Time and time again we have heard Provisional Sinn Féin come out and say how big a disaster Universal Credit is and that it needs to be stopped.

Let’s just look at who controls Welfare, on the 18th of November 2015 Sinn Fein voted to allow all this to happen, they received criticism for handing Welfare powers to Westminster and they responded by saying this was temporary, on paper that was true.
The sunset clause was written within the Fresh Start Agreement it stated that Welfare powers where to be handed back by December 2016.

So now we should have questions arise as this would put Sinn Fein and the DUP in charge of welfare. Does this give them power to fix the very things that Sinn Fein have been claiming to oppose, if the answer to that is anything other than yes then that means Stormont has no power, our welfare is still being controlled by Westminster and the DUP with their buddies Sinn Fein are actively covering this up with a walk out over two issues they will never agree on.

Keep this in mind, they point the finger at Westminster even though they voted to allow this to happen.

They slam Austerity even though they are suppose to have the power over the very thing causing it.

Please share.

If any member of Sinn Fein wish to challange me on this please feel, I’m sure the whole of the North will be interested to hear what you have to say.

Derry SinnFéin Sinn Féin Ireland Slugger O’Toole Derry and Strabane District Council Damo Condren Pauline Mellon Frank Nelis Colm Barton Marie Gallagher Fiona Gallagher

With many thanks to: Brian Boyle, Republican Sinn Féin (RSF)

The signing of the 1921″ Treaty of Surrender” Fuck your British ‘Brexit’ shove it up your English ass

It’s interesting that the ‘Brexit’ talks should collapse this week on the issue of the British-imposed border on the week of the 96th anniversary of signing the 1921 “Treaty of Surrender”. The terms of this treaty subverted All-Ireland democracy and imposed the two partition states on the Irish people under the threat of “Immediate and terrible war. “ Brexit#

With many thanks to: Des Dalton President Republican Sinn Féin for the origional story.

Kevin Barry Commemoration Rathvilly, and Frank Driver laying the wreath in Ballymore Eustace, Co Carlow.

Kevin Barry Commemoration, Rathvilly, and Frank Driver wreath laying in Ballymore Eustace

Rsf Kevin barrys commemoration rathvilly co carlow

with many thanks to: Josephine Hayden and Michael Maher, Republican Sinn Féin (RSF).

More RUC/PSNI harassment and intimidation of Irish Republicans

More harassment from the RUC PSNI in lurgan today!! They dont even give your head peace on your birthday the scumbags 😠😠😠

With many thanks to: Christopher Hamill


More Harressment & Intimidation by the RUC/PSNI on members of Republican Sinn Féin (RSF).

A selection of pictures of Harressment and Intimidation that members of Republican Sinn Féin are subjected to in the Occupied 6 Counties in the North (on a daily basis) PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK TO WATCH THE VIDEO, THANKYOU: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1395038820557708&id=100001548109903

From almost daily stop and searches of persons and vehicles to more intimidating measures of forceably entering family homes to scare and put fear into innocent kids and families during house raids which are another tactic used by the british ruc psni to try and break families!!

All these things do is make republicans stronger and more determined to rid these armed british thugs from our country and give Ireland back to the Irish again!!


With many thanks to: Christopher Hamill, Republican Sinn Féin.

Unwanted visit by the Charles Windsor

Today Charles Windsor and his wife were imposed on the people of Finglas and Glasnevin in another choreographed play of normality between the 26-County State and their erstwhile royal family from London. Today’s show follows on from the stage-managed pieces in other parts of Ireland, both occupied and 26-County.
The people of Finglas were effectively annexed off from the city centre this morning, 26-County police were present at every junction and by-road from Finglas that lead past Glasnevin. Residents living in close proximity to the cemetery had to wait within their homes for an escort from the same police.  Irrespective of where they wished to travel they were denied passage past the cemetery. They were escorted in the direction of Finglas and then had to make their own way around a police cordon that encompassed the cemetery. At the Glasnevin side a barrier approximately three meters high was erected across the road stopping the passage of anyone or any vehicle
Two small protests were held at either side of the entrance to Glasnevin, on this occasion the police stopped all pedestrians and road users far enough from the entrance that no noise interruption would be heard for those “dignitaries” present. Members of the public attempting to go about their daily business were stopped and questioned as to their destinations etc.
The graveyard itself was patrolled in its entirety by uniformed and plain-clothes police. Similarly police vehicles of every kind were to be seen parked at every junction with Transit vans full of police “at the ready” should there be any trouble. As Charles approached the graveyard, the protesters on the Glasnevin side were assaulted by police and a megaphone taken by plain-clothes police. As this statement goes to print it is unsure if any arrests were made, but in line with other protests the police have been ordered to make no arrests at the protests and just issue summonses afterwards.

12.Bealtaine /May 2017.

With many thanks to: Republican Sinn Féin

REF President Des Dalton speaking outside the G.P.O 2017 (General Post Office) Heaquarters 1916 Easter Rising

Rsf President des Dalton speaking outside the G.P.O today

With many thanks to: Che Guevara