Sinn Féin MEP says party criticism over IRA abuse cover-up ‘media generated issues’

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy

IRA child sex abuse survivors Mairia Cahill and Paudie McGahon have called on a Sinn Fein MEP to retract comments he made yesterday claiming concerns over the party’s handling of such allegations are “just media generated issues”.

Speaking on RTE’s Morning Ireland news programme, MEP Matt Carthy was asked about the party’s lacklustre performance in recent elections.

The interviewer suggested that among the reasons Sinn Fein’s vote had faltered were the allegations of bullying in the party, the handling of child and sex abuse allegations, and its withdrawal from Stormont.

Mr Carthy replied: “Well I think the first two are just media generated issues, by and large, and, they may have issues, but in previous elections we’ve had constant negativity from some elements of the media…”

Maria Cahill waived her right to anonymity to expose IRA pedophilia

Ms Cahill (pictured above), a former Irish Labour Senator, said: “The last five years, since I waived anonymity, were hard enough without being compounded by Sinn Fein’s wholly inadequate response and failure to admit responsibility.

“For Carthy to minimise the very real suffering of IRA sex abuse victims as ‘just media generated’ is appalling, deeply hurtful and indicative that the Sinn Fein party has learned nothing when it comes to their response to these cases.

“These cases were in the media because victims felt they had no other option, given the failure of Sinn Fein to properly admit their own failings.”

Mr McGahon – one of two teenage boys raped at a republican ‘safe house’ two decades ago – said the MEP’s comments were “shameful” and should be retracted immediately.

“Carthy’s comments show they have learned nothing and are not taking the issue seriously,” he said.

Responding, a Sinn Fein spokesman said: “The only people who can investigate or deal with allegations of sexual abuse is the police and the relevant statutory bodies.

What about the IRA Kangaroo Court for sex offenders who were never reported to the RUC during the Troubles?

“Sinn Fein has called on people with any information on child sexual abuse to bring it forward to police.”

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No Credible Evidence To Support British Allegations

THIS letter appeared in The Irish News on Tuesday May 14th 2o19

IN REFERENCE to The Irish News reports (May 9th) on my appearance at the inquest into the killing of 10 people, including a priest and a mother of eight, by the British Parachute Regiment in Ballymurphy in August 1971.

In its two-and-a-half page coverage of the Ballymurphy Inquest – including its front page – The Irish News devotes a full page and a half recycled allegations about my membership of the IRA. Three of the four headlines relate to this issue. Even where it deals with my evidence at the inquest the primary focus of the reports remain on allegations around IRA membership rather than my evidence which flatly contradicts British Army 💂💂💂 claims about what happened in the 48 hours after Internment was introduced.

Those killed were entirely innocent neighbors. They had no connection to any Republican organisation. They posed no threat to the British Army. They were trying to help neighbors who were fleeing from homes under attack by loyalist mobs, out looking for their children, or going about their lawful business.

I told the inquest that the IRA had decided not to engage with the British Army and had ‘faded away’, apart from some incidents of token residence, none of which played any role in the killings by British Paras. I repeatly and factually challenged the efforts by the Barrister representing the British Ministry of Defence to suggest that there were widespread armed actions from the IRA in Ballymurphy at the time. All of these are pertinent matters in the context of trying to get truth and justice for the families of those killed.

It is telling that the council for the British Ministry of Defense did not properly challenge my evidence or put to me any of the detail of the alleged gunfire 🔫🔥which some ex-British soldiers claim came from Republicans. Instead he concentrated on allegations against me which have nothing to do with the matters being investigated by the inquest. This points to the reality that there is no credible evidence to support the British allegations of sustained gunfire 🔫🔥directed at the Paratroopers. That is because there was none.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Gerry Adams TD

Coverage of the Ballymurphy Inquest has been carried across more than 60 pages in The Irish News since the proceedings began five months ago. The vast majority of our reporting has made no reference to Mr Adams, and devolpments at the hearing which were unrelated to him were given front page prominence on both Friday and Saturday of last week (May 10 and 11). His comments on our approach to his high profile appearance in the witness box should be viewed in this context, and we are more than happy to provide him with the right of replay.

The Editor

And this is from myself it wasn’t the British Ministry of Defense who were making recycled allegations about your membership of the IRA.

It was your comrades who served with you in the Irish Republican Army. It wasn’t only the one either was it Gerry? Brendan ‘The Dark’ Hughes was a very close and trusted comrade of yours. Who you accused of being an alcoholic and an awful a lot more into the bargain. And not forgetting your other very close comrade Gerry! Marian Price was she not a close comrade of yours Gerry? Are these two honest Republican’s laying when they swore you were a member of the IRA? Was Marian laying when she said you ordered her to drive Jean McConville to her death and she was dressed in a nuns habit? That wasn’t the British Ministry of Defence speaking it was your comrades.

Our President Gerry Mcgeough has received the following communication from Bro

Martin Galvin National chairman of the American 🇺🇸🗽 AOH Freedom For All Ireland Committee.

President Gerry Mcgeough Tyrone AOH (middle)

Being attacked by Unionists, British and Shinners is considered an honour by the Tyrone AOH and shows that we are doing everything right.

Abortion is Murder – Shame Féin


Gerry thanks the Americans for their support and we look forward to seeing them again next year.

Gerry A chara

Just saw you were attacked by none other than unionist bigot Nelson McCausland for bringing me and the American AOH FFAI tour to Tyrone and hosting us.

I could not think of higher praise for any Hibernian than being attacked by someone like Nelson!

I wanted to thank you once again on behalf of everyone on our tour for making Tyrone a highlight.I have attached a story which ran in the IRISH ECHO and VOICE and which will be run in the upcoming Hibernian Digest

Our members are all appreciative of the work you did to bring us to the Sperrins Mountains goldmining, Carrickmore and the fantastic reception at Quinn’s Corners and as always look forward to working together with you in future.



With many thanks to: AOH Tyrone for the original posting

Sinn Féin is hiding its campaign for abortion on demand from its election literature in the North. Two different messages – one Ireland.

Will the real Sinn Féin please stand up!



The Irish News Tuesday April 2nd 2019

SINN Féin could have a influential and decisive say over Brexit if the took their seats and exercised their mandate. However, they will not and are a waste of time voting for.

Now more than ever when the stakes are so high, Sinn Féin sit on the margins with banners and posters wanting this and that and yet will not exercise their mandate either in Westminster or Stormont.

One can see the sheer futility of Sinn Féin in the most important debate of our history on these islands refusing to get involved, yet remaining in what they call democratic politics – they are not participating at all and wasting everybody’s time with passive resistance which is leaving them out in the cold and the electorate which voted for them.

Tight votes in Westminster could be decided by Sinn Féin, but they shout and criticise from the wings like lone voices in a howling gale which is Brexit and the enormous consequences for all the people on these islands. Sinn Féin are now recrimating hard and heavy, despite refusing to vote in the most critical debate which will decide the fate of political life on these islands. Sinn Féin should get heavy criticism for leaving themselves and their supporters out in the cold, when they could change everything by omitting their politics of protest.

Here they are now going on about the chaos of Brexit and “England get out of Ireland” on the back of it, when they will not give their people a  voice and thereby muzzle them in doing so. The passive resistance strategy is not working and is the last thing they should be doing on critical votes on the biggest political issue of our time. Sinn Féin may well get heavy criticism when chaos ensures as the UK leaves the EU country club. Where will they be then? 

The horse 🐎 will have bolted and the chance to make a difference will be gone, as Sinn Féin continues the practice of undemocratic politics which is tantamount to the greatest political nonsense the world has ever seen. One has also got to contrast the hypocritical fact that they take their seats in Dáil Éireann and heavily attend the Irish Parliament on a very large array of issues. Abstentionist politics has got a shelf life and it has surely expired with Brexit.

Sinn Féin would be better off out of politics altogether north of the border and Westminster because they are making not the slightest bit of difference and a party of sterility. Nothing is changing for them or their voters while big changes are happening around them, which they exercise no control over because of their refusal to say ‘yea or ‘nay’ when motions are being carried. Abstaining at the most critical time since partition is something which Sinn Féin will live to regret.



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You know when the elections are nay! The majority of Shame Féin voted for and promoted ‘Austerity and Benifit cuts’ to keep them in power

Shame Féin and the DUP voted for Universal Credit

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

and Employment Support Allowance (ESA)

The cuts are only begaining to take hold, its going to become much worse. In 2020 the so-called Bedroom Tax comes into effect and will hurt or most vulnerable in our society, so who voted for this:

Our elected representatives are taking us all for fools. Open your eyes to the real truth and make your vote count. Before its to late, we all have a choice in life. But make sure and make the right one for yourself and everyone else…

If you are a true Catholic and against abortion then don’t be wasting your vote on Shame Féin. Vote for a true Irish Republican Party who stands up for Irish Republican rights and the rights of unborn Irish children. Make your vote count ‘vote for Aontú’ A true Irish Republican Party…..

It’s black and white the truth is the truth and please judge for yourself

Gerry Adams denies he ordered PIRA killing of Co Louth farmer

Gerry Adams on the left with Tom Oliver (right)

Former Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has denied he ordered the killing of farmer Tom Oliver by the IRA in 1991.

Tom Oliver murdered by the PIRA in 1991

Mr Adams also said he did not believe — although he did not know for sure — he was the man identified by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris to a State inquiry in the Republic as the person he believed had ordered the killing.

Mr Oliver, from Co Louth, was abducted, tortured and murdered and his body found in Belleek, Co Armagh, in July 1991.

In 2012, Mr Harris, then an Assistant Chief Constable in the PSNI, provided in writing the name of the IRA army council member he believed had ordered the killing.

This week he was questioned about Mr Oliver’s case at a Dail committee. He said the information was with the PSNI and it was up to the PSNI to determine what actions to take next.

Following the hearing and comments made on radio station LMFM by Independent TD Peter Fitzpatrick, Mr Adams was questioned on the same station about the Oliver case. Mr Adams was asked if he believed his was the name written on the paper by Mr Harris, to which he replied: “No I don’t think so. Well I don’t know, that’s the God’s honest truth.”

He was asked, on behalf of the Oliver family, if he knew who had ordered the killing. He said: “I don’t know anyone who was involved in this unfortunate man’s killing or any of the events which led to it. I know it wasn’t me.”

Mr Adams said it was “exceptional” that he would be asked such questions. He also repeatedly said he believed the Oliver family, and others, deserved to get to the truth of what happened to their relatives. But he stopped short of calling on Mr Harris to clarify that the name he wrote down was not Gerry Adams.

He said: “That’s a matter for him. I’m not going to interfere with him in terms of the operational responsibilities that he has. I know it wasn’t me so I’m content in my own skin on this issue.”

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