Remember the innocents murdered by him. Don’t think of him

For those of you paying respects to Charles Manson today, here are the names and faces of some people killed by him and his family.

Remember them, not the person who killed them.

With many thanks to: James Ryder.



Hanan Badr el – Din


When Hanan Badr el-Din’s husband disappeared in July 2013, her life changed for good. Her relentless search for answers has landed her in prison and she is now facing at least five years in prison.

Hanan last saw her husband on television, wounded and at a hospital after attending a protest in July 2013. But when she went there, she couldn’t find him. She searched police stations, prisons, hospitals and morgues. No one could tell her what had happened to him.

Her husband is one of hundreds of people missing at the hands of Egypt’s security forces.

Every day, an estimated three to four people are taken and never to be seen again. Most are activists, students and protestors, yet the Egyptian Government claims that disappearances don’t exist in the country.

In 2014 Hanan co-founded a group tasked with finding the truth behind Egypt’s disappeared. Her latest attempt to get information about her husband has lead to her arrest and being charged with belonging to a banned group. Hanan’s courage and determination could see her locked up for at least five years. Will you stand up for the brave?

Join our call on the Egyptian President to drop all charges and free Hanan immediately and unconditionally.

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Your Excellency
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

I am very concerned for Hanan Badr el-Din, who has been arrested on false charges while searching for her missing husband and campaigning for the disappeared in Egypt.

I call on you to release Hanan Badr el-Din immediately and unconditionally, dropping all charges against her. Please also inform Hanan of the fate and whereabouts of her husband, Khaled Ezz el-Din.

Egypt must stop the use of enforced disappearances, and ensure perpetrators are held accountable.

Yours sincerely,

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With many thanks to: Amnesty International Australia. 

Stop Political Extradition To British : The Pensive Quill

Death of the son of the late revolutionary leader Sean Hogan #RIP

Dated Nov16 2016 Tipperary Star

Death of the son of the late revolutionary leader Tipperary’s Sean Hogan
Sean Hogan whose son Sean (jnr) has just passed away.

The death has been announced of the son of Tipperary revolutionary leader Sean Hogan after a short illness in Dublin. Sean (jnr) died peacefully fifty seven years after his father Sean who was one of the leaders of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade of the Irish Republican Army during the War of Independence.

The death has been announced of Sean Hogan, son of Tipperary revolutionary leader Sean Hogan, after a short illness.
Sean (jnr) had visited the Premier County last year to attend for the first time,  Soloheadbeg,  where on 21 January 1919, Dan Breen, Seán Treacy, Séamus Robinson, Hogan, Tadhg Crowe, Patrick McCormack, Patrick O’Dwyer and Michael Ryan helped to ignite the conflict that was to become the Irish War of Independence. They shot dead two members of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) – Constables McDonell and O’Connell – during the Soloheadbeg Ambush in County Tipperary. The RIC men were transporting gelignite explosives, when they were called on to surrender they took up firing positions but were shot dead by the ambush party. As a result of the action, South Tipperary was placed under martial law and declared a Special Military Area under the Defence of the Realm Act. Treacy, Breen and Hogan took the cart and hid the explosives and immediately ‘went on the run’. They met up again with Robinson a few weeks later and the “big four” as they were locally called, remained in hiding over the coming months, moving from house to house of sympathisers or sleeping-in-the-rough in the countryside.
A large police and military manhunt was launched to find them. A thousand-pound reward was offered for information leading to their capture, this was later raised to ten thousand pounds. The Police Gazette, ‘The Hue and Cry’ regularly published accurate descriptions of the wanted men. The houses of known or suspected nationalists were ransacked by the RIC. Relatives and friends of the men on the run were a particular target. he was later arrested at Anfield near The Ragg but was freed in the famous Knocklong ambush.
Sean Hogan (jnr) who died last night also attended Anfield where his father was captured and he also attended a lecture at the  Borrisoleigh Historical Society about his fathers role in the conflict. His wife Lily had died back in 1984 and Sean was residing in a nursing home in Dublin since 2009. Tipperary remained close to his heart though and he was conveyed to The Premier County by local man Gerry Hayes, formerly Leugh, Thurles who visited him each week in Dublin. His passing breaks the Tipperary link with the great Sean Hogan who, after the war returned to farming in Tipperary. Like many other ex-soldiers who supported the Republican side during the Civil War, Hogan was later interned by the Free State, for periods between 1923 and 1932, until the political landscape changed with the election of Fianna Fáil. His family later stated that after his release he looked much older but his spirit was still defiant.
Hogan tried farming in County Dublin, but this venture did not succeed. He also worked for the Board of Works and as an usher in the Dáil. He married Christina Butler and had three sons; Hugh, Thomas and Sean – Thomas is still alive in Australia. In later years he was in poor circumstances, living on his own in North Great George’s Street, Dublin. Hogan stayed with Seamus Robinson and his family in their house on Highfield Road for 6 months. He died aged sixty-seven on Christmas Eve 1968. He was buried with full military honours in the family grave at St. Michael’s Cemetery Tipperary town
Sean (jnr) will be laid to rest in St Fintans cemetery in Sutton, Dublin in the coming days.

With many thanks to: Easter Rising War of Independence and Irish Civil war History. 

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Letter from the Craigavon Two, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton.

John Paul Wotton (left) and Brendan McConville (right), two innocent men convicted for a crime they ‘did not commit’ British Scape-Goats, serving the rest of their lives in an English Prison because (simply their Irish) and someone had to pay !!!

Hello, We the Craigavon Two as we have become known, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton are to begin our appeal against our life sentence convictions for the killing of PSNI member Stephen Carroll.

We have consistently maintained our innocence and we believe as do others that the case against us represents a serious miscarriage of justice,we were tried in exceptional circumstances under the old and seriously flawed Diplock process, a hangover from the long conflict here, this system deprived us of a trial by a jury of our peers, instead a single judge presided over and convicted us.

The entire case against us was circumstantial and we believe seriously flawed, large tracts of evidence was hidden from us and the public, claiming national security. Public interest immunity certificates prevented our defence from properly investigating the evidence and cross examining witnesses vital to our defence case, in effect we were left with one arm tied behind our backs.

We do not believe this represents clear and transparent justice. A number of groups and individuals after reading into our case have expressed sufficient concern that many have stated publicly they will be attending the appeal process to provide independent oversight.

Our appeal starts on Monday (29,4,13) we the Craigavon Two, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton call on you, the public to observe the appeal process, this warped version of justice is being administered in your name.

And we ask you to look past the sensationalist headlines and look at the cold hard facts of this case, your voice matters, do not let this miscarriage of justice continue in your name.

The Craigavon Two
Brendan McConville & John Paul Wootton
Maghaberry Gaol
Sent on behalf of Brendan and John Paul
by the JFTC2 group.

With thanks to: Kevin Kinsella