Sectarianism can never be treated if not properly diagnosed.

WE CAN be reasonably sure that the muted cacophony of outrage following the intimidation of four Catholic families on the Ravenhill Road did not reach the Midland Hotel in Manchester and that the DUP did not raise the issue with their Tory friends when they addressed that conference.

 There are many reasons why sectarianism endures and festers uniquely and unchecked in the Northern State. But like any illness, it can never be treated if it is not properly diagnosed.

And yet when I started to read Tom Kelly, pictured above (October 2) I thought that, with his insight, assessment and comprehensive analysis, at long last the origins and remedy for this cancer that the British introduced into our country, would be accurately identified. But, disappointment would be an understatement.

 The truth is that political unionism is underpinned by a pervasive and diabolical hatred of Catholics that goes back to the days of Oliver Cromwell. It is not so much about what unionism is. And the sense of siege felt by the land thieves who came over here from England and Scotland 400 years ago has been mischievously kept alive mostly by Protestant clergy, to facilitate political and religious careers – but by no means all or most of them – who make up a sizable quota of the membership of the Loyal Orders.

This toxic concoction of fear and hatred is ingrained in many young Protestants from an early age and is aptly documented and exhibited in the bonfire and marching rituals. It is not reciprocated by Catholics, nor does it run in all our DNA as Tom Kelly claims. There is certainly sectarianism [and racism] in nationalist Ireland, but no popular support for it exists anywhere, and there is no propensity for it as he claims.

During my entire life I have never heard a priest or bishop make insulting comments about Protestants from the pulpit, refer to other religious beliefs as being in error or declare that the Muslim faith is satanic. The Catholic hierarchy have been slated publicly for many historical misdemeanors. But they have never been sectarian. And Tom’s contention that republicans show disdain for Orange culture and overreact to every parade is manifestly untrue.

Indeed only a small number of those thousands of parades have been contested. And Tom refers to the schools. Who would argue against educating all schoolchildren together? We can continue to send joint excursions of Catholic and Protestant children to Holland or Florida. But this only feeds the false narrative that the Catholic victims of this disease must share the blame for it. And that only makes the problem worse.

With many thanks for his letter to: The Irish News, (October 9) Mr Jack Duffin, Belfast, BT11. 

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Car park murder victim becomes another victim to the ongoing loyalist feud was a member of SEA UDA

The man shot dead in front of his son in a supermarket car park in County Down on Sunday has been named locally as Colin Horner (pictured below).

South East Antrim UDA feud victim Colin Horner.

Colin Horner paid the same price for badmouthing his one-time UDA god-fathers as his own former South East Antrim UDA boss Geordie Gilmore.

Geordie Gilmore

He was living just across Belfast Lough in Bangor, where he was gunned down in a retail mall car park in front of young kids in broad daylight yesterday afternoon.

The car park where the assassination took place.

James Colin Honer, 35, was holding his three-year-old boy in his arms as the gunman opened fire, he was unmasked.

Sainsbury’s employee Robson McCracken told the Belfast Telegraph: “A car drew up and shot a man in the car park, just outside the store. There was panic in the store, with trolleys abandoned everywhere. “First aiders from Sainsbury’s kept the victim alive until the ambulance team arrived,” he said.

Sources say some of those very close to pointing the finger at and identifying those who carried out the murder of Gilmore. Meantime, the catalogue of loyalist gangs internal feud escalate. Just last August former UDA heavy John ‘Bonzer’ Borland was the victim of a point-blank assassination.

Boreland and fellow convicted criminal Andre “The Bookie’s Brigadier’ Shoukri were both kicked out of the mainstream UDA and were taken under the wing of the SEA Brigade, who had already split from the loyalist terror gang’s so-called ‘inner council’!

But the fact remains that the file of ‘get-away-with-it’ loyalist feud continues to grow, and the RUC/PSNI have still not charged anyone on the ‘loyalist feud’ with any paramilitary offences including membership of an illegal organistion? When this is quite the opposite on the republican side (political policing) comes to mind.

Meanwhile, the murders continue to grow, dating back to the UVF killing of Bobby Moffett on Belfast’s Shankill Road in May, 2010, and before that the shooting dead of UDA godfather Jim ‘Doris Day’ Gray in East Belfast in October 2005, among other blatant killings that are still on the books and still not solved.




It is believed that this photo was posted on the flute bands Facebook page. It was taken down only to reappear online.

LOYALIST band give prize to very young teenager in KU KLUX KLAN (KKK) uniform. The Lanarkshire Loyalist Flute Band celebrated “Hallowen/Culture party on Saturday – at premises belonging to the local council.

The photograph above from the event shows an unidentified man in white robes and a pointed hood complete with the KKK’s symbol on the chest.

A picture from the Flute Band's Facebook page clearly shows that the photo of the man in the KKK robes (A Master) was taken at the same event.

He is being presented with a plaque from a woman, also unidentified, under the caption’ ” Craigneuk Imperial Ladies Flute Band”, from North Lanarkshire.

A third photo shows the same stage, poppies banner and flag in the background.

Orange bands’ historic link to Glasgow Klan

A HIGH profile Scottish loyalist who took part in Twelfth marches in Belfast in the 1930s, went on to start a branch of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in Glasgow. Billy Fullerton led a notorious gang, the Brighton Boys, whose signature tune was The Billy Boys an infamous sectarian song which was associated with the

He's a little mixed-up

Orange Order and Rangers Football Club. The song which includes the line: we’re up to our knees in Fenian blood”, was banned from football grounds by the Scottish government in 2011.

Born in Brighton area of Glasgow, Fullerton formed the Brighton Billy Boys, an anti-Catholic gang from Bridgeton Cross, in 1924. At its height, the gang had 800 members.

Christian Flautists Ouside St. Patrick's.

According to reports, Fullerton led the Brighton Purple and Crown Flute Band which marched during the Twelfth in Belfast in the 1930s.

When the Billy Boys went into decline in the late 1930s, Billy Fullerton joined Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and went on to start a Glasgow branch of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Orange Order claims it shows members wearing white Ku Klux Klan clothing in a "deliberate demonisation" of its cultural heritage.

With many thanks to: The Irish News. For the story above.

“I suppose the Orange Order and the Loyal Order’s with their history going back to 1690 forgot to mention that little bit of history with the KKK”!

Joe McWilliams the artist who died last month.



Irish News cartoonist Ian Knox, a long-standing friend of artist Joe McWilliams who died last month, gives his views on the controversy.

Brighton Purple and Crown Flute Band 1930s.

What a shame Joe couldn’t hang around long enough to enjoy the effect his great Christian Flutists had on his chosen target.
I can only look on with envy. It’s bizarre too that the Orange and TUV targets should rise in such a predictably brain-dead manner to the bait. A little checking by those protectors of public space, who love to live in the past (1690), would have shown the Orange marching bands have clearly documented links to the setting up of the first British section of the Ku Kux Klan back in Glasgow in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

A member of the mordern day loyalist UVF showing his true colours - his forefathers would be very proud of him.

The culprit was notorious black shirt strike-breaker and drummer in the Brighton Purple and Crown Orange marching Band. Billy Fullerton. Fullerton, rather than William of Orange, was a frequent Twelfth visitor to Belfast and the “Billy” of the notorious Brighton Boys who terrorised Catholics, Jews, Trade Unionists and any foreign nationals unfortunate to end up in the sectarian cauldron of 1930s Glasgow.

“I honestly don’t see the difference between 1930s Orange Order and that of 2015 they are still bigots who hate a Catholic about the place”

With many thanks to: The Irish News. For the story above.

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TUV calls for painting depicting ‘Orangemen as KKK members’ to be removed from RUA exhibition –

Famine Song played outside St. Patricks Church, by Young Conway Volunteers.
A close up of 'christian flautits outside St. Patricks' by Joe McWilliams from RUA (Royal Ulster Academy of Arts).

UVF - Loyalist dressed as a member of KKK

With many thanks to: Belfast Telegraph. For the origional story.

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Unionist anger as Apprentice Boys parade hit with church music ban

UNIONISTS have reacted angrily to a Parades Commision ruling banning Apprentice Boys from playing music past a Catholic church during a band parade this Saturday.


Up to 500 people and three bands are expected to take part in the annual rememberance parade past St Patrick’s Church on Saturady. Bands taking part have been ordered not to play music between the junction of Donegall Lane and Donegall Street and the juncition of Carrick Hill and 18 Clifton Street. The disputed parade will leave Donegall Pass in South Belfast before moving to the city centre. From there it will travel along Royal Avenue to Donegall Street on to Clifton Street before making its way to the Shankill area via Denmark Street. R10606171_593606130671618_623725160208456350_nesidents have been given permission to stage a protest at a car park opposite St Patrick’s and between Trinity Street and 18 Clifton Street during the parade. Carrick Hill Concerned Residents Group spokesman Frank Dempsey questioned the need for the parade to pass a ntionalist district. TUV representive David Hollis however slammed the Parades Commission ruling. “There has never been any trouble in relation to this respectful parade in the past,” he said. “Yet the so-called residents group has decided to manufacture an issue around the march. “It seems that the protestes are so ignorant of their history that they do not release that without the sacrifice of two world wars they wouldn’t even have the civil liberty to protest.”

With many respects to: Connla Young, The Irish News.

Camp Twatdell eviction bid

Ardoyne resident takes High Court case

PAPERS are to be lodged in the High Court today in an attempt to force the Housing Executive to take action against loyalist protesters illegally occupying land in North Belfast.


Loyalist squatters have occupied the Twatdell Avenue site since Orangemen were banned from walking past nationalist homes in the area in the summer of last year. Protesters claim they have maintained a 24-hours-a-day vigil (what a load of bullshit), picture above, in a small caravan on the public land. Policing ‘Camp Twatdell’ and almost daily protest parades has cost around £1 million a month. Despite the site having Housing Executive permission for 15 residential properties and a three-storey office building, the Housing Executive has taken no action against the illegal occupiers. There have been no offers for the site, which is on the market for £150,000. Senior political figures have called for the protest to end. The Ardoyne dispute is the focus of a government appointed panel of inquiry as well as inter-party talks at Stormont due to start this week. The High Court action is being taken by an Ardoyne resident who has been granted legal aid. 10425087_282823831888906_7787743733373463992_nSolicitor Michael Brentnall said his client “instructed that we initiate judicial reveiw proceedings against the North of Ireland Housing Executive in regard to its permitting of the illegal occuption of Housing Executive land at Woodvale Road”. “The basis of the proceedings lie in the fact that the Housing Executive has facilitated the long-term nuisance and illegality emanating from the land, which is directly affecting our client and has subsequently breached our client’s rights.” Dee Fennell of the Geater Ardoyne Resident’t ‘ Collective (GARC) said the group “commened any resident’s actiion that opposeses “Camp Twatdell”. “Unionist politicians need to be up front as to whether they support criminality such as Camp Twatdell and the sectarian intimidation that comes along with it,” he said. The Housing Excutive confirmed that those occupying the land do not have its “authorisation, consent or permission”. “The entering into the land was not and is not lawful. The Housing Executive has not consented to the occupation,” a spokesman said. “Following discussions with the PSNI, the Housing Executive has refrained from taking action to remove protesters from its lands to date in the hope that the situation can be resolved without any civil disorder.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News.

Residents to oppose North Belfast parade

Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC), which is bitterly opposed to loyalist parades through the nationalist district, have not been invited to take part in these meetings.

NATIONALISTS residents in North Belfast say they will oppose a planned Orange Order parade through the district next month.


Sources within the Orange Order last night said planned talks ahead of the June 7 parade form part of a final push to do a deal in North Belfast. Organisers say the paspokesma involve two bands, the Pride of Ardoyne and North Belfast Young Loyalists, as well as 140 participants. Tensions have been high since the Parades Commission banned members of the Orange Order from passing nationalist homes in Ardoyne on July 12 last year. Since then order members and supporters including members of the DUP have held illigal almost daily protests in the district while an illegal protest camp sprung up on nearby ground (Camp Twaddell). It has been reported that talks between some groups involved in the ongoing parades dispute in North Belfast are due to take place this weekend although it was unclear last night if they will go ahead. The talks are part of an initiative “facilitated” by Catholic Bishop of Derry Donal McKeown and Church of Ireland Bishop of Connor Alan Abernethy.

It is understood that two meetings have so far taken place but the initiative was shelved ahead of last week’s local and European elections. Nationalist politicians including North Belfast SDLP assembly member Alban Maginness and Shame Fein’s Gerry (the mouth) Kelly have attended the meetings along with Shame Fein alligned residents’ group Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents’ Association (CARA).1535421_437641133029268_1809653018_n Members of the DUP, PUP and representatives of Orange lodges have also attended them. Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC), which is bitterly opposed to Orange and loyalist parades through the nationalist district, were not invited or involved in the meetings. Spokesman Dee Fennell last night said he was “disappointed” that his group has been excluded. “I have a long standing personal relationship with Donal McKeown and it would have been easy for him to get in touch with me,” he said. Mr Fennell also revealed his group has written to the Orange Order, Apprentice Boys and Royal Black Intitution to seek direct talks. He added that any initiative that does not involve his group “does not have the support of Ardoyne residents” and that any loyal order parade past nationalist homes in Ardoyne will be opposed. Last night CARA spokesman Joe Marley said his group will meet the Parades Commission today. The meeting comes amid growing concern that the Orange Order has been given privite “assurances” by the Parades Commission that it will be allowed to pass through the area.

“We will be outlining our position with a degree of vigour,” he said. “This is the fifth morning (parade) application and nothing has changed from July last year that would warrant any change,” he said. Sources within the Orange Order said the organisation remains “committed” to finding a resolution.” Bishop of Connor Alan Abernethy confirmed the joint church initiative: “I can confirm bishop Donal McKeown and I have facilitated talks and we continue to be involved.” A spokeswoman for the Parades Commission confirmed it has received notice of the June 7 parade.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.