Sinn Féin urges Government to call unity referendum following exit pole result

Findings from an RTÉ exit poll suggest there is significant support among Irish voters for a united Ireland.

Source: Sinn Féin urges Government to call unity referendum following exit pole result

Paras praised for shooting ‘anything that moves’

A former member of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment has admitted that anyone on the streets of Ballymurphy in west Belfast during the introduction of internment was considered to be associated with the IRA and liable to be shot.

Source: Paras praised for shooting ‘anything that moves’

Fine Gael Likely To Top European Elections While The SDLP and Alliance Compete For MEP Seat


If the latest polls are correct Fine Gael is likely to emerge as the biggest winner from the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament, with the party’s candidates topping the polls in the regional constituencies of Dublin, South and the catchall Midlands–North-West (which, excluding Dublin, provides a pleasingly historical Leath Mogha and Leath Choinn analogy for the division of the country). While the glacially slow electoral recovery by Fianna Fáil seems to be on track a majority of right-of-centre voters continue to favour the Blueshirts. Which leaves one with the impression that FF is placing more faith in the local government elections to be held on the same day as the European ones, following Micheál Martin’s conservative strategy of bottom-up consolidation and rebuilding for the former “party of government”.

Some surveys are placing Sinn Féin in a poor third position for the European Parliament elections, though caveats abound given…

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