The Daily Beast Gets It Wrong On Ireland And The UK Brexit


Nico Hines, the London editor of The Daily Beast, has co-written a rather misleading article on the question of the United Kingdom’s retreat from the European Union with the sinister headline “Irish and Scottish Nationalists Plotting to Break Up U.K.“. Really? According to the piece, the UK’s chaotic exit from the EU has led:

…Irish nationalists to believe they can seize on renewed border disputes to secure a referendum on the reunification of Ireland. A senior Irish nationalist told The Daily Beast: “It’s all being driven by Brexit.”

The campaign for a united Ireland is being led by Sinn Féin… A party insider boasted to The Daily Beast that they had been stunned by their ability to combat the British government’s position from the heart of Europe. “We didn’t expect to have such a strong hand,” he said.

Sinn Féin is a member of the European United…

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Will The UK Revoke The Backstop Protocol By Abusing The Vienna Convention?


According to press reports, the dysfunctional Conservative Party government in the United Kingdom is trying to gain parliamentary support for its Draft Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union by convincing members of its own hardline anti-EU faction, the European Research Group, and its far-right allies in the Democratic Unionist Party, that the UK can renege on the proposed deal at a future date by invoking an extremely dubious reading of international law. The Telegraph newspaper in London claims that Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General for England and Wales, has told the ERG and DUP that Britain can break the suggested treaty if it is willing to argue that the included Backstop Protocol required by Brussels and Dublin is causing a “socially destabilising effect on Northern Ireland” instead of bringing stability to the contested region. This requires a controversial and downright mendacious interpretation of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties…

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