Council ‘aware’ of pallets being stored at an East Belfast car park

Negotiations are under way to “minimise the impact” of the storage of hundreds of wooden pallets at a Belfast leisure centre car park.

The pile is being accumulated three months ahead of July 11 when bonfires are traditionally lit in Loyalist areas across Northern Ireland to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

The pallets are being stored in the car park of Avoniel Leisure Centre in east Belfast.

The leisure centre car park has been the site of a Loyalist bonfire on July 11 for a number of years.

A spokeswoman for Belfast City Council told the Press Association: “Council is aware of the pallets at its car park at Avoniel Leisure Centre.

“We are continuing to work with elected members and statutory partners to minimise any associated negative impact.”

Bloomfield Walkway bonfire in East Belfast in July 2018 after Belfast City Council asked bonfire builders to reduce its size (PA Archive)

The Press Association contacted a number of Belfast councillors in the area, but all declined to comment on the matter while negotiations are ongoing.

In 2017, Belfast City Council was granted a High Court injunction to stop people from accessing four bonfire sites in east Belfast prompted by concerns for public safety.

Those sites includes Avoniel Leisure Centre car park as well as Bloomfield Walkway, Inverary Playing Fields and Cregagh Park East.

The Bloomfield Walkway site also hit the headlines last summer after the council went to the High Court to secure the removal of a tall pyre close to homes.

A High Court judge ordered Stormont officials to intervene after hearing it posed a serious threat to nearby homes.

Armed police were on hand while workers, who masked their faces to protect their identities, removed bonfire material on July 11 from Bloomfield Walkway as well as a second site at Cluan Place.

Earlier this month, a number of pallets had been stacked at the Bloomfield Walkway site, but were later removed.

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Glasgow parishioners call on council to protect the parish from ‘intimidating’ Orange march during Easter celebrations

Parishioners at two Glasgow parishes are urging councillors to protect them from fear and-intimidation after police failed to object to an Orange 🍊 walk that is set to pass their churches as family Easter celebrations take place.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry (Bridgeton) have notified Glasgow City Council of their plans to parade through the streets past St Alphonsus and St Mary’s churches on Easter Sunday—at the same time as a planned Rosary of Peace for the ­victims of a terrorist attack takes place inside.

Parish priest Canon Tom White was attacked outside of St Alphonsus in July last year as an Orange walk passed the church.

Parishioners, supported by campaign group Call it Out, had asked the council to reroute the Easter march which they argued is ‘inflammatory and provocative,’ however it is understood police have lodged no objections and the march is set to go ahead.

In a letter to councillors and local ­politicians, the St Mary’s & St Alphonsus parish pastoral councils cite their rights under international and European Human Rights Law to be ­protected from discrimination, hostility and violence and call on the council to re-route the march.

The April 21 march is set to leave Tullis street in Bridgeton at 9.45am and walk to Cathedral Square. It will return from Cathedral Square at 12:15pm and make its way back to Tullis street via Abercromby Street.

Rosaries for Peace in remembrance of a terrorist attack that killed 50 Muslim worshippers in New Zealand in March will take place at 10am in St Alphonsus and at 12pm in St Mary’s.

Baptisms are also scheduled after both Masses in the parishes and the parish council said those celebrating will likely be in and around the church until midday.

“The celebration of Baptisms will bring many visitors from near and far to both churches (who are extended family and friends); they will gather and mingle in the church grounds both before and after the celebration of the Baptisms as well as gathering for photographs and videos; the expectation is that they are able to do so without intimidation, fear or disruption to these celebrations,” the letter reads.

“An anti-Catholic organisation (with the ‘followers’ they attract) marching past the churches will absolutely result in ­intimidation, fear and disruption to these celebrations.”

The letter calls on the council to use powers in the Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006 to re-route the march, stating: “To facilitate anti-Catholic marches past Catholic Churches on Easter Sunday could pose significant (i) public safety and (ii) public order issues while also seriously impacting on and creating (iii) disruption of the life of the ­community and in particular, the­ ­parishioners of St Alphonsus and St Mary’s and others ­visiting the Churches for celebration of Mass and Baptisms.

“It is simply unconscionable, given the background of the recent violent hate crime attack at St Alphonsus parish, that this march is granted permission to pass and intimidate the parishioners of St Mary’s and St Alphonsus, Catholic and non-Catholic visitors to the parishes, Catholic citizens of Glasgow and others in the community on this special day.”

The parish councils said they support the plans by Call it Out to protest the marches.

Call it Out has urged ‘the Catholic/Irish Catholic community as well as all ­anti-discrimination organisations/individuals to stand with us on Easter Sunday outside the churches of St Alphonsus and St Mary’s to defend our churches and fellow Catholics from anti-Catholic hatred.’

“We do not ask lightly for people to come out on this holy day but we cannot leave the parishioners of St Alphonsus and St Mary’s unprotected as they go about their religious observance,” the group said in a statement.

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Orange bastard who run over Ardoyne schoolgirl and loyalist drug dealer sign DUP election nominations!!!

A LOYALIST jailed over a £1million cocaine haul and an Orangeman sentenced for knocking down a schoolgirl at Ardoyne shops have signed DUP council nomination papers.

Mark Officer pictured in his Orange 🍊 Band uniform

Mark officer, link below, who was handed a 40-month prison sentence for being involved in the supply of the Class-A drug 💊 in 2015, has signed the nomination forms of Gillian Simpson, a DUP candidate in the Oldpark area of North Belfast. And North Belfast Belfast DUP councillor has defenfended asking John Aughey to sign his nomination papers. Aughey was sentenced to 12 months in jail in 2017 after he was found guilty by a jury of six offences araising from the collision at Ardoyne shops on July 13th, the night after the 12th of July the most important night in the Orange 🍊 calendar, 2015, during disturbances. Six people, including several police officers, were injured after Aughey tried to make a U-turn, colliding with pedestrians.

A picture of the car on its side on the Ardoyne Road after running over a 16-year-old girl. Causing her very serious injuries

A 16-year-old girl, who was thrown onto the bonnet before becoming trapped under the vehicle, was left with very serious injuries. Mr Pankhurst on Tuesday defended Aughey’s involvement saying: “John Aughey has been a long-term family friend and neighbor. I have known him for many years and I thought it nice to ask him to sign my nomination papers.” The DUP said: “Mr Officer was previously convicted of a criminal offence for which he has expressed remorse. He wishes to move forward and play a positive role in the community. As part of this he has assisted DUP candidates on a voluntary basis.”

Mr Pankhurst was co-opted on the DUP’s Oldpark seat in January last year to replace Gareth McKee, who resigned to take up other employment.

Gareth McKee, ex-DUP councillor

A politics postgraduate at Queens University 🎓, this will be his first election for the party. Defending his decision to ask Mr Aughey to sign his nomination papers, he said Shame Féin regularly selects convicted former PIRA members to both stand in and sign nomination papers for candidates in local elections.

John Aughey was convicted of seriously causing severe harm to a child Who was only 16-years-old.

“John Aughey has been a long-term family friend and neighbor”, said Mr Pankhurst, pictured in two photographs below.

Orangeman Mr Pankhurst, pictured on the right
Mr Pankhurst pictured in full UFF paramilitary uniform as well as masked

“I have known him for many years and I thought it would be nice to ask him to sign my nomination papers. “I do not think for one minute this will deter anyone from contacting regarding constituency issues. ” My record speaks for itself”.

A picture of the young teenage girl trapped under the car

Mr Pankhurst added that the same question should be put “to all those convicted IRA terrorists who are Sinn Féin representives and who have served time for offences including bombing, shooting, attempted importation of arms and explosives, murder, and much more”.

Follow this link to read about his drug 💊💊conviction for Cocaine and firearms offences:

Sectarian Bigots Set to Bring Newry to a Standstill

The news that over 80 sectarian flute bands and several thousand Loyalist bigots are to descend on the centre of Newry this coming Saturday [6th April] has been slammed by the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh.

Condemning the sectarian exercise, Saoradh’s Newry representative, Stephen Murney said “The Loyal Sons of Benagh have organised this event which will undoubtedly bring the centre of Newry to a standstill with major disruption expected. It had been previously reported that this particular band received an LVF standard in the 1990s.

“Over 80 sectarian hate bands are listed to take part in the event which is taking place on what should be a busy Saturday evening.

“This event will have a detrimental effect on local businesses, residents and shoppers alike with many people either too afraid or simply unable to leave their homes to venture into town.

“Given that the host band are based several miles outside Newry, it’s clear that the only reason for this parade to take place in the centre of Newry is nothing but sheer sectarianism.

“No doubt we will witness a massive RUC/PSNI force putting a ring of steel in place to close all the main roads in the centre of town in order to facilitate this display of hate, which will involve thousands of Loyalists being bussed in from across the North.”

Murney concluded “The decent people of Newry are fed up with this disruption year in and year out. It’s time the scourge of sectarianism was ended once and for all.”

With many thanks to: Saoradh An lúir – Newry

Belfast riots: violence erupts in the Republican strong-hold of Ardoyne after Orange Order triumphant parade

Petrol bombs and bricks are hurled at police following a loyalist Glorious Twelth Orange Parade in Ardoyne, north Belfast.

Violence erupts in Ardoyne after Orange Order parade.

The loyal order march through the Ardoyne sectarian interface was peaceful but trouble flared nearby with crowds of several hundred confronting lines of riot police.

Fireworks, petrol bombs, stones, bricks and bottles were hurled at police lines and a burning silver BMW driven at officers in the residential neighbourhood of red-brick terraced houses.

A republican march through the same area shortly afterwards prompted an exchange of missiles between loyalists and nationalists.

Ardoyne has been the scene for trouble on this date for many years and has become a byword for intercommunal strife on that date, despite most people from the area disagreeing with violence.

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A loyalist bands man taking suspected cocaine during yesterday’s 12th parade

A loyalist bands man taking suspected cocaine during yesterday’s 12th parade.

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Mocking INNOCENT VICTIMS murdered by British Paretroopers?!

Mocking INNOCENT victims murdered by British paratroopers?! This isn’t ‘Culture’ the sooner these sectarian bonfires are banned the better

Take a look at @lauramc89_’s Tweet:

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