Car attacked and burnt out in Derry

Any information on this can be passed on thankyou

Nothing but scum running around this town hope use are happy leaving a carer of the community without a car and a mother of 2 not being able to get to work,


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Here are Martin & Lisa Gorman they stand accused of shop lifting, and running off without paying the bill !!

PlEASE SHARE……🙄🙄🙄…When 2 ppl come in order food…do a runner 1 by the name of Marty!!!..with his sister ….😂😂 says he goin to earn a few quid in England on the trains!!! So u no a Marty like that tag 🎈🎈…if u need a meal voucher ….#jussay Run out back gates!!! By the looks of things use needed the money more than us!! Left your coat 🎈🎈🎈🎈…#feedyourfix …please share folks ✔✔✔

This post is from Beechmount Hardware Store in which they are both being named & shamed….

They claimed to be brother & sister but as you can see below they are far from that….

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Someone come forward and provide the truth and collect a reward for doing the right thing.



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Russian heroin dealers reported to be operating out of 3 Newington Street, North Belfast. We believe these are some of the heroin dealers selling their poison in our children’s play parks.

Could anyone with further information please contact the page as we will be reporting these scumbags to the police and community leaders.

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DUP leader Arlene Foster attacks Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over comments made during the North of Ireland’s Peace talks

John Lennon and Yoko Ono carry a copy of Red Mole.

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to single out the IRA for condemnatiion when pressed over his past campaigning activities.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, John reading a copy of Red Mole

The Labour leader said “all bombing is wrong”, as he was repeatedly asked to condemn the IRA alone for its role in the Troubles.

He said he had worked hard to help secure peace in the North of Ireland.

But Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader Arlene Foster who made the derougetery “crocadile” comments launched an attack on the Labour leader, saying he was “beyond the political pale”.

Thousands attend Irish Language march.

Thousands of Irish language activists have attended a march and rally in Belfast.

They called for the introduction of laws which would gave Irish equal status with English.

Saturday’s demonstration drew supporters from the North of Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

They walked along the Falls Road into Belfast City Centre, before holding a rally in front of Belfast’s City Hall.

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Welcome To The Peoples Gallery

The Peoples Gallery – The Bogside Artists – William Street, Co. Derry.

Thousands of International visitors come to Derry each year just to see and photograph the Murals of the open air gallery on one of Ireland’s most historical streets regardless of it being dumbed down in promotional terms by the powers at be.. Word of mouth is the greatest thing, it travels far and wide.

This is City Council workers installing street signs for directions to The People’s Gallery of murals. They were put in place just a couple of years ago. This came after many years of lobbying for them by us something we felt we shouldn’t have had to lobby for, but none the less we were delighted when they were finally installed.

Currently we have been waiting patiently for the erection of spotlights on all twelve murals of the open air gallery which was agreed upon and signed off by Derry City and Strabane District Council with the support of the NI Housing Executive last year.

Just like the street signs the agreement on the spotlights came also after many years of lobbying for them. Its been a whole year now since Council signed it off and we are still waiting.

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