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#InternationalDayOfRightToTruth #JFTC2 #TimeForTruth
#InternationalDayOfRightToTruth #JFTC2 #TimeForTruth

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#JFTC2 #TimeForTruth

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Read the facts…

Read the facts……

Brendan McConville was born on 19th May 1971. He is the youngest son of Willie and Eileen, from Lurgan Co, Armagh, Brother to Damian, Thomas and Dwyer. Brendan is a loving Father of two boys, Sean and Caoimhin

He first attended Tanaghmore Primary school in Lurgan before moving to Craigavon with his family at the age of seven, where he attended St. Anthony’s Primary school and then on to Lismore Comprehensive. Brendan has a keen interest in the Irish language and culture, after leaving school he attended Irish language classes at the Lurgan Cumann of the Gaelic League were he obtained a gold fainne.
Brendan is passionate about community activism, in the past he served the people of Loughside ward in Lurgan when they elected him as their local councillor in Craigavon Borough Council. Brendan is known locally as an astute articulate debater, yet is soft spoken with a smiling generous personality. He enjoys a close relationship with his family and friends and is well respected within his community.
Through out the ordeal that Brendan now finds himself he has continually denied all involvement, as can been seen on this site the so called evidence against him is thin or non existent, despite these hardships and the conditions in which he finds himself Brendan keeps his spirits up through reading and letter writing he also helps other Prisoners interested in learning the Irish Language, for his family he is a pillar of strength in these trying times, to all who know him he is affectionately known as “big Yandie”

Breithlá shona duit Brendan

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband, I could write all day about this man. Brendan is extremely focused on his studies which he is doing to improve and help with our future. After having a stroke, he has lost weight and without fail goes to Gym every week day, he even does training over the weekend. He takes a great comfort and strength from Mass  each week, with a solid and  great friendship with Father Frank ( who married us ) and prays morning and evening. Brendan  enjoys  Art  and paints for relaxation, along with writing beautiful and funny poetry. He with a small group of others has just recorded two songs in guitar class, which is being put on a CD and i can’t wait for him to send me out 🙂 We share much of the same music from The Boss, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Cat Stevens, Tom Petty ect. When there is nothing on TV we listen to the same music.Brendan also finds it important to maintain his Irish studies and manages one day a week for Irish classes. I adore this man, i am proud of his achievements and his determination in everything he does. Happy Birthday Brendan, I love you ❤ xxx

With many thanks to: Siobhán McConville.

Justice For The Craigavon Two and leaflet drop

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27/05/2017 13.00 City Chambers Glasgow Read the facts

With many thanks to: Kevin Kinsella.

Hypocrite stepping down; Barra McGrory, head of the prosecution service when the Craigavon Two were incarcerated in an appalling miscarriage of justice is steeping down.

Despite having retrospectively quashed the conviction of Martin McCauley in the Armagh hayshed shoot to kill case due to destruction of evidence by the state, McGrory knowingly presided over the use of tampered and destroyed evidence to convict Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton now known as the Craigavon Two.
This appalling miscarriage of justice which continues to this day will be the corrupt legacy of McGrorys tenure in office. Meanwhile two men remain in prison facing life on the most fabricated of cases. John Paul Wootton who was legally a child at the time of his imprisonment was actively and vindictively pursued by McGrory who increased JP’s sentence to 18 years.
Good riddance! #JFTC2

With many thanks to: Justice For The Craigavon Two.

The 15 point Fact case of the Craigavon Two.

(1) The Crown Star Witness ‘M’ did not come forward for 11 months.

(2) Witness ‘M’ was heavily intoxicated when he first contacted the police.

(3) Witness ‘M’ was proved to be continuously lying under oath.

(4) Witness M’s ‘eyewitness testimony’ was medically impossible.

(5) Witness M’s identity was hidden from the court preventing proper cross-examination.

(6) Witness M’s partner who was with him on the night refused to corroborate his version of events.

(7) ‘Witness M’ benefited financially from the police (as a police informant) for his involvement.

(8) The British Army engaged in evidence tampering, purposely deleting information from a tracking device alleged to have been planted on John Paul’s car.

(9) The AK47 used in the killing was recovered, it had a partial fingerprint on the magazine of the gun, which did not come from Brendan or John Paul.

(10) Prison Officers planted evidence in one of the Craigavon Two’s cell (Brendan McConville) at Maghaberry Prison and the High Court tried to use it to blacken his character.

(11) Witness M’s father discredited his son’s testimony calling his son ‘M’ a ‘Walter Mitty’ and ‘compulsive liar’.
(12) The police arrested Ms father in an attempt to intimate him into retracting his statement.

(13) The police tried to blacken the name of defence lawyers claiming they took the affidavit of whiteness M’s father at gunpoint in league with the IRA, an outlandish claim.

(14) The United Nations was lobbied to protect defence lawyers who feared for their own safety for only doing their own jobs.

(15) The Crown Prosecution Service admitted at the appeal of ‘The Craigavon Two’ that evidence presented didn’t prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that Brendan and John Paul were guilty !!!

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Letter from the Craigavon Two, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton.

John Paul Wotton (left) and Brendan McConville (right), two innocent men convicted for a crime they ‘did not commit’ British Scape-Goats, serving the rest of their lives in an English Prison because (simply their Irish) and someone had to pay !!!

Hello, We the Craigavon Two as we have become known, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton are to begin our appeal against our life sentence convictions for the killing of PSNI member Stephen Carroll.

We have consistently maintained our innocence and we believe as do others that the case against us represents a serious miscarriage of justice,we were tried in exceptional circumstances under the old and seriously flawed Diplock process, a hangover from the long conflict here, this system deprived us of a trial by a jury of our peers, instead a single judge presided over and convicted us.

The entire case against us was circumstantial and we believe seriously flawed, large tracts of evidence was hidden from us and the public, claiming national security. Public interest immunity certificates prevented our defence from properly investigating the evidence and cross examining witnesses vital to our defence case, in effect we were left with one arm tied behind our backs.

We do not believe this represents clear and transparent justice. A number of groups and individuals after reading into our case have expressed sufficient concern that many have stated publicly they will be attending the appeal process to provide independent oversight.

Our appeal starts on Monday (29,4,13) we the Craigavon Two, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton call on you, the public to observe the appeal process, this warped version of justice is being administered in your name.

And we ask you to look past the sensationalist headlines and look at the cold hard facts of this case, your voice matters, do not let this miscarriage of justice continue in your name.

The Craigavon Two
Brendan McConville & John Paul Wootton
Maghaberry Gaol
Sent on behalf of Brendan and John Paul
by the JFTC2 group.

With thanks to: Kevin Kinsella