Seriously Ill Republican Prisoner ‘Ta’ McWilliams Force Strip-Searched For Hospital Visit


It is with grave concern that we wish to address the treatment of Republican prisoner Thomas ‘Ta’ McWilliams from Ardoyne.

Ta has been consistently subjected to mistreatment and abuse in relation to his health. In March 2014 Ta had a heart attack he visited the gaol doctor who failed to diagnose the heart attack and merely gave him paracetamol and an ENT spray. Ta’s potentially fatal heart attack went undiagnosed for 10 days before he was taken to an outside hospital. Medical staff were shocked at how he was treated, and on this occasion Ta had a stint put into his heart.

Despite the severity of the situation, Ta was handcuffed throughout his journeys to and from the hospital and whilst in the hospital. He was forcibly stripped searched twice by a team of Riot Screws.

Since this incident Ta has been taken to outside hospital on several occasions, and has been subjected to repeated handcuffing and forced-strip-searching procedures each time. In June 2015 Republican Prisoners released a statement highlighting the fact that Ta was taken to hospital where he was held in handcuffs for almost 24-hours and forcibly stripped twice.

This travesty has been repeated today, 17/07/2018. Ta was taken out to outside hospital this afternoon as recommended by the doctor, as he was taking heart palpitations and he felt he was having a heart attack. He was cuffed to a screw and accompanied by two others. At hospital he was fitted with numerous heart monitoring devices which have been kept on him to monitor his heart rate etc over the next 48 hrs.

On return to the gaol this evening he was stripped standing up as he was unfit to be laid on the floor. This was while continuing to wear heart monitoring equipment.

Although all objective bodies have called for an end to forced strip searching, the issue of forced stripping of those in ill health was raised by the Prisoner Ombudsman only weeks ago.

This behavior, including the presence of screws in medical consultations, is a flagrant violation of Human Rights. It cannot be ignored that this is occurring as we approach eight years since the signing of the August 2010 Agreement- 8 years after NIPS agreed to end strip searching. Such actions speak to the depravity of the Maghaberry administration and the six-county prison service as a whole.

With many thanks to: Saoradh Prisoner Department for the original posting.

East Belfast UVF attack Catholic homes in the Short Strand with blast bomb.

Local Saoradh activists are on the ground in the Short Strand, where the UVF have thrown a blast bomb into Clandeboye from the adjacent loyalist Cluan Place.

PSNI militiamen have insultingly remarked to residents that the “night will only get worse” for the besieged community.

We advise local residents to stay vigilant and alert in the face of this unprovoked State-sponsored loyalist aggression.

Saoradh members in North Belfast have been contacted by angry and alarmed parents attending Mercy College, after pupils appeared on social media attending British Army recruitment stalls at a nearby school’s Careers Day

In a status posted to Facebook, the young ladies are pictured being introduced to serving British soldiers as they seek to recruit working class youth to serve in Britain’s imperialist excursions across the globe.

This is particularly grotesque as Mercy College’s pupils are drawn from many families and communities who suffered the brunt of State Murder and Collusion, including the murder of local schoolchildren. This campaign of child killing and victim blaming was replicated across the Six Counties.

In addition, the British Army and MI5 have recently been guilty of ongoing assaults, raids and attacks on North Belfast residents on a regular basis. This includes a number of parents and siblings of Mercy College pupils.

Despite claims to the contrary, thousands of British soldiers remain here in the Six Counties, with an additional unknown number of MI5 operatives based at a £25million building in Palace Barracks.

Saoradh have advised these parents to contact Mercy College and demand that their children are not introduced to the British Army, nor used in public relations exercises that seek to normalise their ongoing occupation of Ireland. We will continue to support these parents and their children.

Any parents discovering or opposing their children attending similar events, or those involving other Crown Forces such as the PSNI, can contact Saoradh for advice via this Facebook page, any activist, via our Falls Road office by calling in Mon-Fri 11am-3pm or telephoning 02890 328644.

With many thanks to: Saoradh Béal Feirste

Saoradh Béal Feirste wish to highlight two recent approaches by British Security Forces seeking to recruit informants into their murky world of manipulation and self-interest


In the first instance, Gerard Lagan a former Republican POW and the father of a Saoradh Dun Dealgan member was travelling home to Ardoyne in Belfast from North Louth on Saturday. At the Hillsborough roundabout he was blue-lighted by an unmarked car. Believing this was a continuation of Stop and Search harassment he has been enduring, he pulled in. After taking his licence from him, one militiamen identified himself as “intelligence”, stating that he wanted “to save lives” and that Gerard and him “could help each other”. He offered to meet him somewhere less obvious for “a cup of coffee”.

The Ardoyne man rightly refused to engage whatsoever, instead stating continually that he had nothing to say and repeatedly telling them to “fuck off.” He immediately contacted local Republicans on his return home, making them aware of this incident and logged it with his solicitor.

In the second such incident, which occurred this morning at 11.30am, a Saoradh member from Ardoyne was leaving the MOT Test Centre at Mallusk on the outskirts of Belfast when approached by two men in a black Vauxhall Insignia RFZ 6874. He immediately and continually told them to “fuck off” which meant they were unable to disclose which Crown Force they were harassing him on behalf of.

The men produced bundles of money, saying it amounted to £20,000, and directly asked him to work for them for financial gain. He then phoned his solicitor in their presence while still telling them he would never do any such thing and still telling them to “fuck off”.

Despite knowing he had a solicitor on the phone listening, they said they were within their right to harass him. They also made reference to two recent arrests of Saoradh members saying “your mates are getting it tight, you don’t want to end up like them.”

In the case of this Saoradh activist, this is the second such approach by Crown Forces. He has now been threatened with assassination, imprisonment and unemployment in attempts to coerce him into treachery. He is to be commended for his refusal to engage, and immediately contacted local Republicans with information on this unwanted encounter.

Anyone, Republican or otherwise, can be subject to such approaches. They are not an indicator of weakness in terms of the individual targetted, but are the result of Crown Force desperation to further infiltrate our communities. Anyone approached by any Crown Force/State Agency should immediately contact their local Saoradh representative and log the incident with their solicitor.

Locally here in the city, anyone encountered in such a fashion can also call into our Belfast office facing the Falls Road RVH office Monday-Friday from 11am-3pm where they will recieve non-judgemental help and advice.

With many thanks to: Saoradh Béal Feirste

More intimidation and arrests of Irish Republicans by the RUC/PSNI

In an early morning raid today, Saoradh Béal Feirste activist Alan Lundy was arrested and taken to Musgrave PSNI Barracks. This, coupled with the arrest of our National Chairperson Davy Jordan, amounts to a continuation of attacks on our membership by both the British Crown Forces and 26 County establishment.

These attacks are futile and will fail to achieve their objective of smashing the credible Republican alternative to the status quo that Saoradh provides.

We extend solidarity to both men and their families and look forward to their release and return to their respective communities.

With many thanks to: Saoradh Béal Feirste

RUC/PSNI listen ‘Leave Our Kid’s Alone’!

RUC/PSNI intimation of Catholic school children

Junior McDaid House wish to highlight the ongoing relationship between local schools and that of the Crown Forces.

Our revolutionary hub has been inundated with calls and messages from concerned parents regarding invitations to British Police for them to appear at a number of schools.

Hey ‘Black Bastards’ leave our kid’s alone

We have took it upon ourselves to notify St Joseph’s Boys’ School, by way of letter, to highlight the ongoing repressive nature of the un-reformable RUC/PSNI.

We have seen too many times recently where children, some of which are still in school uniform, are being constantly harassed and intimidated by armed militia men.

Junior McDaid House spokesman Patrick Gallagher said “What we’re starting to see here is the age old practice of normalisation. With regards to the letter sent to St Joseph’s Boys’ School, we have requested a meeting with the principle to voice not only our own concerns but the concerns of a huge number of parents with children of all ages at the school.”

Many of these school children see British Police as an oppressive force. They are subject to aggressive stop and searches either on their own or with family members. For them to see the same British force in their school is terrifying.

It is of our opinion that schools shouldn’t be used a political tool in the ever changing political landscape.

Junior McDaid House call on all schools involved with British Police to rethink their position and the effect it is having on pupils at the school. We also urge any other parents with concerns regarding this issue to contact your local Saoradh representative or contact our office on 028 7127 1967.

Photos: Letter sent to St Joseph’s Boys’ School; school pupil being harassed by British Police.

Early this morning homes in Republican West Belfast were invided by British Crown Forces.

In heavy raids involving scores of armed and masked RUC/PSNI militiamen.

For one young activist from Lenadoon this is the second time in four months that this young man has been trailed to Musgrave Interrogation Centre, purely because of his political belief that Britain has no right to be in Ireland.
Saoradh Béal Feirste condemn these latest attacks on Republican families, and would remind the Crown Forces that oppression breeds resistance. Those careerists within our communities who continue to endorse the actions of the PSNI also need to explain why they continue to support the activities of this MI5-directed militia.

With many thanks to: Saoradh Béal Feirste.