Remembering Volunteer Pól Kinsella, Derry Brigade, Irish Republican Army (IRA) , who died whilst incarcerated in H-Blocks, Long Kesh on the 13th December 1994

Pól Kinsella from Derry belonged to the new generation of Republicans. Pól died of leukemia whilst a prisoner of war.


His early death was made all the more tragic by the refusal of the British government to allow him to go home to his family to die.

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40th anniversary of Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) Volunteer Colm McNutt who was Killed in Action on 12th December 1977

Colm, age 18, was killed in a Derry car park on the edge of the Bogside near Butcher’s Gate by an undercover unit of the british army’s special air service acting under information passed to them by supergrass informer Raymond Gilmour.

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In memory of Óglaigh Seamus Grew agus Roddy Carroll, Armagh Brigade Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), who were murdered on this day 12th of December 1982.

In what has become known as ‘The Mullacreevie Park Massacre‘, when the car they were driving was fired on by the RUC at Armagh.

Despite both men being totally unarmed, Roddy Carroll was shot from a distance of six feet while Seamus Grew was shot dead from a distance of two feet by the same RUC Constable, John Robinson, who claimed he had expected to find Dominic McGlinchey in the car that the two men were travelling in. Robinson, despite admitting to lying, fabricating evidence and altering notes was acquitted at the Crown court by judge MacDermott.Their deaths were subsequently investigated by John Stalker as part of his investigation into an apparent State shoot-to-kill policy in the north of Ireland.

As of 2016, no inquest into his death has been completed. Indeed, in 1984 the first appointed Coroner Gerry Curran resigned due to “grave irregularities” in the case. Each subsequent attempt at commencing coronial proceedings has been met with apparent state delays and obstacles.

Fuair Sé bas ar son saoirse na hÉireann

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Commemoration for INLA volunteer Colm Mc Nutt, Derry City

It was a privilege to attend the commemoration for VOL colm mc nutt in creggan

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Commemorative board to be unveiled for INLA volunteer. This weekend sees the 40th anniversary of the death of INLA volunteer Colm McNutt in December 1977.

The Derry republican socialist movement will in conjunction with the James Connolly Culture Youth Group unveil a board to commemorate and remember him on Saturday 9th December at the corner of Balbane Pass/Linsfort Drive.

Colm McNutt was 18-years-old when he was shot while trying to hijack a car near Derry city centre.

It is believed that supergrass Raymond Gilmour, tipped off his RUC handler that a hijacking of a car was about to take place.

Mr Martin McNutt later said in the aftermath of the killing, Gilmour described his brother as his ‘best friend’ but the McNutt family believe this was a ‘smokescreen’ to cover his tracks.

“Gilmour called for Colm that morning and went with him but watched what was happening from a restaurant up the street. Then he was part of the colour party at Colm’s funeral,” he recalled.

The James Connolly Culture Youth Group have been learning about Colm’s life and what drove him.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Colm was just eighteen-years-old when he was killed in the William Street area of his native Derry by undercover agents of the British state.

“As a politically aware youth growing up in Derry he witnessed at first hand the brutality of the British Imperialist stranglehold on his country and it was as a result of the occupation that Colm took up arms, not only to defend his city from the British but to fight for a workers’ republic that would indeed cherish all the children of the nation equally.

“Colm paid the ultimate price for the love of his country and his people.

“We invite all family members and republicans who would like to remember him to join us on Saturday at 1.30 pm at the Creggan Shops for a short walk to the corner of Balbane Pass and Linsfort Drive.

“Remember him with honour and pride.”

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Two British army paratrooper’s trying to have murder charges thrown out

The family of Joe McCann, shot dead in Belfast 1972, were in court today for the first preliminary hearing in the prosecution case being brought against 2 former members of the Parachute Regiment in connection with their father’s death.

A further hearing will take place later this month were a number of matters will be considered, including an application for anonymity being brought in respect of the two former soldiers.
PFC were in court supporting the McCann family, who are represented by KRW Law.

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In mememory of Volunteer Joe Craven, 25-year-old Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) assassinated December 5th 1983

Aged 25, Joe Craven was assassinated by a UVF gunman (claimed under the cover Protestant Action Force) who opened fire from a motorcycle, killing him and wounding his two brothers as they walked to a labour exchange.

At his funeral, the priest refused to accompany the coffin to Milltown where the INLA were to provide military honours. The RUC moved in, trying to prevent the display of a black beret and gloves atop the coffin outside the Craven home, and clashes occurred between the mourners and the RUC. The family refused to bring the coffin out until the security forces moved back. When they finally did move away, the coffin was brought back out and the RUC surged back, and two men were arrested in the subsequent scuffle.

The coffin was eventually carried away by mourners with the beret, gloves and the Starry Plough on top.

Saoirse go deo!

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