#OTD in 1876 – The Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language is formed in Dublin.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

“In order to de-Anglicize ourselves, we must at once arrest the decay of the language. We must bring pressure upon our politicians not to snuff it out by their racist discouragement merely because they do not themselves understand it. We must arouse some spark of patriotic inspiration among the peasantry who still use the language, and put an end to that shameful state of feeling — a thousand-tongued reproach to our leaders and statesmen — which makes young men and women blush and hang their heads when overheard speaking their own language.” –Douglas Hyde
The Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language (SPIL) was a cultural organisation in late 19th-century Ireland, which was part of the Gaelic revival of the period.
It was founded on 29 December 1876 by Douglas Hyde and Count Plunkett Unlike similar organisations of the time, which were antiquarian in nature, the SPIL aimed at…

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The British Security Service, MI5, Planned Terrorist Assassination Of Fianna Fáil Leader, Charles Haughey


The last few days has seen the publication of another tranche of heretofore secret government documents under the National Archives Act, the 1986 legislation which requires files of historical value to be opened up for public scrutiny within thirty years of their addition to the National Archives of Ireland. Notable among these new materials is File 2017/10/34, from Roinn an Taoisigh or the Department of the Taoiseach, which has become the subject of headlines in the Irish and international press.

Dating to August 5th 1987, the document consists of a communication from the Ulster Volunteer Force, a British terrorist grouping in the UK-administered north-east of Ireland, to Charles J Haughey, the then Taoiseach and Fianna Fáil leader. Using official UVF-headed stationery, and signed with the customary code name, Capt W Johnston, the letter details a 1985 request from Britain’s clandestine Security Service, better known as MI5, seeking the…

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Murder bid accused (15) ‘claimed to be in UDA’

A 15-YEAR-OLD boy charged with attempted murder claimed to be a member of the UDA after going to the home of a “vulnerable” youth, a court has been told. The defendant, who cannot be named because of his age, faces eight charges including possession of a knife with intent relating to an incident in Limavady early on Thusday.

Also in court in Coleraine yesterday was a co-accused, Paddy Brolly (18), whose address was given as Rosseden Drive, Limavady. Brolly, who was was denied bail, faces five charges including attempting to cause grievious bodily harm with intent and possession of a hatchet with intent to commit criminal damage.

A police officer said that at 3.15am on December 28th the two accused approached the rear of a house were a woman and her 18-year-old who has “learning difficulties and is classed as vulnerable” were inside. The officer said the woman said the boy “proclaimed to be a member of the UDA and that her son was a drug dealer and had to get out”. She also alleged Brolly was waving what looked like a foot-long hatchet ” around his head” and used it to damage a fence post.

The policeman said the 18-year-old then ran outside and his mother claimed she saw the 15-year-old “thrusting an object twice towards the chest of her son”. The officer told the court that ” luckily enough there was no major injury” but damage was caused to a coat and marks were left on his chest.

The 15-year-old was remanded into costody for 14 days after the judge warned him that he could be be sentenced for contempt of court for comments made during the hearing. “Go ahead, give me a sentence, Rathgael is a holiday camp,” the teenager told him. The pair are due to reappear via videolink on January 22nd.

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Please bring Holly’s Ashes back

I need EVERYONES help! I left my house on the ballygomartin road area at the bottom of ballymageray lane approx 6:30pm and returned at approx 9:15pm to notice my house had been burgled. The sick and sad thing is who ever done it took Holly’s ashes. The police believe they thought it was drugs. We our absolutely devastated, angry and sickened. Tennnets street police station will be launching an appeal to get the ashes back. We dont care about what ever sick person done this we just want our Holly back 😦 They are simply in a small plastic bag and tied in a knot. Please everyone share this post and the polices post which will hopefully be up soon! If anyone seen anything or nos anything about it please let me know!

With many thanks to: Claire Smallwood