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The British Secretary of State for the North of Ireland is in a right state after downing numerous drinks, sausage rolls and Vol-au-vents in Stormont

News flash: Karen Bradley

Karen Bradley the biggest joke of a British Secretary of State for the North of Ireland. You couldn’t pick a worst SoS in the North if you tried

No one else turned up to her drink’s party so rather than let it go to waste…

So very very true, God help her she’s out of her debt 😂😂😂😂lol

Several taxis then refused to take her ‘to any bar on the Falls-facking-Road mate’ and warned her to keep away from Ardoyne!!!

Bradley forced to call off drinks reception after all main parties refuse to attend

KAREN Bradley has been forced to call off a Stormont drinks reception on Tuesday after her invite was snubbed by all the main political parties.

The cancellation, which came just 24 hours ahead of the event, is the latest embarrassing setback for the British Secretary of State, whose performance has been widely criticised over recent months. Sinn Féin first signalled on Sunday that it wouldn’t be attending what the NIO described as a “cross-party discussion event” for all MLAs.

The remaining four main parties all confirmed on Monday night that their MLAs would not be accepting Mrs Bradley’s invitation. The cancellation comes amid growing speculation that the current talks process, which began in early May, is to be wound down over the coming days and parked for the summer. Last week, Alliance leader Naomi Long told The Irish News that a breakthrough in the negotiations was unlikely before the end of this month.

When the two governments reviewed the process a fortnight ago they identified a “narrow window of opportunity” to reach a deal. Ulster Unionist leader Robin Swann said on Monday night that the talks appeared to be “stuck in no-man’s land”. “The Secretary of State may have been intending to help the talks move to a more meaningful state by getting all the MLA’s together, but that boat has now sailed,” he said. “It’s time to get political leaders together for some hard political graft instead.”

An SDLP spokesman said the public wanted politicians working to return to government rather than attending a drinks reception, while an Alliance spokesman said the party’s MLAs would be concentrating on the work to restore the institutions. A DUP spokesman said the event was “unhelpful”. A British government spokesman said Mrs Bradley belevied it would have been valuable to bring together MLAs for ” an informal event alongside the ongoing talks process “. “The Secretary of State respects that the parties have concluded they are not ready for this yet,” the spokesman said.


Pro fide et patriarch

Bradley only part of the problem

IN OTHER circumstances, and were a different Secretary of State involved, the NIO decision to cancel Tuesday’s drinks reception for MLAs might have proved more embarrassing. But ignominy and naivety have been constant companions during Karen Bradley’s tenure at the NIO. Calling off the event because the politicians said they wouldn’t turn up doesn’t represent a new nadir; rather, it is merely further confirmation of how Mrs Bradley is widely regarded as the least effective Secretary of State yet (and that’s some accomplishment after James Brokenshire 👎👎😂😂😂)

In a slender credit column, it should be noted that Mrs Bradley has an enviable ability to unite our own locally elected political representatives, even if it is in opprobrium against her.

This is no mean feat, as observers of the political trenches at Stormont will readily appreciate. It might be convenient to round on Mrs Bradley but this denies the reality that it is the responsibility of our politicians – particularly Sinn Féin and the DUP, and not the London or Dublin governments – to form a Power-sharing government. And when Mrs Bradley is, replaced as seems likely when the conservative Party finds its new leader, who will the MLAs then blame for more than two years of their own political failure?

With many thanks to: Dixie Elliot and The Irish News and John Manley (Political Correspondent) for the original posting

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British Treasury admits it doesn’t know if the North has been in recession

MPs launch inquiry after Chancellor Philip Hammond makes the surprising admission

Chancellor Philip Hammond

The Treasury has no way of knowing whether regions of England are in a recession, Chancellor Philip Hammond has admitted.

He said the Government only collected the relevant data for the UK as a whole – even though there are huge disparities between the economic performance of different parts of the country.

MPs on the influential House of Commons Treasury Committee have now launched an inquiry looking at the failure to collect information about the economies of different regions.

They will ask whether this helps explain why the huge wealth gap between north and south has been allowed to continue.

Committee members include Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell, who said economic differences between regions “have become even clearer” in recent years.

Writing for ChronicleLive, she said: “As the Government Department responsible for increasing employment and productivity, ensuring strong growth and competitiveness across all regions of the UK, it was pretty disconcerting when the Chancellor recently told us the Treasury does not have the data required to measure whether regional economies are growing or shrinking – or perhaps in recession whilst the country as a whole is not.

“In which case, how can we possibly be sure that some parts of the country aren’t being left behind?”

With many thanks to the: Chronicle Live and Jonathan Walker for the original story

Tory hopeful leader Michael Gove happy to sing The Sash, book reveals

Environment Secretary Michael Gove. Picture by Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire

TORY leadership hopeful Michael Gove has a long-held fascination with the Troubles and knew the words to loyalist anthem The Sash, a new biography reveals.

Sean O’Grady, a journalist who worked alongside the environment minister, recalls an eye-opening visit to Mr Gove’s London flat in the 1990s.

“He had an enormous cartoon of the Ulster Unionist Party in parliament – a great big Orange banner type of affair,” Mr O’Grady told Owen Bennett, author of Michael Gove: A Man in a Hurry.

Mr O’Grady, associate editor of the Independent, says Mr Gove’s politics were “quite Orange”.

He remembers the former education secretary’s enthusiasm for unionism was a “bit odd”‘, adding: “he’d be perfectly happy to sing along with Orange songs – ‘the sash my father wore’, all that sort of stuff.”

Michael Gove says Karen Bradley is ‘brilliant’
Tory leadership contenders’ Brexit backstop policy
Others too have witnessed Mr Gove belting out loyalist tunes.

Mike Elrick, who trained with him as a journalist, remembers the Conservative leadership contender as “very, very strongly supportive of Ulster Protestantism, and very much sided with the Protestant political parties”.

“I remember him singing various Ulster songs – partly in jest, but he knew the words,” he recalled.

In 2000, former journalist Mr Gove wrote a pamphlet called ‘Northern Ireland: the Price of Peace’, in which he compared the Good Friday Agreement to the appeasement of the Nazis in the 1930s and the condoning of the desires of paedophiles.

The Scottish-born Brexiteer said the agreement was a “mortal stain” and “a humiliation of our army, police and parliament”, and that its 1998 endorsement on both sides of the border was a “rigged referendum”.

With many thanks to: The Irish News for the original story

Michael Gove in ‘strong position for DUP support’

No Tory leader will be good for the occupied six counties and the nationalist community

“But only 10 of them can vote for a new British Prime minister ” 😂😂😂😂lol a very small drop in the ocean

Michael Gove is one of several candidates seeking his party’s nomination to become leader

Michael Gove has said he is in a “strong position” to command the support of the DUP in his bid to become prime minister.

The Conservative leadership contender said he was a “unionist to my bootstraps”.

The DUP is crucial to keeping the Tories in power through the confidence-and-supply pact signed in June 2017.

Mr Gove also said, if he was prime minister, he would personally lead talks to restore devolution.

May officially steps down as Tory leader

Tory leadership: Who will replace Theresa May?
Is Gove the most effective minister?
Gove ‘deeply regrets’ taking cocaine

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Mr Gove was asked about comments he made almost two decades ago, when he criticised the Good Friday Agreement which ended decades of violence in Northern Ireland.

In 2000, he wrote a paper, entitled Northern Ireland the Price of Peace, which said he believed the IRA could have been defeated and the Good Friday Agreement was a “capitulation” by then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr Gove defended his decision to be “very critical of terrorism in the past”, adding that was why he is “in a very strong position to command the support of our confidence-and-supply partners”.

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson and previous Tory Chief Whip (who was sacked from his job) Gavin Williamson signed the pact between the DUP and Conservatives in 2017

“I was critical of some of the ways in which Tony Blair handled the peace process,” he said.

“But it is also the case we have had 20 years of peace in Northern Ireland and in my job I have worked with Irish government ministers to ensure gains of the peace process.”

Mr Gove is currently the environment secretary and has held two other cabinet roles – education secretary and justice secretary.

The Tory MP added that he wanted to see a Brexit deal that would strengthen the union of the United Kingdom.

Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa May will remain in office until a successor is chosen
The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) said it would meet with various Conservative candidates to assess who it could work with to deliver a Brexit deal that works for the whole of the UK.

DUP leader Arlene Foster recently met Home Secretary Sajid Javid in Belfast.

However, the party has also insisted that it is not a matter for it to say who leads the Conservative Party.

‘Stormont lock’
The DUP has repeatedly opposed the government’s EU withdrawal agreement due to concerns it could split Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, through the backstop.

The backstop is the insurance policy to maintain an open Irish border unless and until another solution is found.

The DUP and other Brexit-supporting MPs have called for the backstop to be scrapped or replaced by “alternative arrangements” in the withdrawal deal.

Mr Gove said he wanted to see a “full stop to the backstop” and that he favoured the use of the so-called “Stormont lock”, that could potentially limit the backstop, if it ever took effect.

In May, Prime Minister Theresa May said: “The Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive will have to give their consent on a cross-community basis for new regulations which are added to the backstop.”

It is possible that unionists could use a blocking mechanism known as the petition of concern.

What would happen if Stormont did veto any addition to the backstop is not entirely clear.

With many thanks to: BBC News England and Jayne McCormack BBC News NI Political Reporter for the original story

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“I paid tax once” – Tory leadership contender confesses to youthful error

FELL IN WITH A BAD CROWD: Today seems to be the day for Tory contenders for the premiership to air their dirty laundry, before someone else does.

Leadsom said she’s on Meth, or something, Raab drinks the blood of virgins or similar, Gove is Pablo Escobar, McVey is addicted to the tears of the poor, Boris smokes crack, but only with hookers when on holiday, we think that’s what he said, we maybe wrong, and now Jeremy Hunt is fessing up.

”When I saw Rory Stewart’s confession to video that all his walking is because he’s actually a drug mule for a Russian organised crime syndicate, moving gear from major towns to small, I knew it was time to come clean,” Jeremy Hunt is imagined as saying,

“so I am going to open my own cupboard and just let that horrible skeleton fall out. This way it won’t trip me up later in the campaign. I want it understood too that we didn’t all agree that Saturday was confession day. It’s just turned out that way.”

All well and good, but where’s the confession?

”I hope that my supporters, and voters in general, will appreciate I was young at the time. Like many young people I temporarily fell in with a bad crowd and my behaviour was influenced, briefly.”

Did he shoot up? Did he make hash cakes maybe and feed them to old ladies?

”Clearly we all need a second chance, say when you forget to declare half a dozen luxury flats on the member’s list of interests. Funny how no amount of wrongdoing gets you in actual trouble as an MP. It’s a very good system in terms of instant redemption.”

Just confess already.

”Anyway, here is it is, this is what I did, and I’m terribly sorry and I’ve regretted it ever since. In my youth I paid tax once. I’m sorry. Ever since I’ve done all I can to stop it happening again. And to help other Tories avoid the same traps.”


With many thanks to: LCD Views for the original story

Sajid Javid says Britain has ‘moral’ duty to pay Ireland to break Brexit deadlock | Daily Mail Online