth Echo:

Angry residents blast council
ANGRY residents in a flood-hit flat block have blasted a “total lack of support” from Christchurch council and their MP, writes Melanie Vass.

Residents in Conifer Close – some of whom were evacuated on Christmas Day – say they are the “forgotten corner” of Christchurch and living in fear of further flooding.

While PM David Cameron promises that “money is no object” when it comes to helping flood victims, Conifer Close residents have had to buy their own sandbags…

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A Red Day For Irish


Lá Mór Na Gaeilge Lá Mór Na Gaeilge

More views on Lá Mór na Gaeilge, the demonstration to be held in support of Irish language rights starting at 2pm on Saturday the 15th with a march from the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square, Dublin, to Leinster House, the home of Ireland’s national legislature Dáil Éireann. From the Irish Independent newspaper an opinion piece by Siobhán Seoighe:

“ON SATURDAY I’ll be taking a walk through the streets of Dublin’s fair city.

It won’t be my usual stroll down Grafton Street or a regular meander around Henry Street, popping in and out of shops and drinking coffee (these days I’ve even become partial to cup of hot chocolate).

I’ll be walking to protect and to promote what little language rights I have left as an Irish citizen. Yes, you have read that truly convoluted sentence correctly.

I could give you the long list of facts…

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