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Remembering Oglach Eammon ‘Bronco’ Bradley who was murdered by the British Army in August 1982

Oglach Eamonn ‘Bronco’ Bradly murder by the British Army in August 1982

Eamonn ‘Bronco’ Bradley came from Shantallow, just outside Derry City. He got involved in the Republican Movement at a young age, being O/C of Na Fianna Éireann in Shantallow at the age of 16 In 1976 Bronco was arrested and imprisoned for his Republican activities. He spent the following five years in Long Kesh, taking part in the blanket protest for political status.

The 23 year-old was walking along the Racecourse Road with a friend when he was shot dead by Brits in August 1982. He was unarmed when he was killed by members of the brit miltia the Anglian regiment.

The well known republican had been shot execution-style, sustaining bullet wounds to the chest and head. He died instantly outside his local pub on a summer’s afternoon.

his sister said We knew at the time that it was shoot to kill, it was obvious. At the time Raymond Gilmour was working as an informer and a lot of things were going on. A lot of people in the area were being lifted before my brother was shot dead. People later believed that Raymond Gilmour had something to do with it.

Bobby Sheerin, who had been with ‘Bronco’ in the bar, was the first civilian on the scene. He pushed past the soldiers and whispered an Act of Contrition into his ear before covering up his lifeless body.

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Two British army paratrooper’s trying to have murder charges thrown out

The family of Joe McCann, shot dead in Belfast 1972, were in court today for the first preliminary hearing in the prosecution case being brought against 2 former members of the Parachute Regiment in connection with their father’s death.

A further hearing will take place later this month were a number of matters will be considered, including an application for anonymity being brought in respect of the two former soldiers.
PFC were in court supporting the McCann family, who are represented by KRW Law.

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Remembering 16-year-old John Boyle murdered by the SAS

The SAS killed 16 year old John Boyle, the day after Boyle had stumbled upon an arms cache in a local graveyard. He rushed home to tell his father, who phoned the police. It seems that Boyle returned to the graveyard the next day out of curiosity, whereupon he was shot by the SAS, who had the graveyard staked out.

The first statement [from the army] said a patrol spotted three men acting suspiciously and when challenged one pointed a rifle at them. One of the soldiers then fired five shots killing John Boyle. The second statement said only one man was present and he pointed a rifle at the soldiers when challenged; later two other men came to the scene [these were Boyle’s Father and brother] and they were arrested and handed over to the police. The third statement said no challenge was made to the man, that this was impracticable as he was 10 yards from them pointing a rifle in their direction.
The Army statement added that ‘the rifle was later found with its magazine fitted and ready to fire. In fact, the Boyles had no paramilitary connections and the rifle was unloaded. The SAS men were tried and acquitted of murder, but the judge, Lord Lowry, declared that he was unable to decide if Boyle had picked up the rifle. Lowry stated that the SAS statement was ‘self justificatory, and, in the context of the Boyle family’s reputation, untrue.

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When it comes too making comments about what we as a family would like to happen to the soldier that who so unmercifully took the life of our beautiful sister Margaret, I only speak for our family.

Margret Gargan 13-years-old shot in the head, murdered by the British Army, 9th July 1972

Our aim as a family is to have the inquest decision overturned as the original open verdict was so traumatic to our parents to hear their little girl described as a gunman in the soldiers statement which was obviously vetted by the M.O.D.

We are not interested in prosecuting this soldier as he could be deceased , be senile or any other serious illness. The real people responsible are the British government and M.O.D who allowed their soldiers to slaughter innocent men ,women and children to commit earlier atrocities Ballymurpy, Bloody Sunday if their soldiers had been brought to justice for these early atrocities the slaughter in Westrock,Springhill might never have happened.

With many thanks to: Harry Gargan, SPRINGHILL/westrock Justice Group

Remembering Eileen Quinn from Kiltartan, Gort, Co Galway who was murdered by British Crown Forces on the 21st of November 1920.

As they passed her home in a lorry. The 23 year old married woman was sitting on a stile at the front of her house with her 9 month old baby in her arms when a speeding military lorry passed, shots were discharged and hit her in the abdomen. She was seven months pregnant at the time and her three surviving children were all under 4 years of age.

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