Public excluded from trial of IRA accused as surveillance evidence given


RUC/PSNI attack Republican Sinn Féin Easter Sunday parade in Lurgan

Police officers hold a participant at the event in Lurgan (Image: Press Eye)

A woman was injured and several people are understood to have been arrested after police moved in on a Republican Sinn Fein event.

The ‘colour party’ held in Lurgan was an Easter Rising commemoration.

Footage online showed heated scenes between the PSNI and those attending the event at the Edward Costello Memorial Garden in the Kilwilkee estate.

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart praised the actions of the PSNI.

PSNI move in on Lurgan Republican Sinn Fein event

She said: “I very much welcome the police operation to stop this illegal parade and glorification of terrorists.

“I hear plenty of comments from republicans on legal Orange parades but they are strangely silent when republicans decide to march whenever they want glorifying terror in an illegal march.

Top cop wants Oglaigh na hEireann ceasefire to include ‘criminality within communities’
“It is good to see a robust operation to prevent this illegality rather than a follow up arrest operation some weeks later. I congratulate the PSNI Commanders who authorised this operation and the officers on the ground who implemented this plan so effectively.”



With many thanks to: Belfast Live for the origional story.

Today the 26th January 2018 the 1st year anniversary of veteran Belfast republican Victor Notarantonio.

Republican Sinn Fein would like to remember with pride Victor Notarantonio A genuine true republican to the end, A comrade and A friend. The Notarantonio family has long standing history of Irish republicanism through the generations. Victor’s father Francisco Notarantonio was an IRA volunteer and a former republican internee shot dead in 1987 when the british army colluded and directed the loyalist UFF/UDA to murder him. Victor himself was a committed IRA volunteer he was also interned in the 1970’s and was held in the maidstone prison ship in Belfast lough.Through the decades Victor battled the british army, the RUC and loyalist death squads.

Victor gave his life to the cause he was a strong outspoken critic of the direction the reformist Provisional element were intent on, there path to joining the british administration. He was fully dedicated in his effort to stand vast to republican principles and upholding the Irish RepubliCumann. memory of Oglach Victor Notarantonio.

With many thanks to the: McKelvey Steele Cumann

Republican Sinn Féin (RSF) will be holding a protest in Monaghan Street Newry on Saturday 3rd February at 1pm.

The purpose of the protest is to highlight the blatant intermnent of Gabriel Mackle in Maghaberry jail.

Gabriel Mackle is is one of three currently interned by the British State, the other two are Tony Taylor and Neil Hegarty. These three men are Not the first and have joined The long list of Irish Men and Women who have suffered under The British Injustice system. The Irish people do not stand a chance of fair treatment under British occupation.

We call on all Republicans to join us on the streets of Newry to show your support for Gabriel and the other political internees.

With many thanks to: Chris Hamll, Republican Sinn Féin

Members of the Thomas Harte cuman Republican Sinn Féin erected more boards in North Armagh today

The boards highlight the current use of internment in Ireland. Gabriel Mackle, Neil Hegarty and Tony Taylor are currently interned without charge, without trial and without any justification.

Also the attempted extradition of Liam Campbell is highlighted. The free state government are currently trying to have him extradited to Lithuania where he will face inhumane prison conditions and breaches of his human rights.

With many thanks to: Chris Hamll – Republican Sinn Féin

Time and time again we have heard Provisional Sinn Féin come out and say how big a disaster Universal Credit is and that it needs to be stopped.

Let’s just look at who controls Welfare, on the 18th of November 2015 Sinn Fein voted to allow all this to happen, they received criticism for handing Welfare powers to Westminster and they responded by saying this was temporary, on paper that was true.
The sunset clause was written within the Fresh Start Agreement it stated that Welfare powers where to be handed back by December 2016.

So now we should have questions arise as this would put Sinn Fein and the DUP in charge of welfare. Does this give them power to fix the very things that Sinn Fein have been claiming to oppose, if the answer to that is anything other than yes then that means Stormont has no power, our welfare is still being controlled by Westminster and the DUP with their buddies Sinn Fein are actively covering this up with a walk out over two issues they will never agree on.

Keep this in mind, they point the finger at Westminster even though they voted to allow this to happen.

They slam Austerity even though they are suppose to have the power over the very thing causing it.

Please share.

If any member of Sinn Fein wish to challange me on this please feel, I’m sure the whole of the North will be interested to hear what you have to say.

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With many thanks to: Brian Boyle, Republican Sinn Féin (RSF)

The signing of the 1921″ Treaty of Surrender” Fuck your British ‘Brexit’ shove it up your English ass

It’s interesting that the ‘Brexit’ talks should collapse this week on the issue of the British-imposed border on the week of the 96th anniversary of signing the 1921 “Treaty of Surrender”. The terms of this treaty subverted All-Ireland democracy and imposed the two partition states on the Irish people under the threat of “Immediate and terrible war. “ Brexit#

With many thanks to: Des Dalton President Republican Sinn Féin for the origional story.